Aerosmith Aerosmith Cater to Rich People and Heck with the real Fans!

thethrills posted on May 27, 2010 at 01:50PM
Aerosmith Tickets $1,399.00

I don't understand the ridiculous prices for some of these Aerosmith concert tickets. Aeroforce One and our heroes are gouging the very people who made them. Us fans who bought all of their albums, concert tickets and more. Now they are old rich men and not the kids from the streets of Boston any more. Paid, Inc (Aeroforce One) is selling tickets for upcoming shows for $1,399.00. Now these rich old men are only catering to rich people. If you want a chance to see Aerosmith up close, you have to be rich and give a ridiculous amount of money to Paid, Inc, the official Aerosmith Fan Club! I think these guys should make up the shows to the fans they disappointed last year when the cancelled. We should get the front seats and the meet and greet! Greed, money, we should get an unspoiled young rock band to write some protest songs against aging rock stars who turned on their fans. Yes, Aerosmith sold us out and crapped on us.

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