Aerosmith AREOFORCE ONE người hâm mộ CLUB RIP OFF

thethrills posted on May 27, 2010 at 01:47PM

Last year my son and I wanted tickets to see Aerosmith. I've seen them many times and my wife was a huge Aerosmith fan before she died. We have the DUDE (LOOKS LIKE A LADY) 45 picture sleeve mounted and framed in our family room. My 12-year-old, Brian, loved Guitar Hero Aerosmith since the day it came out. Since we are an Aerosmith family I bought tickets for the little guy and I need a good seat where he could see. He's little and the vision is not that good. I was told the official Aerosmith fan club had good seats. I called Aeroforce One. I was told that we had to buy a membership to get these tickets. I did not understand why but bought the membership. Aerosmith cancelled the shows! The official fan club only refunded part of our ticket money and refused to refund the membership and Ticketmaster Fees. I did not buy anything from Ticketmaster (and don't believe they did either). I asked for a full refund by email, phone and U.S. Mail. The fan club (AEROFORCE ONE) cited some policy on their web site. I never saw they're web site policy. I bought over the phone. The mandatory membership with the ticket purchase was not refunded. The official fan club had the nerve to require another membership even though when the promised shows were cancelled and I was assured by that official fan club that Aerosmith would return when Steven got better and I would be able to get the same tickets upon the return. Aerosmith went overseas and did not make-up the concerts to the disappointed fans. To add insult to injury, Aerosmith told me to buy another membership and refused to keep their promise. Have you been a victim of the same situation? Were you one of the 400 people who bought tickets with a membership forced upon them and did not get a full refund. If you were one of the people who were mistreated but our heroes, please write me at my lawyer will take our case at no cost to you. I expect to get this fan club rip-off remedied. Aerosmith should not allow their official fan club owned and operated by Paid, Inc to steal our money and break their promise. Aeroforce One have been cold greedy bastards and my lawyer wants to help teach them a lesson in manners. All they understand is money and legal action, so let's talk to them in a language they'll understand!

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