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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
I didn't know what Landon had planned for tonight, he'd seemed very secretive today and almost all week. I half expected him to do something.

After all this was Landon Carter.

He was coming over at 6:30. I had begun to get ready at 6:00, since I didn't need too much time, since it seems a little difficult for me to look slightly decent these days. But Landon still insists that I am beautiful, no matter what in his eyes.

So, I put on my blue flowered dress, and my màu hồng, hồng sweater that he'd được trao me. I pulled my hair back into a loose ponytail just as he arrived.

Daddy had shown him in and he was sitting...
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Chapter 5: Whenever bạn Call

Jamie was walking down the đường phố, street and she two elderly couples walking bởi and she was thinking that'll be her and Landon one day. Jamie looked at
something and it reminded her of her mother.

Then time froze.

Jamie looked at her watch and it was '2:09 p.m.'

Then a women with blond hair like Jamie's hair. She was an in glitter black dress. It was Jamie's mother Elizabeth Sullivan.

"Jamie is that you?" asked Elizabeth

"Are bạn my mom Elizabeth Sullivan?" asked Jamie

"Yes look how big bạn are, how old are you?" asked Elizabeth

"24" đã đưa ý kiến Jamie

"Well I see who bạn look like"...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
The night air was cool as Landon laid in giường tiếp theo to his wife, watching her sleep. It had been three months since they were married, and every ngày Jamie's health declined. However, being the woman she was, Jamie didn't let it stop them from having the best time they could.

His Những người bạn had taken some convincing, but once they saw how much he loved Jamie, they started to come around. He was shocked bởi how much Dean had changed his attitude. He had apologized for everything, and even accepted her as a friend.

As he watched her sleep peacefully he knew that he didn't have much thêm time left with...
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I got this on Dvd last năm and I was watching it. It is a very sad film. The story begins where a được ưa chuộng guy named Landon Carter has to do community service after a prank goes horribly wrong. He meets this geeky girl named Jamie Sullivan. But what he doesn't know is that she has leukemia. Of course he falls for her and the story goes on. Mandy Moore was excellent as Jamie , and Shane West who acted like a total jerk yet bạn start to like his charcther as the movie progresses. My fav scene ah its gotta be the one where he kissed her when she finshed the song Only Hope how cute. Also I like the ending


He marries her in the end where her mother got married . And 4 years later Landon who is now in medical visits her dad and he says that Landon was Jamie's miracle. Of course in the end he says bạn can't see the wind but bạn can feel it.

Rating : 9.5/10
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
It had been 3 hours from the Jamie and Landon wedding. She was so beautiful in that dress. Landon looked breathlessly as she came down the aisle. She smiled at Landon and never wanted to be without him ever again.
"I somberly swear to take Jamie Elizabeth Sullivan to be my lawfully wedding wife" Landon said. "I somberly swear to take Landon Rollins Carter to be my lawfully wedding husband" Jamie said. "I pronounce bạn husband and wife" Hegbert said.
After the wedding
They had a big reception with so many people. The cake was huge. All Landon's Những người bạn were there. Jamie was happy that she...
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Chapter 4: Meeting the Sullivans

Jill was making bánh quế, bánh kem sữa waffle and pancakes, Randy wanted to make plans to talk to Jamie's family.

"Randy?, what are bạn doing?" asked Jill

"I'm making plans with Jamie's family, I want bạn to meet them"

"Honey I'll tình yêu to meet them but I don't think, they don't want to meet us"

"I can see why" Randy đã đưa ý kiến looking at the bánh quế, bánh kem sữa waffle and the bánh xèo, bánh kếp shirk. Brad comes down in his old bóng đá uniform and jeans.

"Mom the bánh xèo, bánh kếp and bánh quế, bánh kem sữa waffle shirk again" đã đưa ý kiến Brad

"I know" đã đưa ý kiến Jill cleaning up the food

"Hey Randy, how do bạn feel playing soccer?"

"Can't I'm busy"

"Are bạn still working...
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This người hâm mộ fic is NOT mine! Credit goes to the rightful owner!

Chapter 1:

Funeral. A dark cloudy ngày was perfect for the theme. The line of the funeral trang chủ was through the door. Everyone wanted to say their last goodbye to lovely lady of Beaufort. One bởi one everyone saw this lady and met her husband who đã đưa ý kiến 'they'll help bạn in anyway'.

Finally Landon Carter went up to his wife and he đã đưa ý kiến goodbye to his wife forever.

"Jamie, thank bạn for everything" đã đưa ý kiến Landon sobbing

Cynthia Carter was behind him and she pattered him on his shoulder.

Landon blowed Jamie a final kiss.

Landon and Cynthia...
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People always breaking up, falling in and out of love...I just want to let bạn know that I will never let bạn go for the rest of my life.

Jamie: I...I've thought about this for a while...
Randy: ...?...
Jamie: I like bạn too.
Randy: ...you...you like me too?
Jamie: *nods*
Randy: ...*smiles* Wow...*laughs*


It's now November and bạn and Randy have a good start to your relationship. The whole school knows about bạn and Randy cuz of the play. Both of bạn take it slow and steady cuz that's how bạn want it. bạn guys just hold hands, give small kisses on the cheek (never on the lips), and bạn two link...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Landon Carter was on the stage opening night, shaking like a leaf under the hot lights. He honestly didn't know why he cared so much. So what if he made a fool of himself? He's Logan Carter; his popularity would save him, wouldn't it? Maybe that's why. hoặc maybe it was her… sitting there looking beautiful

Landon brushed the thought to the side and đã đưa ý kiến his lines. "All I know is your beautiful…..will bạn sing to me?"

The đàn piano began to play but it wasn't the song that they've all practiced. This one was better, but he wouldn't admit this to anyone.

There's a song that's inside of my soul

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bạn walk into your new high school in Detroit, Michigan. bạn take a deep breathe and bạn walk in to see everyone just minding their own business. Some people look at bạn cuz they never saw bạn in school before. bạn manage to find the main office and bạn walk in to see a bunch of kids there, shoving each other to get their schedules. Finally when it's your turn, bạn go and get your schedule. bạn hear someone call your name, Jamie, and bạn turn around to see your boyfriend, Shawn. bạn run to your boyfriend and bạn give him a huge hug with a big kiss.

Shawn: bạn finally came here, huh?
Jamie: *smile*...
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Chapter 14: tình yêu and Happiness

Jamie was getting changed to her black dress. She was putting on a little blush and she was putting on lip gloss. Hegbert comes in.

"Hey Jamie" đã đưa ý kiến Hegbert

"Hey dad" đã đưa ý kiến Jamie

"What's new with you?" asked Hegbert

"Oh nothing, Sunday Landon and I are coming for church, Britney sleeping over a Những người bạn house," đã đưa ý kiến Jamie

"Can't wait to see bạn guys there," đã đưa ý kiến Hegbert

"Okay Britney should be in her room," đã đưa ý kiến Jamie

"Thanks sweetie" đã đưa ý kiến Hegbert

Landon came walking in the house and he saw Britney watching t.v.

Britney run up to Landon and she hugged him.

"Hey Brit how was...
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I'll try to forget you, even though it won't work. All the love, the memories, I'll try to pretend it never happened...just for the sake of us.

Jamie: Hello? Sullivan residence.
Doctor: Oh hello. Jamie?
Jamie: Yes.
Doctor: This is Dr.Brown.
Jamie: Oh hello.
Doctor: Yes. I just wanted to call to remind bạn for your monthly check ups. It's tomorrow.
Jamie: Ohh right. Yes thank bạn for reminding me. I'll be there right after school.
Doctor: Ok. I'll see bạn then.
Jamie: Ok. Goodbye.

**next day**

You skip bóng rổ practice today and Randy drives bạn to the hospital. He waits for bạn outside the doctor's...
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I was too sick to say anything, please understand and forgive me.

After you've woken up with the whole family beside you, the doctor lets bạn go and assigns bạn a personal doctor that will come weekly to your house to check on you. bạn go back to the house and bạn lie on the đi văng with the whole family near bạn just watching TV.

Mark: I can't stand this!
Jill: Oh god bạn scared me Mark!
Tim: Why? What's wrong?
Mark: Jamie is sick right now and we're all just watching TV?
Jamie: Mark it's ok. I just want to live a normal life.
Brad: Yah Mark. What can we do? We can't do anything.
Mark: It just feels...
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Chapter 7: The first kick

All ngày Sunday Tim, Jill, Mark, Al and Wilson moved the baby's stuff in that empty room. Randy and Jamie were painting the room, a little green because they don't know what the baby is. Jamie looked down at the floor and had a flashback


Jamie was hát Only Hope

There's a song that's inside of my soul

It's the one that I've tried to write over and over again

I'm awake in the infinite cold

But bạn sing to me over and over again

So I lay my head back down

And I lift my hands

and pray to be only Yours

I pray to be only Yours

I know You're my only hope

Sing to me the song...
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Chapter 6: Six months later

Today was the ngày that Tim had finished the apartment for Randy and Jamie. Jamie was at her sixth tháng of her pregnancy. Brad went back to his college. Jill and Jamie were watching tool time. When Randy came in the house.

"Hey baby" đã đưa ý kiến Randy

"Hey" đã đưa ý kiến Jamie. Jamie was ready to stand up.

"No, sit there I'll came to you"

Randy walked over to the đi văng to Kiss Jamie and Jill was looking for Tim.

"Randy have bạn seen your father?" asked Jill

"He called me on my cell phone telling me come to the apartment"

"He didn't" đã đưa ý kiến Jill and Jamie

"Tell me he didn't touch your apartment?"...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
It's the light breeze on our faces as we walked the length of the pier as we watch the sun go down. The slow dances on the balcony as we listen to the soft âm nhạc carry us away. The long stares that meant to be only glances as we study for school. The helpful hints we gave each other when we couldn't get the answers. The reassuring look that things will be better even when we weren't sure ourselves. The hoa I would receive when bạn tell me bạn not leaving, the token of our love. Those three little words everyone wants to hear and never get tired of saying. The book of trích dẫn that change...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
I'm on my way to work with my new lavender car. I can see again huge and tall buildings but of course our company is the tallest. It is like the Twin Tower but magenta in color and with glass like a diamond that sparkles every time. I'm the general manager of our company and I will replace Dad a năm from now.

My office is not like an ordinary place. It has living room, dining room and my private room. In the living room bạn can see a huge, red, round sofa, a thirty inches flat screen TV and a computer. In the dining room have a big round wooden bàn and a two-door refrigerator. My private...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
bạn are a beautiful creature with a fragile heart.
I wonder whatever happens to your smile behind closed doors?
Out of sight, out of mind, bạn are the wind.
You are slipping through my hands.
Your brain is a slow moving train.
At the end of your rope,you taste the rain.
You are in such a haste to waste away.
Sad, bạn have Mất tích all hope and want to escape really bad.
Time reveals your true colors.
Whichever part of bạn will win this twisted game? bạn sway back and forth like a willow tree.
You breathe and everybody knows your name. Fame is not enough to keep bạn alive.
Why can't everything stay...
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After a few weeks pass, you've been getting much sicker. bạn can feel it and bạn can see it. Whenever bạn look in the mirror, bạn see a pale face, small dark circles, and white lips. Your rosy cheeks have turned to paleness and nothing but paleness. You've been feeling much weaker and you've been sucking at bóng rổ lately. Your coach notices and he talks with bạn about it.

Coach: So Jamie. How is it?
Jamie: ...you should know coach...I'm losing it.
Coach: What can bạn do Jamie? bạn need to rest. bạn can't play.
Jamie: What? But...but I tình yêu playing. I can't just stop.
Coach: Then at least you...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Landon saw his son walking to the car he looked visibly annoyed. A young blonde girl was talking to him she carried a bible her hair in a ngựa con, ngựa, pony tail she wore jeans and and hoodie. She reminded him of... Jamie. He sighed as his son sat down in the car. Kevin was 15 and spending this week with him and the tiếp theo with his mom. Anna he had met her in Collage they hadn't worked. ''That Jessie Annoys me sooo much'' he ranted.

''How so?'' Landon asked.

''She so perfect shes so nice, Luke called her a chó cái, bitch today and she just promised to pray for him''. He stopped to take a breath. ''And that bible God''....
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