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The night air was cool as Landon laid in giường tiếp theo to his wife, watching her sleep. It had been three months since they were married, and every ngày Jamie's health declined. However, being the woman she was, Jamie didn't let it stop them from having the best time they could.

His Những người bạn had taken some convincing, but once they saw how much he loved Jamie, they started to come around. He was shocked bởi how much Dean had changed his attitude. He had apologized for everything, and even accepted her as a friend.

As he watched her sleep peacefully he knew that he didn't have much thêm time left with...
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I didn't know what Landon had planned for tonight, he'd seemed very secretive today and almost all week. I half expected him to do something.

After all this was Landon Carter.

He was coming over at 6:30. I had begun to get ready at 6:00, since I didn't need too much time, since it seems a little difficult for me to look slightly decent these days. But Landon still insists that I am beautiful, no matter what in his eyes.

So, I put on my blue flowered dress, and my màu hồng, hồng sweater that he'd được trao me. I pulled my hair back into a loose ponytail just as he arrived.

Daddy had shown him in and he was sitting...
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It's been four years since Jamie passed away. I sat in Reverend Sullivan's house on the couch. hoặc to be thêm specific, my father in law's house. He and I talked for a bit about how I was accepted to medical school. Then all of a sudden he đã đưa ý kiến to me.

"I have something for you." He left the room and came back with an envelope for me. It was addressed to me in Jamie's hand. "She wanted bạn to have this a few years after she passed." He explained. I handled the envelope carefully, it was a bit brown with age, but still neat and crisp. "I'll go make some nước chanh and give bạn some time to look at...
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**next day**

You wake up and bạn see Randy sitting bởi your side.

Jamie: *smile* Randy.
Randy: *smile* xin chào Jamie. I heard about what happened. Sorry I couldn't get here faster.
Jamie: It's ok...isn't there school?
Randy: Winter vacation remember?
Jamie: Oh right...*smiles*
Randy: Guess what?
Jamie: What?
Randy: The doctor đã đưa ý kiến bạn could leave today.
Jamie: *smile*
Randy: And guess what else?
Jamie: What?
Randy: It's snowing! So I brought bạn a hat, scarf, and gloves to wear. Oh yah and also a jacket.

Randy takes them all out of a bag and puts it on an extra chair.

Jamie: *smile* Thanks Randy.

You sit up and...
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