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posted by makdizzle18
3oh!3 is and will always be my yêu thích band. i've known them for about 3 years & im one of their biggest fans. i dont look at them as 3oh!3. i look at them as sean and nat, my biggest Giải cứu thế giới in life. ask me any câu hỏi about them and im pretty sure ill know the answer.

they are unique and have their own style. most of my Những người bạn arent really a người hâm mộ of them, but I could care less. sean and nat are sweet, down to earth dudes that have an "i dont give a fuck" attitude. they dont let stardom get to their heads & they will always be themselves.they do whatever it takes to please a crowd...
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posted by ILUV3OH3NAT
For the people that are just obsessed with 3oh!3 as i am then u must be as excited as i am for warped tour... The 'man band' as đã đưa ý kiến bởi Nathaniel Motte has been plaing in the warped tour since 2007 & những người hâm mộ line up for hours to get tickets for 3oh!3 performances. Tomorrow, July 16, 3oh!3 will be performing at the warped tour in buffalo,NY. On 3oh!3's website(www.3oh3music.com) they have a danh sách of tour dates & their schedule is KRAZY!!!!! They have back-to-back concerts until late august so i'm ure the 3oh!3 boys will have fun!!!!