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The pinkbloom Club
New live action series of winx
Netflix is bringing the popular Italian animated franchise Winx Club to its members around the world in a new, live-action young-adult series. For the first time the popular six fairies will turn into real teenagers learning to hone their powers while living together in a magic boarding school. Winx Club was created and produced in Italy in 2004 by Iginio Straffi, founder and CEO of Rainbow Group. After its launch, it has become one of the most successful anim...
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The Truyện cổ tích Club
what about lucy and gray
just inmagine you are a fairy tail character just living with side by side but you noticed that gray only strips by lucy why is that.well gray probaully likes lucy they so cute together i like nalu and graylu there so cute together so whowould win lucy heart natsu or gray
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The Aikatsu Club
Hoshimiya Ichigo
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The theslap.com Club
the slap
my name is lauren victoria hartleroad and i'm a tenth grader at peru indiana high school and i'm still shy a little bit and ts my first time on here  i'm in love with victorious so much
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The  Percy Jackson & The Olympians sách Club
Riptide is a sword of waves given to Percy by Chiron. It will return to his pocket in pen form when lost. The pen can be uncapped when needed as a weapon. It is a meter long and made from celestial bronze. Celestial bronze is a nestle that is mined from mount Olympus, it will not harm pure mortals only Greek things. The sword has a troubled past but apparently according to Sumabrander (Jack) it is a hot lady sword!
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The  Percy Jackson & The Olympians sách Club
Percy Jackson.
Percy Jackson is believed to be afictional character who stars in almost all of Rick Riordan books. He is the son of Posiden ( Sea god, earthshaker, lord of the waves) and Sally Jackson. In the present book time he is taking a break from hero work to help his mother with her pregnancy. Percy is boyfriend to Annabeth Chase, friend to most of camp half blood and has saved the world twice. He is considered to be the most popular character in the franchise. He wields the blade: Riptide which is u...
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The BJsRealm Club
Bradley & Colin - The Hidden Facts
                                           PUBLIC FACTS 1-Both Bradley & Colin are right-handed. 2-Both Colin & Bradley have matching deep blue eyes. 3-They are virtually identical when it comes to their height. They are both exactly six (6) ft tall, Colin being only 1 cm taller than Bradley (in metric system). Colin is 1,83 m tall whilst Bradley is 'only' 1,82 m...
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The Riku114 Club
My Independent Writing (RP Side Stories mostly with a random fanfic)
This is more so a personal collection and record for me, however its also put out for those of you who are too bored and feel like stalking / reading some of the things Ive written in the past.  Kas and Shinrei (Complete) - 17,233 Words Part 1 (2/-/2017) Part 2 (2/-/2017) Part 3 (2/-/2017) Part 4 (2/-/2017) Part 5 (2/-/2017) Part 6 (2/-/2017)   Naveda's Tale (Complete) - 10,534 Words Part 1 (...
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The Lord of the Rings Elves Club
LOTR elf definition.
To Tolkien elves were not small little humans but grand majestic 6-7 foot perfections. They were handsome/beautiful not small and cute. They were interesting and had a very impressive culture. They have always had rivalry with dwarves and envy men's death.
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The OuranAfterHigh Club
About me
Hello there! My name's Raven. I am 15 years old and I go by the pronouns she/her. I currently live in Australia but some day I would love to go travelling Europe to see all the beautiful things it has to offer. My favourite things to do are draw, sleep, play with my pet rat and eat pasta. I also love listening to music and my favourite types are rock, metal and techno. My favourite animes are Hetalia and Osomatsu-san and my favourite comic series is Scandinavia and the World. I...
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The Jade West Club
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The Victorious Club
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The Liz Gillies Club
liz gillies
        i liz gillies i love yoy so much 
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The Riku114 Club
Other Special Titled Characters
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The New Era of Role Playing (NERP) Club
Diety Lore
[lore will be here] ORIGINAL DEITIES DEATH   Kiervana Zul Rasque
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The New Era of Role Playing (NERP) Club
Gemmed Civilizations
Kingdom of Pendallan: (Clear / ???)  The Kingdom of Pendallan is notably one of the most normal and average looking nations. With a Gem that created a large stone castle and purified an area for regular life, Pendallan ended up developing and appearing to be very much like the world that it was before everything seemed to be destroyed by the black substance.   The Gatteren Forest / Gattaria: (Green / Plants) *Riku  The Gatteren Forest, otherwise occasionally called by i...
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The Riku114 Club
Relatable Characters
INSERT/DISCLAIMER ABOUT MY PARTICULARITY OF MY LIST I am a tad bit particular on my list and keeping it quite exclusive. There are a lot of other characters that I do find relatable, some series such as Kagerou Daze and K Project I could probably pull out several, but in order to keep this list unique, special, and actually something special for certain characters, a few not-strict criteria/tendencies are thought of before putting them on the list. The character MUST be relatabl...
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The  Friendship ngày Club
Friendship Day
Friendship Day is the one day of the year where you celebrated Friendship. == Gallery ==  
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The pinkbloom Club
World of winx news
The World of Winx Series 2 DVD in stores from 8 February!   Fairies! Follow the Winx in their magical adventures on earth as often as you want with the  DVD of the series 2 World of Winx , available from February 8, the best entertainment stores andonline , even on the Rainbow Brand Store Amazon . New undercover missions , a new yet more fatal power , new enemies , new fri...
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The vergilioperius Club
Ola pessoal, uma constante indignação minha e a compra de KKs, pessoas que compram KKs por dinheiro real R$ para ficar full itens no jogo, estou aqui para falar por que não fazer isso. para que essas justificativas caiam nas mãos de pessoas que compram KKs. antes de começar não vou   https://cursosdaeducacao.com.br/pele-de-petalas/.      
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The BlindBandit92 Club
Relatable Characters (Female and male characters will be included in one list)
                   Siince this list is endless. I'll most likely be updating it whenever I think of a new addition.
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The phim Barbie Club
poop comes out of ur but.it goes thow ur hole bobby.every won poops. if they don't they got problems
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The pinkbloom Club
Secret of the lost kingdom
The story begins on a snowy, foggy day. In the isolated snow peaks, a looming castle casts dark, imminent shadows on the ground. Six cloaked figures appear, whom are none other than the Winx Club. Bloom and her friends are on a search for Bloom's birth parents, King Oritel and Queen Miriam, with Bloom's belief that they are still alive. The girls are on their way to find Hagen, a blacksmith who forged the Sword of King Oritel, a magical sword with immense p...
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The pinkbloom Club
Magical adventure
During a party at Alfea, the Trix crash it and take the Compass of Revealed Secrets for the Ancestral Witches. Despite the Winx's efforts, Icy, Stormy and Darcy escape with the compass. Meanwhile, on Domino, Sky proposes to Bloom, but a secret between King Erendor and the destruction of Domino forces Sky to call off the wedding. The rest of the Winx visit Bloom, who is struggling to get over it. The Trix report to the Ancestral Witches on the successful theft. The Trix head to the Tree of...
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The Riku114 Club
Visual Novel Scores
This is pretty much where I will keep track of my stats things for visual novels so enjoy
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The Daniel Day-Lewis Club
Speaker area
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The Ugo Art Film Club
Ugochi UgoArt Ugo
Ugochi (Igbo<small>: Ugo Chi </small>more commonly UgoART or simply Ugo) is An Igbo Renaissance Polymath. Whose areas of interest included invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, writing, history.
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The Riku114 Club
About Me
GENERAL Name: Riku, I wont give out my real name unless you are a close friend of mine. Age: 17 Gender: Female I guess. I still dont really care for gender so maybe Agender if you really care, but I dont, so Female. Birthday: September 28 Sexuality: Bisexual MBTI: XNTJ Astrology Type: Metal Dragon, Libra, Seth Relationship Status: Taken Religion: Atheist. Some might say Agnostic, but mostly Atheist. A lot of tests say I have s...
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The ArgeuBernardo Club
MONTADORA DESTAQUE, Bernardo, Montador de Móveis em Recife - PE BR
A MONTADORA DESTAQUE, Administrada Por Bernardo, Um Montador de Móveis do Recife, Atuante Desde 1994, Portanto: Montador de Móveis em Recife e Grande Nordeste, Móveis Corporativos e Residencias Com Mais de 20 Anos de Estrada, Sempre Com a Meta de Fechar Negócios Diretamente Com o Cliente Sem Interferência de Atravessador. Atender e Cumprir a Satisfação do Clientes, Atendendo a Chamados de Pernambuco e Demais Estados do Nordeste, Serviços ...
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The frankenwolf Club
jami altra hater nuova di oggi
(nn so di che o quale foto dice o parla/i)” (nn mi interessa di permessi o tag o di chi sn le cose)” “penso credo di aver capito quale foto immy dice diceva quella(che poi è era 1 link)che rappresentava altre prove e cose su quella dea che a me nn piace poi nn ricordo che ci ho fatto edit o roba” “prima e poco fa ho ricapito cosa intendeva quella straniera(che poi nn era è 1 foto immy gran chè)e io l'ho solo cambiata 1 po’ appena...
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The creativeyoubody Club
Creative You Bodysculpting
It is a cold laser light, applied directly to the skin, which causes the fat cells to open up and release their Contents, which is the same thing that happens when you exercise. Only the hormones cause the fat cells to release fats when you exercise. The water, glycerol and free fatty acids leave the cell, and your fat cell shrinks.
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The souitchou8 Club
Office furniture
V J INTERIOR PRIVATE LIMITED is a leading Office Furniture designing & manufacturing company, and it is known for its thorough work with a wide range of innovative products. We believe in bringing the finest for our customers that show the concepts of design, quality, comfort, and affordability. Keeping all such core constructs in mind, we create excellent, functional and well-designed furniture range for you. We have been working as a prominent Manufacturer, Service Provider, Wholesaler/...
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The Stuart-Matthew Club
Stuart Matthew Biography
India based singer/songwriter Stuart Matthew was first noticed at the age of 17 for his nomination of Best Pop Artist in Radio City Freedom Awards. The singer is raised in Allahabad, India and was a part of the choir in his school. After gaining interest in music he started his own YouTube channel in 2014. He currently have around 8 original songs released worldwide. He quickly found an audience on social media platforms after recording covers of artists like Jasmine Thompson and Lana Del Rey...
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The Milica Todorović Club
Milica Todorović [Biografija]
Milica Todorović (October 13, 1990) is a Serbian pop-folk singer born in Kruševac. She became known after competing in the 2005 season of the televised singing competition Zvezde Granda. She was only 14 years old when she won the show and she is still the youngest singer to accomplish this. Her first studio album entilted Pamtim ja was released in 2009 by Grand Production. Early life Milica Todorović was born October 13 1990 in Kruševac, ...
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The Jelena Rozga Club
Jelena Rozga [Biografija]
Jelena Rozga, jedna od najvećih glazbenih zvijezda u cijelog regiji, u djetinjstvu je plesala balet. Nakon osnovne, upisuje srednju baletnu školu i počinje plesati u baletu Hrvatskog narodnog kazališta. Nastupala je u Labuđem jezeru, Trnoružici, Orašaru. Baletnu karijeru je napustila kad se ukazala prigoda postati pjevačicom popularnog splitskog sastava Magazin o čemu je još kao mala maštala. Glazbenu karijeru Jelena je počela 1996. godine, kada je na Dor...
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The PeckOnAJ Fanclub Club
RUST_010 | Roblox Myth Guide
<blockquote> "What is in the past has been completed, but there is much more to come." -Rust_010 in his description. About Rust_010 has 2 games. 1 called " R U S T " and the other called "Smile!" R U S T </blockquote> You will be identified as your character. You have two choices. Yes or No. If you press No, it'll kick you out of the game and if you press yes, you will find yourself in a dark room. If you walk around you will see an empty ...
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The PeckOnAJ Fanclub Club
Nurse_L | Roblox Myth Guide
About Nurse L is a nurse and the only group she has is The Roblox Hospital. She's friends with DianaWillow, LianaWillow and my friend JayJayUndercover. (Who is in disguise and is helping us look for info) She isn't online much but if she is online, she is in the hospital. Her name is Lucy but she prefers if everyone called her Nurse LOL. ~~~~~ That's all. Contact me on Roblox if you have information. At PeckOnAJ on Roblox.  https://web.roblox.com/users...
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The PeckOnAJ Fanclub Club
Diana Willow & Liana Willow | Roblox Myth Guide
DianaWillow ~~~~~~~~~~ Okay, the twin in purple is called Diana Willow and she doesn't talk that much.  She has a place called DianaWillow's Place. It has a thumbnail of DianaWillow & LianaWillow burning(?) their house down. Diana is holding a match. ~~~~~~~~~~  LianaWillow ~~~~~~~~~~ The twin in pink. She talks a lot and seems very energized all of the time. ~~~~~~~~~~ Interesting facts: They both joined at 1/29/2018.  They are twins. Their names are ...
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The royalmovingco Club
Royal Moving Co
Royal Moving Company is a storage and moving company in Portland with the most efficient and diligent staff. We provide you with highly rated services with local and professional movers. Our staff is very friendly and reliable and is also available for long distance moving. We have been working hard to satisfy our customers and provide them with the best services in town. At Royal Moving Company we make it our priority to help our customers have the easiest and most stress-free moving ex...
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The adeliaasha Club
Circuit-Switching-VS-Packet-Switching - Cara membedakan Teknologi Jaringan, Berdasarkan metode yang mereka gunakan untuk menentukan jalur antara perangkat dimana informasi akan mengalir. Sangat sederhana, ada dua pendekatan:   • Jalan dapat diatur antara perangkat terlebih dahulu, atau   • Data dapat dikirim sebagai elemen data individual melalui jalur variabel.     Telecommunication System / Network dapat diklasifikasikan k...
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The clarishahuang11 Club
Lipoqq situs bandarkiu terpercaya
Lipoqq situs bandarkiu online terpercaya dan sudah terbukti oleh jutaan pemain yang ada di indonesia, Lipoqq satu satunya situs dengan deposit termurah, hanya dengan minimal deposit Rp 10.000 sudah dapat bermain 7 permainan dalam 1id, serta memberikan bonus yang sangat memuaskan seperti cashback 0.5% dan referral 20% setiap minggu. Situs yang sudah terbukti memuaskan dan terpercaya hanya di http://lipoqq.com
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The Camila Morrone Club
Camila Morrone Biography
According to Wikipedia Camila Morrone was born on 16 June 1997 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. However, according to IMDB, she was born on 16 June 1997 in Los Angeles, California. She first started modeling and was on the front cover of Vogue in September 2016. Her Dad is Maximo Morrone who is also an actor and has appeared in CSI: Miami (2002). Her Mom is actress Lucila Solá who is an actress and is currently dating Al Pacino! ...
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The Italia Club
Italia, l'una ma divisa
Italia e l'una grande ... ma divisa in due parti ... Nord Italia ... Milano, Torino, Genova, Venezia ... Sud Italia ... Napoli, Palermo,  ...
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The frankenwolf Club
dall'inizio del 2018 grz a 1 mio amico vicino conoscente tutto casuale io ho conosciuto incontrato il 1 sosia gemello del clown di Stephen king e dell'attore dal nuovo remake pennywise e bill gli somiglia proprio tutto e in tutto di forma e aspetto
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The AlexisTexas Club
Alexis Texas Biography
Born at a military base in Panama, Alexis Texas was raised in a small town near San Antonio, Texas. Alexis describes herself as an outgoing and fun-loving person. In high school, she held tutorials for her male classmates on how to take off a girl's bra. While working at a college bar in October 2006, Alexis met some people working for the adult film company Shane's World. She agreed to appear in a film they were making entitled Shane's World's College Amateur Tour In Texas. F...
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The KalpitNigam Club
Satta matka
The chances of winning a satta matka game is dependent upon your accurate guessing ability. <a href="http://amarmatka.com/">Website</a>
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The frankenwolf Club
쌤킴 너는 내게 정상적으로 제대로 대합니까? 니 자신은 바르고 옳고 저는 틀리고 옳지 않다고 생각하세요?//쌤킴 제대로 대답해주시기 부탁드립니다 _()()()_모르척 피하고 우기는 이유가 무엇인지 궁금합니다 이유를 부탁드립니다 _()()()_
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The williemgc Club
His early vocation for writing ensures that he earns a Literature Scholarship that he later leaves to study music at the Poetic World Vocational School after passing the proficiency exams. The lack of musical instruments and low resources prevented that it can finish its studies of music.  With American rap as the only reference, Williemgc began his first personal projects that could be summed up in playing the rhymes, ordering ideas in search of a lyrical discourse of his own, and de...
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The New Era of Role Playing (NERP) Club
The Banished - Repolished
LORE The Building of Hell In it's original state of being, Hell was an empty space, a void vacant of anything but the souls of the damned and a primadorial being named Hades who watched over the souls. Many of those in the Heavens believed for this place for an object, when thrown into here, would vanish into nothingness and thus become part of the empty void that it was. Because of this, Hell originally had the name "The Void" and it was used to store away unwanted beings...
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The Miraculous Ladybug Club
Why hawk moth want to get chat noir and ladybug miracoulous
Will We dont know but lets get look about why hawkmoth/Gabriel Adrien,s father Want miracoulous  Will some of you has been saying that the defrent is that  hawk moth want the miracoulous to get back his wife Adrien,s Mother And some of you has been saying that the defrent is that hawkmoht want be more stronger and roll over the world  we gotta choose  first i think possblity of it 78%   <blockquote> second i think possblity of it 60%  i th...
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