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What are the FUNNIEST Anime(s) YOU'VE seen?

141 answers | my answer: ~bleach ~haruhi suzumiya ~ouran high school host...

Does anybody watch this anime?

2 answers | my answer: no, sorry

Romantic comedy anime?

94 answers | my answer: Kaichou wa maid sama Inuxboku ss fruits basket t...

Does anybody know an anime like Sword Art Online?

70 answers | my answer: BTOOOM! and Bleach are like SAO Mirai Nikki and H....

otaku test ~

31 answers | my answer: Aria from Aria the scarlet ammo and death the kid

who is the most scary anime character?

6 answers | my answer: hmm... Rena and Shion from higurashi yuno and tha...

What are your least yêu thích animes?

17 answers | my answer: lucky ngôi sao to love-ru (i did like the 2 season tho...

Post an anime Character Who Wear An Eye-patch

27 answers | my answer: rikka (picture) ciel mei 9th

Some 2013 animes?

10 answers | my answer: my teen romantic comedy snafu problem children are...

Post an anime that you'll watch again hoặc never get tired of ^^

18 answers | my answer: mirai nikki OHSHC TMOHS fairy tail kaichou wa m...