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  • Favorite TV Show: Mất tích ♥ GoT ♥ Stranger Things ❤ Orphan Black ❤ trái cam, màu da cam is the New Black ❤One cây đồi núi, hill ❤ DCTV Universe ❤ BTVS ❤ 13RW ❤ +many more!
    Favorite Movie: HP series ♥ MCU ♥ THG ♥ ngôi sao Wars ❤ Twilight Saga ❤ Scream series ❤ Fifty Shades series ❤ +LITERALLY HUNDREDS MORE!!
    Favorite Musician: 1D ♥ Kendrick ❤ Eminem ❤ Beyoncé ❤ Kesha ❤ vịt đực, drake ❤ Imagine Những câu chuyện về rồng ❤ Ed Sheeran ❤ màu hồng, hồng ♥ Katy Perry ♥ P!atd ♥etc
    Favorite Book or Author: Series- Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight etc.
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rachel713 đã đưa ý kiến …
if i can help in any way, please let me know, okay? i know we haven't talked in a long time but i missed you, and i want to be a good friend now that we're back in touch <3

well, i'm happy to hear the story if bạn ever want to share it, hoặc just want to vent :) i'm really sorry the situation with your family isn't ideal though, that can be hard :(

okay, fair enough! i'm still happy someone in the lpf at least knows what the game is! :D đã đăng cách đây 2 ngày
rachel713 đã đưa ý kiến …
yeahhh it's kinda hard to stop caring about something bạn cared about for so many years. but for all intents and purposes, yeah, my interests have shifted :P it's not like i ever really stopped playing final fantasy, i just got back into it when i bought a ps4 some years ago.

thank bạn for the nice words <33 and oooh, bạn played kh?? that's so nice to hear! do bạn remember anything about it? :D i know most ppl like the Disney aspects but for me it's the original story + ff characters :P đã đăng cách đây 5 ngày
rachel713 đã bình luận…
ahh yes, kh3!! i'm playing it right now, too! i'm trying to take it slow but i've already managed to spoil myself on pretty much everything anyway :P it's really good tho! i can definitely relate to your manager, i skipped class the ngày i got it XD cách đây 5 ngày
rachel713 đã bình luận…
and about got, yeah, i'll probably watch but thêm out of curiosity than investment, i guess? i think season 4 was the last one i truly enjoyed :/ but i'm hoping it ends well from your perspective, i know bạn tình yêu dany (right? that still the case?)! cách đây 5 ngày
rachel713 đã bình luận…
aww i'm so sorry bạn feel that way :( i know it can be daunting to age and feel like bạn haven't accomplished everything but bạn still have plenty of time, hon! and it's not like there's certain things bạn "need to" do, i guess. i think the main thing is just to be happy, so i hope bạn will be really soon, bạn deserve it <33 and that's wonderful for your brother, i bet you're a great aunt!! gosh, that sucks about her mom though :S so she and your brother aren't together? cách đây 5 ngày
rachel713 đã đưa ý kiến …
aww, sorry!! my tumblr is starkstrife, i did change the url a while ago. sorry if it's confusing :( i'm also under the same name on twitter. anyway, thank bạn for thinking of me <33 i do tình yêu robb and richard still, i do. i think it'd be kind of hard to stop after all these years. but i've also reconnected with what i really, REALLY loved growing up (which is final fantaisie and kingdom hearts), and i've found that these two franchises just make me feel really.. relaxed? and happy, i think. (cont) đã đăng cách đây 5 ngày
rachel713 đã bình luận…
like i feel a lot less pressure about stuff with these things, and there's like a gazillion characters i really tình yêu so it's a lot of fun, i gotta say :) so yeah, my tình yêu for robb and richard is still there, for sure. it's why it's still half of my url on tumblr. but got in general? honestly? naaahhh. i watched the last season and it just made me frustrated. and i just started thinking: why should i stan something that just continuously makes me upset? it just doesn't make sense. so i kind of let that go, i guess. i am still a casual người hâm mộ of other things (like cinderella, richard's various projects etc), but for thêm "hands-on" fangirling, i guess it's final fantaisie and kingdom hearts these days. that's why bạn probably don't find a lot of richard on my tumblr. and also because i do have that richard-dedicated tumblr (richard-madden) that i post on occasionally. cách đây 5 ngày
rachel713 đã bình luận…
wow?? what a ramble, i'm so sorry. i just wanted to explain because i know it's really different from what it used to be, but i promise, i'm really happy, and these two franchises kinda feel like coming home. since i've been a người hâm mộ of both since i was about 7 years old. plus i'm doing some cosplaying stuff, i've met great people and am actually having like the best "fun" i've had in a while, i guess? it's good, things are going good. i'm currently studying abroad in birmingham! it's been fun, i made good Những người bạn :) cách đây 5 ngày
rachel713 đã bình luận…
what about you?? what have bạn been up to, hon? <3 cách đây 5 ngày