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  • Female, 29 years old
  • Mất tích without Mất tích </3, //4-8-15-16-23-42//
  • Favorite TV Show: Mất tích ♥ GoT ♥ Stranger Things ❤ Orphan Black ❤ trái cam, màu da cam is the New Black ❤One cây đồi núi, hill ❤ DCTV Universe ❤ BTVS ❤ 13RW ❤ +many more!
    Favorite Movie: HP series ♥ MCU ♥ THG ♥ ngôi sao Wars ❤ Twilight Saga ❤ Scream series ❤ Fifty Shades series ❤ +LITERALLY HUNDREDS MORE!!
    Favorite Musician: 1D ♥ Kendrick ❤ Eminem ❤ Beyoncé ❤ Kesha ❤ vịt đực, drake ❤ Imagine Những câu chuyện về rồng ❤ Ed Sheeran ❤ màu hồng, hồng ♥ Katy Perry ♥ P!atd ♥etc
    Favorite Book or Author: Series- Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight etc.
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Hi. đã đăng cách đây một tháng 1
marakii đã đưa ý kiến …
Don’t be mad at me but I decided that I hate Kate Austen đã đăng cách đây một tháng 1
Piu95 đã đưa ý kiến …
Both are such good shows! On the Tudors my fave is Anne Boleyn, but really I like/love all the wives, they all suffered so much :/ And I really liked Mary even though I know that based on history I shouldn't. (And Colin even got to be on a episode so what's not to like?!) That said, I don't ship any couple in the show.
As for TWQ, I tình yêu E of York and Isabel. I really liked E Woodville too but towards the end, she's meh. Same goes with her couple, they were cute before the whole cheating thing. đã đăng cách đây 2 tháng
Piu95 đã bình luận…
I liked Richard, even though I used to dislike him in my history classes/Shakespeare's play but I guess Aneurin made him thêm sympathic. I loved him with Anne Neville but again, I really disliked them when they become king & queen. The best couple though is Elizabeth of York & Henry Tudor for me, so that all nonsense with Richard was a hard thing to see (especially since there's no basis for this based on history!) cách đây 2 tháng
Piu95 đã bình luận…
What about you? cách đây 2 tháng