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Johnny Depp


4 answers | my answer: I have no idea. Is there a reason bạn want to know...
Taylor nhanh, swift

what's your hàng đầu, đầu trang 3 songs of taylor swift?

85 answers | my answer: I change my mind all the time because they are all...
Taylor nhanh, swift

Will bạn guys please go and vote for Taylor nhanh, swift for the teen choice awards.

3 answers | my answer: i have done, almost everyday :)
Taylor nhanh, swift

Does anyone know who the creator of this spot is?

4 answers | my answer: nope, but i agree about the ugle icon. if enough pe...
Taylor nhanh, swift

Post Taylor Swift's White Dress And Win Props!!!

27 answers | my answer: bạn can't see the bottom on this picture but i tình yêu...
Taylor nhanh, swift

Post Taylor nhanh, swift with a dude

19 answers | my answer: Taylor & Cory.
Seri chạng vạng

Does Team James exist?

11 answers | my answer: i think it does, im team james all the way!!! he is...
Seri chạng vạng

Who is your favourite character?

28 answers | my answer: Jalice-cob i can't pick between alice, jasper and...
Seri chạng vạng

so lets say that bạn di chuyển to a new school, in a small little town that bạn despise and its your first ngày and as bạn go to lunch bạn spot the boy named Edward, what would bạn do?!

15 answers | my answer: is he hot?? if he's hot then i would talk to him hoặc...
Seri chạng vạng

if bạn were in a car reck and edward cullen came and stoped the car from crushing bạn wat would bạn say?

13 answers | my answer: thanks . . . LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại