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Looking for a specific Anime!

15 answers | my answer: YU-GI-OH but bạn have to watch from the very beginn...

Post a pic of an anime character with headphone^^I'll give các điểm thưởng

50 answers | my answer: I forgot his name but he is from YU-GI-OH Zexal = r...

Post pic of anime boy that u find extremely sexy!

62 answers | my answer: Ikuto - sexiest anime ever - others i like but mani...

post a anime girl with short black hair

12 answers | my answer: i think this is black

Post a pic of pale skinned anime character!

34 answers | my answer: Ayashi No Ceres

What is your reaction to people that make fun of u because u like pokemon?

29 answers | my answer: If boys can be obsessed with X box games then i can...
Seri chạng vạng

Who is your fav twilight charater

61 answers | my answer: Hi my faviourt person is Jacob Black and then my se...
Winx Club

How do bạn feel about..

2 answers | my answer: I have no problem with girl pairings but i think th...
Những nàng công chúa Disney

Post a picture of your favourite Disney princess!!

26 answers | my answer: Sleeping Beauty it was my faviourt when i was littl...
Chương trình truyền hình Nhật ký ma cà rồng

Can anyone tell me why rabekka is aloud in stephans house without being invited, because its under Elena's name and she didnt invite her in???

3 answers | my answer: im guessing its somthing about her being an origana...