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What is your current icon? Does it represent bạn hoặc something bạn like?

43 answers | my answer: Because I think people are just waaaaay too negativ...
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What calms bạn down when bạn are stressed?

14 answers | my answer: Food, sleep, music, internet hoặc just do what Neil d...
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What do bạn hate about Hotels?

6 answers | my answer: Nothing much... Except maybe their wifi. bạn always...
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Found this on tumblr. Rule one thought, name your hàng đầu, đầu trang ten ships without looking at the questions. And then answer the questions.

8 answers | my answer: 1.Delena (TVD) 2.Olitz (Scandal) 3.Tiva (NCIS) 4...
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what is your yêu thích country in Europe? (one of the Baltic states)

4 answers | my answer: LITHUANIA!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ :) LIETUV...
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How often do bạn exercise ?

12 answers | my answer: This is my answer to your câu hỏi ↓
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Post a pic of your yêu thích actor/actress.

10 answers | my answer: Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley ❤❤❤ With an hono...
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how would bạn describe 2015 ''for you'' so far?~

14 answers | my answer: Super stressful and then really chill (exams follow...
Selena Gomez

Post a picture of Selena, các điểm thưởng awarded!!!

32 answers | my answer: I tình yêu this one <3
Selena Gomez

put a rare picture of SELENA GOMEZ

25 answers | my answer: Cute ^^