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Selena Gomez

post a picture of selena bạn think i never seen(for fun)

14 answers | my answer: I tình yêu this one <3 She looks sooo cute ^^
Selena Gomez

Post your favourite selena picture.... các điểm thưởng will be được trao :)

39 answers | my answer: Here's mine <3 She looks reeeeeeeeeally cute ^^
Barney & Robin

How many times have bạn seen HIMYM all the way through??

6 answers | my answer: Honestly... I have absolutely no idea :D I've seen...
Katy Perry

post a pic of KT wid any coloured hair other than black . no các điểm thưởng . 4 ngày contest

6 answers | my answer: I hope it's ok :) Katy and Taylor <333 I tình yêu thos...
Katy Perry

post a ur favor@ pic of katy and win các điểm thưởng

24 answers | my answer: Katy and Taylor <333
Total Drama Island

Who is your fav character from TDI?

30 answers | my answer: COURTNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No doubts on that!!!!!S...
Total Drama Island

duncan and cortney hoặc gwen and duncan?????

15 answers | my answer: ~D&C~~D&C~~D&C~~D&C~~D&C~~D&C~~D&C~ DUNCAN AND COU...
Elena Gilbert

Post a pic of the person bạn think Elena should be with.......

4 answers | my answer: She should be with a man who has never put anyone's...
Club against teen bullying to prevent suicide

Please help me

2 answers | my answer: Hi, look, bạn don't know me and I don't know you, b...
Emily Fields and Hanna Marin

Post the best pic of Hanna and Emily. các điểm thưởng :)

5 answers | my answer: I like this one <3