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H2O Just Add Water

Who wants a Season 4 of h2o?

23 answers | my answer: YES! I want a season 4! I think emma and bella shou...
H2O Just Add Water

what happens in the last episode of the series?

3 answers | my answer: season 3?
Nhật ký ma cà rồng

Now that Klaus has been promised to Caroline that he will live town for good in S05E11,does it mean that they will not see each other ever again?

5 answers | my answer: I think it means that although ive only seen up to...

what did the rest of the gang of Victorious do and how did they reacht when they found out that Victorious was cancled and what are they doing now ?

2 answers | my answer: i found out: nickelodeon stopped them shooting on t...

Who do u like in VIctorious!

50 answers | my answer: beck oliver! bori! jades ok but i like bori so get...

Will bạn tham gia the Jade & Beck spot?

5 answers | my answer: no, bori!

Who would bạn think would make cute couples? I,m on cabbie's side.9cat and robbie):)

10 answers | my answer: 1. bori 2. cabbie 3. jeck (no one else will work...

beck and tori need to be together i mean jade is a stupid brat all she likes to do is be mean to other people i dont know why beck is with her

4 answers | my answer: bori forever but jeck is the 3rd best couple?

do bạn think that iCarly and Victorious croosover?

4 answers | my answer: they do a bit iparty with Victorious and sam & cat...


6 answers | my answer: beck should be with: 1. bori (tori) 2. jeck (jade...