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Can anyone tell me what shoe this is?

1 answer | my answer: All i know is that it is a type of adidas shoe
Percy Jackson và Olympians

Does any body know when the house of hades comes out.Cause i am like jumping off the walls trying to figure this out.ANTICAPATION!

8 answers | my answer: it did in 2013

Is it okay to Kiss someone on the first ngày if it would be their first kiss?

1 answer | my answer: Yes bạn should have went for it
Justin Bieber

What is Justin Biebers Skype?

48 answers | my answer: IT IS SMOTHING
Justin Bieber

He Is gay 😭 yes ✔or no❌

3 answers | my answer: Yes, that is why he has a Girlfriend. NO HE IS NOT...

what is his number

1 answer | my answer: its 585-380-2001 i have tried it it accuaily works
Why Don't We

~WDW Contest~

1 answer | my answer: tình yêu that