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Nhật Bản

Do bạn know them? (picture)

3 answers | my answer: Yes of corse! They're the most famous vocaloid aft...

Post an anime character with spiky hair

19 answers | my answer: Gouenji Shuuya from Inazuma Eleven..

An anime character who was a sore loser.

9 answers | my answer: hunter x hunter.. tonpa..

Name/Post a pic. of a sexy anime(male and/or female) character[s].

13 answers | my answer: sket dance.. usami hani..

Post series that you're no longer interested in and Mất tích interest in too as well as don't watch anymore

7 answers | my answer: i've completely Mất tích interest in bakugan battle bra...

Romantic comedy anime?

94 answers | my answer: Hayate the combat butler..

Do bạn know any red-haired anime girls?

377 answers | my answer: Shana's hair turn red when she changes her form.. (...

post an anime girl who wears a hat

23 answers | my answer: She's a Character from Shakugan no Shana.. I forgo...

post a female anime character with white/silver hair

16 answers | my answer: Misaki from Cadrfight Vanguard...

Post an anime pervert (that has a soft side)

17 answers | my answer: Leorio from Hunter x Hunter