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who is the most beautiful Disney princess??

78 answers | my answer: Well, she's technically not a princess, but I think...

have any of u guys ever heard of kingdom keepers if not its a really good Disney series everybody should read it ^_^

5 answers | my answer: YES! I tình yêu Kingdom Keepers! But I can't find the s...

Is there any animated Disney movie that can be considered "Horror"?

10 answers | my answer: Alice in Wonderland. It actually is kinda scary if...
Harry Potter

Who thinks that EMMA Watson couldve easily played Bella in Twilight (if she died her hair brown)??

11 answers | my answer: Well, Emma acts a trillion bajillion times better t...
Harry Potter

yêu thích Villain? Which villain do bạn think is the best developed in the story and who bạn would most likely be most scared of to face, because of all their aspects which make them a great villain?

21 answers | my answer: yêu thích Villain: Bellatrix Lestrange Best Develop...
Harry Potter

out of all they some have died in Harry potter,and bạn have a chance to save 5 of them,who will bạn pick then? my danh sách it:1. Fred Weasley. 2. Cedric. 3. Lily Potter. 4. Dobby. 5. snape

137 answers | my answer: 1. Dobby 2. Tonks 3. Lupin 4. Fred 5. Hedwig...
Harry Potter

Who is your fav. harry potter characture and why??? mine is ron weasly because hes sooo hot i dont think he could like hermoine he should go out with someone normal like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 answers | my answer: Mine's going to have to be Luna :) I tình yêu her becau...
Harry Potter

What was the most heart-touching moment in the Harry Potter Series?

7 answers | my answer: Wow, I think that's the same one as I had. There we...
Harry Potter

Can someone please answer this question: Since both Voldemort and Snape were both in Slytherin, but they they were not purebloods. So the main câu hỏi that i'm asking is that does Slytherin except not just Purebloods?

5 answers | my answer: Actually, it đã đưa ý kiến in the sách that there are VERY...
Harry Potter

What Hogwarts House do bạn truly think bạn would be in, not House bạn want to be in.

165 answers | my answer: I'd want to be in Gryffindor, Ravenclaw as một giây c...