Hermione Green

thành viên fanpop từ năm February 2012

  • Female, 21 years old
  • Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Gryffindor), United Kingdom
  • Favorite TV Show: Jimmy Fallon, Sherlock, What Would bạn Do?, Psych
    Favorite Movie: Harry Potter, Disney, My Sister's Keeper, Gone With the Wind, a billion others
    Favorite Musician: Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, and Starkid
    Favorite Book or Author: HARRY POTTER, The Great Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice, too many to count
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TIME-TURNER đã đưa ý kiến …
The OCD of being the 299th người hâm mộ of something. Then the even thêm OCD moment of being the 999th người hâm mộ of something two phút later. đã đăng hơn một năm qua
TIME-TURNER đã đưa ý kiến về Những nàng công chúa Disney
I wanted to see what people thought of this photo. One of my first edits. Might be over-decorated. I thought the song (Bleeding tình yêu bởi Leona Lewis) fit well with their romance.link đã đăng hơn một năm qua
shanyuisboss đã bình luận…
great pic. i am not too fond of the song but it works with the bức ảnh bạn used hơn một năm qua
TIME-TURNER đã đưa ý kiến …
I know I haven't been here for at least 8 months...sorry. My mom is super strict and put parental controls on my computer! đã đăng hơn một năm qua