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Riku114 đã đưa ý kiến về ngẫu nhiên
im sick and dying ;-; đã đăng cách đây 22 giờ
TheLefteris24 đã bình luận…
F, my dudette !!!! cách đây 21 giờ
TheLefteris24 đã bình luận…
I wish bạn a good recovery as well !!!! cách đây 21 giờ
Riku114 đã bình luận…
Thanks I appreciate the respects. F for myself cách đây 6 giờ
Riku114 đã đưa ý kiến về Riku114
Media depiction of DID

Alter: We gotta kidnap and kill them. I want to kill everyone. Stab them - Imma take over and kill them


Me: Maybe I should have a bit of soda with this popcorn

Lucille: I want tea.

Me: I am not walking out in the rain again to get tea. bạn can come out and make trà if bạn really want it đã đăng cách đây 3 ngày
Riku114 đã bình luận…
Admittedly, this is like XD There is a lot of work and shit that goes into it, but like XD Its just a meme I had like three giây cách đây :v cách đây 3 ngày
Riku114 đã bình luận…
FYI Lucille is a trà addict cách đây 3 ngày
Riku114 đã đưa ý kiến về Riku114
Randomly being able to hear your suicidal alter having some sort of an episode is hard shit. Like, its not emotions and feelings and thoughts that I myself feel like are my own and it is fine, but just constantly hearing "I am so tired of being alive. I am so tired of this existence." and so on and so forth is just... its not easy.

I'd get like "Oh I think shes done and I managed to relax" and then another line will whisper out of no where and itd be square one again. đã đăng cách đây 7 ngày
Riku114 đã bình luận…
I'm just kind of waiting for it to pass and for her to go back to being silent. It kind of sucks because I really can't communicate back so I'm just kind of sitting here listening to it randomly appear cách đây 7 ngày