thành viên fanpop từ năm June 2009

  • Female, 24 years old
  • Paris, France
  • Favorite TV Show: Gilmore Girls, BTVS, OUAT, Skam, The Office, Vikings, Arrowverse
    Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride, Pride & Prejudice, Letters To Juliet, The Notebook, ngôi sao Wars
    Favorite Musician: The Beatles, Florence + The Machine, Lana Del Rey, Marina,The Killers
    Favorite Book or Author: Jane Austen, Shakespeare, JD Salinger
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flowerdrop trao các điểm thưởng cho tôi về my videos
For your Caroline Forbs video đã đăng cách đây 7 ngày
xoheartinohioxo đã đưa ý kiến …
+ Photograph (people like to make fun of Nickelback but they had some good songs!)


Agree completely! I tình yêu a number of their songs! đã đăng cách đây 8 ngày
xoheartinohioxo đã bình luận…
I'm late responding but I totally agree, I get a kick out of a lot of the memes! cách đây 3 ngày
rachel713 đã đưa ý kiến …
ah, fair enough. I'm sure you're gonna find work though, you're super talented <33 and I'm mostly just hanging out with my friend and we're occasionally going to london, but nothing major :) oooh that's awesome, I'm glad you've found new things to obsess over! I have, too, and it's been a lot of fun! tbh the only place where I really update my interests is tumblr and just bc the gifs are nice :P đã đăng cách đây 2 tháng