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Harry Potter

How do bạn feel about Voldemort dying?

30 answers | my answer: I felt good when he died. Harry can now finally mov...
Harry Potter

Why didn't Sirius want to be the Potters' secret keeper?

2 answers | my answer: Because Sirius knew Voldemort would think it would...
Harry Potter

What would your occupation be in the wizarding world?

22 answers | my answer: I've always wanted to be an Animal Healer (or Magic...
Harry Potter

Which bits in the sách that were missed out of the films do bạn most wish could have been in the films?

11 answers | my answer: One thing I would really have liked to see in the 5...
Harry Potter

Excluding Harry Potter, what other book/film series' do bạn like?

29 answers | my answer: Deltora Quest, Anne of Green Gables, The Silver Bru...
Harry Potter

What house are bạn in?

32 answers | my answer: I'm a Ravenclaw according to Pottermore and most te...
Harry Potter

Isn't the whole concept of wizarding money self-contradictory?

2 answers | my answer: There are possibly some rules in place to stop wiza...
Harry Potter

Do bạn collect Sô cô la cards?

5 answers | my answer: I did years cách đây when bạn could buy Sô cô la frogs....
Harry Potter

Extremely confused about a quote?

8 answers | my answer: I remember being confused about this quote as well!...
Những nàng công chúa Disney

Which Disney film is YOUR favourite?

12 answers | my answer: Disney in general? The Lion King. Disney Princes...