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Which of these characters would bạn Snog, Marry, Avoid?

24 answers | my answer: I would snog Sam hoặc Finn. Marry Blainw (he beautifu...

bạn know you're a gleek when _____________?

14 answers | my answer: Have all the albums and singles. Don' t miss any ep...
Stefan & Elena

why elena should be with stefan and not damon? pls give me ur reasons :)

9 answers | my answer: Stefan and Elena have been though so much. Stefan t...
The Infernal Devices

What is your favourite quote from The Infernal Devices?

6 answers | my answer: Any with Woosley Scott. Gosh I tình yêu him. :)
Caroline Forbes

Forwood hoặc Catt?

22 answers | my answer: Forwood because they r so cute and Tyler saw caroli...
JONAS Couples

Should Joe and Stella end up together?

1 answer | my answer: Yes because Joe still cares for her alot and Stella...