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  • Male, 18 years old
  • Arcade's pants, The Universe
  • Favorite TV Show: JJBA, One cú đấm Man, Steven Univerese and some other shit I'm too lazy to danh sách
    Favorite Movie: Thor: Ragnaraok, and most of the Marvel phim chiếu rạp tbh. And animated phim chiếu rạp because I'm a degenerate
    Favorite Musician: Gorillaz, Arctic Monkeys, The Neighbourhood, P!ATD. I got the tastes of a 12 năm old emo tumblr user
    Favorite Book or Author: Inkheart and some other things I read in like, middle school
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AquaMarine6663 đã đưa ý kiến về ngẫu nhiên
Simple math? Don't know her đã đăng cách đây 25 ngày
J_E_T đã bình luận…
XD cách đây 25 ngày
AquaMarine6663 đã đưa ý kiến về ngẫu nhiên
Media always makes it seem like therapy and medications will just brainwash bạn and turn bạn into a vegetable but honestly I'm doing both and I finally have a grip on my depression that I haven't had for years since I came down with it lmao
I really hate the need to make mental illness poetic because it can honestly make people scared hoặc too proud to get help when they're suffering đã đăng cách đây 26 ngày
zanhar1 đã bình luận…
I feel like this kinda varies person to person and how it is give to them; someone I knew was put on so many of them that she got addicted. She tried telling them that the dosage was too high but they didn't listen. She got a new psychiatrist and was told that she was on a dousage for someone twice her weight and age and she ended up going through withdrawals. I have a friend whose meds DID mute his emotions to the point where he barely had them. He told me that he felt like a zombie. I think that the RIGHT meds and the right amount can help. But these days (at least where I live) I think that they are over-prescribed/carelessly prescribed. Therapy on the other hand, I feel like is generally very helpful. cách đây 25 ngày
AquaMarine6663 đã bình luận…
Oh, oof. I'm glad I have a doctor that listens to me lmao - but yeah, therapy is good. cách đây 25 ngày
pLaStIcSUNDAE đã bình luận…
Well, for me I've been paying thêm attention to thêm of the fact of people keep attempting to romanticize mental instability nowadays too, which is also something that's sort of pushing people thêm towards not helping themselves. Other than that, I can agree too that therapy is the thêm solid part of things since being able to interact with another human being is better than another med pill. cách đây 25 ngày
AquaMarine6663 đã đưa ý kiến về ngẫu nhiên
heh. me? a faggit? sorry kid
*pulls out katana ans cooly twirls it and is shirtless*
i f*uck my large brested waifus all the time. nothing againsy gays i just like wimen đã đăng cách đây 29 ngày
Windwakerguy430 đã bình luận…
I see bạn surf the braincel sub reddit too cách đây 29 ngày
AquaMarine6663 đã bình luận…
yeeees cách đây 28 ngày
2ntyOnePilots đã bình luận…
I can, in fact, tell. cách đây 28 ngày