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Harry Potter

What is your true, most yêu thích character in Harry Potter?

55 answers | my answer: Hermione, Malfoy and Snape! I think they are the be...
Harry Potter

Young Hermione doing underage magic?

6 answers | my answer: oh aye! well spotted ;)
Harry Potter

Your hàng đầu, đầu trang 5 favourite characters?

230 answers | my answer: Hermione Snape Harry Ron Malfoy
Seri chạng vạng

does anyone know any other great books?

35 answers | my answer: Knoughts and Crosses bởi Malorie Blackman is AMAZING...
âm nhạc

Name your yêu thích songs right now :) Ill give u a điểm thưởng if u do

78 answers | my answer: OK, so these are some of my favourite songs ever. N...
âm nhạc

what are your yêu thích bands hoặc band

31 answers | my answer: Oasis.
Miley Cyrus

is Miley Cyrus diễn xuất new film? , and what that film name

4 answers | my answer: Yes she is staring in a movie called "The Last Song...
Miley Cyrus

Have any of bạn met Miley?

4 answers | my answer: Yes actually! I meet her in Decemeber down in Dubli...
ti vi

i have all season of One cây hill,Gossip girl,Ugly Betty and True Blood. Now i will have a new tv show? who should i choose out of this?1. House. 2. The Oc 3. Friends. 4. Smallville. hoặc its the sombody else bạn think,iam gald to heard :)

20 answers | my answer: The OC S1-3 is BRILLIANT! Seriously, if bạn like On...
ti vi

What is your ALL-TIME favourite episode, from what tv hiển thị and pleae give an brie description. :)

8 answers | my answer: Don't know about 'all time' but right now it's Skin...