First name: Kari
Middle name: Nicole Rose
Last name: Moto
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation:None
Blood Type:A/B+
Financial Class (Upper-class, Lower-class, ect.):Middle class

Personality:Kind, weird, stubborn
Likes: waffles, tacos, powerful cards, Yugi, freinds
Dislikes: Kaiba, Pegasus
Hobbies:Dueling, sleeping, reading
Fears: Losing family
Weaknesses: CHOCOLATE

yêu thích Food: Tacos
yêu thích Person: Joey
yêu thích Duel Monster: Summoned Skull
yêu thích Color: Pink
yêu thích season: Winter
yêu thích time of day:Noon

Least yêu thích Food:Caviar
Least yêu thích Person:Kaiba
Least yêu thích Duel Monster:None
Least yêu thích Color:Green
Least yêu thích season:Summer
Least yêu thích time of day:Morning

Occupation; High school student
Team:Domino High Girls Hockey

Lifetime Goal:Culinary Degree
Talents/Skills: Smartness, Dueling, Writing, cooking

Is your character still in school:yes
năm (freshman, senior, ect.): Freshman
What school do they go to?:Domino High
Is dueling được ưa chuộng there?: Somewhat
Are they in any classes with any súng thần công, pháo characters?:Yes
How are their grades?:Straight A's
yêu thích Subject:Chemistry
Least yêu thích Subject:Math
School Uniform:Same as Tea

Hometown:Domino City

Appearance:Tall, Blond, Short hair, Blue eyes
Body Type:Curvaceous
Outfits (describe them all):Casual(black shirt, jeans, high tops, Deck belt) School(Same as Tea's)
Accessories:Teal wristband, màu hồng, hồng studded choker, hoop earrings
Make up: red lips, light blush
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:pink/black/blond
Hair Style:short pigtails

Deck Theme:Dragon/ darkness
Deck Case:belt
Monsters:Summoned Skull,
Any cards of special significance:
If so, why?:

Family: Moto
Does their family has any significances?:Unknown

Parents:None known
Other Relatives:Grandpa
Pets: No
Friends: Same as Yugi
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Joey
Rival: Mai
Enemies: Kaiba,