Hi YouTube fans. There are several interesting shows on YouTube and several of aren't really well known. The following 5 channels are made bởi very nice and talented people. I highly recommend checking out these channels.

5. Doodletones

Doodletones is a member of the Commentary Community. She's a very talented commentator who knows how to be both informative and entertaining. She makes video frequently so bạn don't have to worry about running out of video to watch.

4. FutureGohanSSJ2

FutureGohanSSJ2 is a cartoon lover. He has plenty of video where he talks about cartoon relater merchandise that he recently got. He has a strong passion for hoạt hình which helps him be good at reviewing various phim hoạt hình topics. If bạn tình yêu hoạt hình then I highly recommend his videos.

3. Dirtbikeredden

Dirtbikeredden is my yêu thích member of the Commentary Community. I've been a người hâm mộ of him since his first commentary in late 2013. He's really good at knowing how to properly commentate on video and be very entertaining. He's also good at being a likeable person who offers constructive criticism to the video he commentates on.

2. Eddy the Vigilante

Eddy the Vigilante's channel has changed several times. It used to be called Eddy the Scammer. Eddy has made some very amusing phim hoạt hình shows. He created these 2 shows: Con, Swagge, and Eddy and The Eddy and Cheesy Show. If bạn want some quick cartoon fun bạn should see Eddy's videos.

1. MTCN Review Team (channel name: VenomandCarnage)

MTCN Review Team is a entertaining film review hiển thị starring Michael the Comic Nerd and his friends. They review gần đây films. They joke around frequently so please be ready to laugh. Michael currently has less than 400 subscribers so please help Michael's channel.

I hope bạn check out these channels and have fun. Thank bạn for đọc my list.