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Fan fiction by Candy77019 posted hơn một năm qua
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"After I crush you with my Donkey Kong fists, you're going down Richards. Do you hear me? DOWN!"
"After I crush bạn with my Donkey Kong fists, you're going down, Richards. Do bạn hear me? DOWN!" Artemis's fingers raced over the controller's buttons.
I scoffed. "Well, maybe so, but not before I KIRBY SMASH YOU!" And my Kirby turned into a rock and smashed Artemis's Donkey Kong before she could even blink.
The triumphant sound of victory blared through the large speakers as I danced around the room.
Artemis set her controller down tiếp theo to her and held her hand out. "This time, bạn win. But tiếp theo time, bạn better watch out."
I eagerly shook it. "Until we meet again, DK."
Throughout a year, our relationship had slowly escalated from enemies to frenemies, and the only time when we'd actually talk to each other was when we battled on Super Smash Bros.
"Another victory, another root beer," đã đưa ý kiến Robin as he walked in with three cans of root beers.
I took one from him and downed it. "Thanks, Rob. All this winning is making me thirsty."
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted hơn một năm qua
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After explaining to Kalder’ahm that I was ok, he asked what I was doing at the bottom of the ocean.
”If I tell bạn truth, promise not to turn me in to the police ”I said” don’t worry, I’m not a criminal” I added quickly after seeing his eye’s widen
”First, let’s bring bạn to bờ biển to meet the person who first noticed bạn might be in trouble” Kalder’ahm đã đưa ý kiến grabbing my hand again
”I know how to swim, in fact I’m actually a very strong swimmer” I snapped
As we swam to the bờ biển, bãi biển and I remembered my promise to my mom, to call her when we reached land.
”Hey Kalder’ahm-“
”Call me Kalder” he interrupted
”Ok, Kalder, before I meet your team, can I call my mom first, I kind of promised her I would” I asked
”Sure.” Kalder responded
As we walked on beach, I noticed that it was empty aside from myself, Kalder, and 5 other people: 3 boys and 2 girls. That wasn’t the astonishing thing though; one of the girls was green.
”Two questions: is this a private beach, and is that girl in the yellow bikini sick hoặc is it just me?” I asked
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted hơn một năm qua
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”Bye mom!” I yelled as ran out the door
”When will bạn be back Sarah?” she asked
”I’m not sure but I’ll call bạn when I hit land ok?” I replied
”Ok. Stay safe!” she called as I walked into the water, normal clothes and backpack on... Now I know that sounds crazy but I’m not exactly your average age 12 school girl. When I got my Hep. B shot this năm it turned out I got something thêm than just medicine injected in me:I got the blood of the gods Hades, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Artemis, Apollo, Athena and Ares. Every tháng I get to go on one of my little trips so I can use my power’s and not get tempted to use them in class hoặc at dance. I always go on my trip’s with Amphirite cause she saved my life once and I her’s. When I got down to the palace, it turned out Amphirite was waiting for me.
”Greeting’s m’lady” I đã đưa ý kiến formally
”No need for such formality, Sarah” Amphirite đã đưa ý kiến warmly
”Of course not” I agreed
”So, where to?” Amphirite asked
”I say we swim for a kilometer hoặc so then head to the surface” I replied
Opinion by wonderbat101 posted hơn một năm qua
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hurry,I want to go to the beach!"Wally complanied.Batman gave Wally a stern look and replied"No"."This is your new team mate,Wonderbat"Green Mũi tên xanh replied.A girl with long ,straight, black hair and baby blue eyes came out from the shadow Người dơi placed on her.The girl seemed to be outgoing and not shy what so ever.She wore a red strapless áo sơ mi with a W that looked like a bat,a utility belt,black tights,black gloves,red boots and a black eye mask.
"Hi,i'm Wonderbat".The team went to greet her."So how come I never heard of you?"Robin asked."I think Người dơi should tell you" she answered."She came from another dimenson and is my,well,my and Wonderwomans..."Green Mũi tên xanh interupted batman"She's Batman's daughter."
All the young justice team memebers opened there mouths in shock,all execept Robin he seemed furious with Batman."HOW COULD bạn NOT TELL ME!"he bursted out. "Robn calm down I just found out about her a few days ago,you'll be able to ask her all the các câu hỏi bạn want she'll be joining the team as I đã đưa ý kiến earlier"Batman's voice stern.Batman assisigned the tiếp theo mission.
Opinion by nymph_tonks posted hơn một năm qua
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the interveiws are monthly now. much easier.
p.s. i turned 11 yesterday.
me: hello robin.
rob:hey babe.
me: i thought i told you, we're over.
rob:what!? bạn never told me that!
me:well now bạn know. first question, will bạn stay for the rest of the interveiw?
rob: okay.
me:good. have bạn read my interveiw with kf?
rob: yah. it was pretty funny.
me: *pullls off robins mask*
rob: why'd bạn that?
me: because i'm evil.
rob:i hate bạn now.
me: good. go away now.
rob: *walks away*
me: that was a fairly short interveiw.
Fan fiction by Candy77019 posted hơn một năm qua
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"Erica! Erica, please wake up!" shouted a voice.
I choked on air. My lungs ached for some reason.
And then, someone pressed their lips to mine.
Was I getting CPR? I tried to wriggle away, but something was holding me. Hot breath intruded my system, making me want to hurl.
My head shot up like a rocket. "Who--What--Where--When--Why--How?"
And before I could get my thoughts straight, I was staring into the lovely blue eyes of the Boy Wonder.
"Erica!" Robin gasped. "You're alive!"
He kissed me. He kissed me!!I screamed through my head.
"You kissed me!" I screamed at him.
He stepped back, allowing me some space. "It was just CPR." He looked pleadingly at Aqualad, obviously asking for help.
"When Bane crushed you, your ribs were almost broken. Luckily, Robin was there to throw a batarang at him and we took him down."
Robin looked sheepishly, glancing away.
I felt my face heat up. "So, it was Robin who gave me CPR?"
Fan fiction by Candy77019 posted hơn một năm qua
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"So Erica," Megan was saying, "Christopher Columbus traveled across the ocean in what year?" She closed the history book in front of me so I couldn't look for the answer.
"Hmm..." I squinted my eyes and searched for the answer across her face. "I got it!" I snapped my fingers. "In 1492, Columbus sailed..."
"The ocean blue!" Megan finished. We broke off in giggles at the little rhyme we memorized. "Good job, Erica! Now I'm POSITIVE you'll ace tomorrow's test."
I gathered my sách and stuffed them in my bookbag. "Thanks a lot, Megan. I don't how I could pass high school without you. I mean it."
She smiled in response. "No prob."
I headed straight for the opening in the cave when the alarm went off.
"All members báo cáo to the Mission Room," Batman's voice blared through the speakers on the ceiling.
I hope Mom won't mind me getting trang chủ a little late tonight, I thought. I dropped my things and flew to the Mission Room.
Fan fiction by Candy77019 posted hơn một năm qua
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"What did bạn do to them?!" I demanded. Kid Flash and Artimus were knocked out, unaware that they were about to be shot.
The tall clown grinned. "We found these rats out back, tryin' to disable the alarm system. The others got away before we could get them."
Superboy! Could bạn hear me? I thought as loud as I could.
"Kind of busy over here!" he replied mentally.
Crap. Now what?
I looked around for things to bend. I was out of luck, for there was no water here.
"Now, let us handcuff you, and we'll take all of bạn to the boss," purred the short and fat man.
I sighed and put my hands out. They handcuffed them together, not knowing that any time I could break out of it, but their súng were still pointed at the two people below.
He pushed me up the stairs where Superboy had gone, and into a large room with dynamites đã đăng everywhere bạn look.
"Hey boss! Look at the garbage we picked up!" called the tall clown. He prodded me down to the floor.
Fan fiction by Candy77019 posted hơn một năm qua
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Megan started the plane, while the rest of the team buckled in. She formed a ghế, chỗ ngồi for me, right tiếp theo to Superboy.
Frankly, I was kind of afraid of him.
"Take a seat, Erica," Aqualad offered, motioning to the ghế, chỗ ngồi tiếp theo to Superboy.
I awkwardly sat tiếp theo to him. His eyes were what appealed to me the most, and his face was downright gorgeous...
Snap out of it, Erica! My subconscious scolded. You've got a job to do!
"Ready for take-off," Megan announced. "We'll be landing in an hour."
All of a sudden, I felt bướm in my stomach. Why was I nervous? I took another peek at the Greek god tiếp theo to me.
Of course! The whole team has had training before, and I would look like a stick in the mud!
My breathing was unsteady. I would mess up this whole mission, and Người dơi would regret coming for me!
Oh, why did I come?
"You'll do fine, Erica," comforted a familiar voice in my head.
Fan fiction by Candy77019 posted hơn một năm qua
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There was only one thing running through my mind at that moment: running away and screaming "Stranger danger!" but bởi the way Người dơi was looking at me told me otherwise.
So instead I said, "Oh, hi." I turned around and started shuffling back toward the house when he grabbed my arm.
"Does anyone else know you're the Avatar?" he asked abruptly.
I stopped in my tracks. "How did bạn know that?" I whispered.
He ignored my question. "Answer it!" he ordered.
I sighed and shook his arm off me. "Only my mother knows." I looked up at him. "Am I in trouble?"
He looked like he was deciding my fate for me. "Follow me. I need to hiển thị bạn something." He started walking to a small plane sitting in the midst of thorny bushes.
I looked back at my house. Was Mom watching? I sat down in the cỏ and pondered.
What if he wasn't the REAL Batman? my head repeated over and over again. What if he was a serial killer, waiting to kill the Avatar at any chance he got?
Fan fiction by Candy77019 posted hơn một năm qua
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"Class, before bạn leave, please remember to write down tonight's homework assignment so bạn won't forget over the weekend." He looked sternly at me.
"Don't worry, Mr. Thomas, I'll have it done," I đã đưa ý kiến to him, though I wasn't really sure I meant it.
He grunted, then the chuông, bell rang. "Dismissed."
I raced out of the room and ran outside. I jumped in the air and whooped. "Yes! The weekend!"
But it wasn't only a weekend, it was the last weekend before summer vacation. Which meant there was only three thêm days of school left.
I started walking toward the small bridge that led to my home. Even though it was almost summer, and I didn't know what to do...
I sighed. My life was so boring. I'd probably be the only high schooler in the world who spends the summer watching TV.
I was almost to my house when I heard a loud banging sound. I turned around and looked at the bridge again. One of the cables were broken, and one side of it was tipping into the water.
Opinion by nymph_tonks posted hơn một năm qua
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Diary, it may not seem like it, but I go to school. Students only go there Saturday and Sunday, cause it's a school full of superheroes. Any ways, today, they had the prom. Yesterday morning I was talking about how I didn't have a date. They đã đưa ý kiến I could bring a guest, and kid flash and superbly were practically begging to go with me. Sometimes, they get kinda creepy. Then robin came and asked if he could go with me. I kinda had some trouble breathing, so before I fainted, i đã đưa ý kiến yes. Then I passed out. I woke up the tiếp theo day, and after checking my watch, seeing it was 6:30, remembering the prom started at 7:00, and remembering I did have super speed, I brushed my hair, curled it, decided it would look better straightened,straightened it, And changed into my màu hồng, hồng dress,I was ready. Robin had on a tuxedo,and he looked awesome. We pretty much dressed up for nothing, cause all we did was sit in the bleachers and talk. Until The song iris came on. At the same Time, we đã đưa ý kiến "this is a beautiful song." we just stared into each others eyes for a moment, then bạn know what happpened dear diary? I had my first kiss.
Opinion by nymph_tonks posted hơn một năm qua
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this is the weekly young justice interveiw. (oh great i have to make one every week?) this time we will be talking to wally west about the couples we have made.
me: hello kid flash.
wally: bạn can call me wally.
me: okay. what do bạn think of wally/artemis?
me: moving on. what about superboy/miss martain?
wally: they would be cute together, but i dont think it will happen.
me: really? cause it the 2nd most được ưa chuộng couple.
wally: what the most popular?
me: wally/artemis. so, what do bạn think of megan/wally?
wally: i aproove.
me: wel its the third one thats least likly to happen, so, sorry for you. what do think of kid flash/robin?
me:some of them are.
wally: i can find 2 things completly wrong with this:1. i am not gay.2. neither is robin.(i think.)
me: what bout aqualad/superboy?
wally:*still ranting a bout the last couple* and robin wont even hiển thị us his eyes hoặc tell us his name, and are doing anything saturday night?
Fan fiction by artemisxwally posted hơn một năm qua
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Okay I am a super người hâm mộ of young justice an I have a fav couple... Yeah u guessed it Artemis and wally... Eeekk But then something terrible happens!! Oh and wally is an A hole at the beginning so ya he spose to be

DISCLAIMER: I do not own young justice

RATING: PG For sexual content not like the nasty but kissing.

Any way so I made a story for them!! And sorry for my spelling if it's bad..!! And i spelled bạn like u cuz it's faster.
U= you
Cuz= because
Y= why
And kshk is the radio okay!

          She's Dead?!?!?

The team is at Mount Justice while Artemis is on a mission.... 

"Where's Artemis?" Wally complained.

Robin remarked ," aww does wittle Wally miss his girlfwiend Awtemis?"

wally snarled ," I don't like her I find her repulsive her long silky hair gross and Công chúa tóc mây and her eyes that gleam like stars are ugly and big!"

"Did u just compliment Artemis and insult her at the same time? That's cold! What if she got hurt on the mission she's on what would u do?!?! " robin sighed.  
Fan fiction by bluehawk_m18 posted hơn một năm qua
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.®.®.®.®.®.Chapter 1.®.®.®.®.®.
You’ve Got a Job to Do

Mount Justice
August 11, 3:46 EDT

    “Hi Bat’s. What brings bạn to town?” the Boy Wonder cautiously asked.
    “A better question, what brings you?” Siêu nhân interjected, making the situation even thêm awkward.
    “Wha...” Robin began to ask.
    “Why were bạn in town??? Why didn’t bạn come back to base when bạn were summoned?! What if something had happened and...” Sups started, only to be stopped bởi Người dơi grabbing his wrist.
    Robin looked up, suddenly angered. “Oh com’on?! Don’t I have a right to take some chill time? And I would have know if something actually did happen, which it didn’t bởi the way.”
    “No! bạn don’t get time off! You’re no thêm special than...” Sups roared, but was again stopped bởi a very careful Batman.
Fan fiction by nymph_tonks posted hơn một năm qua
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sorry ravenclaw. amaza girl likes robin. kf and superboy like her.
september 17, 2011
"hey girl, wake up."
again? this happens all the time. i faint after a battle, acdentilly open a portal, and end up in some ngẫu nhiên walmart. another guy đã đưa ý kiến "i think she's dead."
"well then what do we do with the body?"
i woke up."no,no i'm still alive."
i saw a guy with a mask on. "oh great. am i at that costume festival again?"
"no." the kid said, confused. "i'm... not sure i should tell bạn who i am." i sat there a moment, getting this through my head. then i đã đưa ý kiến "i know who bạn are. your robin." i got up. i was still kinda dizzy. till then i just saw robin, and didnt notice the other 5 people in the room. the redhead girl who was green spoke up and asked "are bạn ok? bạn just apeared out of a portal." then i saw the blonde girl. i could tell she was trouble. it looked like she thought the same about me cause she was glaring me down. then i remembered they had no idea who i was. "i should introduce my self. my name is amaza girl, otherwise known as amy stride.i'm superman's neice. my mother is his sister, but she's actully against the justice...
Fan fiction by bluehawk_m18 posted hơn một năm qua
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    “Recognized Robin” the computer said. The Boy Wonder entered and looked around, placing his knuckles on his hips, satisfied.
    The room was good size, cylindrical with a high ceiling. In the center there was a lower layer, a crevice of sorts. Like the larger room, it too was shaped like a circle, and if bạn wanted to get to the couches that hugged the rim, bạn had to walk down a flight of several steps.
    He didn’t take the stairs. He never did. Rolling forward, he sprung off his hand, performed a flip in mid air, and comfortably landed on a couch. Folding his hands behind his head, he smiled to himself. His head then left its position, slipping down the couch. He laid along it, crossing his ankles.
    Sighing deeply, he relaxed. Which was nice once and a while. Even he had to admit that.