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C'mon. Did bạn really expect me to end it there? XD


Slade moved into the room. He bowed before the dark shadow. The voice spoke to him.
“You failed me Slade.”
“I know master. But she is stronger than we first expected.”
“Yes. I know. I expected as much from her. But we now have her in a dangerous position.”
“Shade must make her choice. She has followed the Light for seventy years. Now, she must choose whether she is willing to risk everything hoặc to continue to play hero.”
“And if she chooses hero?”
“She won't.”
“But Master-”
“Shade thinks she is in the clear. But I have one last trick up my sleeve.”
posted by Helen_Wayne
He was to explain me all when the bat-alarm ringed, Người dơi goes alone tonight. I was exploring the Wayne Manor when I saw Dick.
-Hi, do bạn like video games? I've got a lot of them
-Yes!- I reply.
We start playing and I ask him some questions:
-So what's your age?
-I'm nine years old
-Your complete name?
-Richard John Dick Grayson
-Favorite color?
-Favorite food?
-Alfred's cookies
-You sing?
-A bit
-Any musical instrument?
-Piano, Ha! I won!
-You hack it! 
-How do bạn know?
-We were at half of the level
Then Alfred said
-Dinner is served-
At the bàn I start the hacking conversation
-So... bạn know how...
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Jade's voice rang loud and clear throughout the hideout. Her pain and anger was clear on her face. Her eyes started to glow a bright green, her hands ignited with a green fire. She attacked Cassie, using all her powers and strength to knock the girl out. Jade floated down, tears on her face, and kneeled down tiếp theo to Robin who was holding Becca in his arms. Red X came up to them.
“This is all my fault,” she whispered. “I was just trying to save lives. I never meant for this to happen.”
“Erin, I never expected this either,” Jade replied. “Don't blame yourself!”
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“Cassie, go watch our little prodigy.”
Wonder Girl stepped out of the shadows, head bowed.
“You want me to protect her, master?”
“No. She needs to be stopped.”
“And if they try to help?”
“Stop her. Ignore them. They are just pawns in this game.”
“Yes master.”

“I apologize.”
“For what Jade? bạn could not have forseen this would happen. Becca is a free spirit.”
“No. I need to apologize because I let my emotions, as well as Robin's, control me. Kaldur, that is a deadly choice I made. And I know Erin feels the same. But Becca...she is a Mất tích lamb. She needs a guardian...
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“My-my inner demons?” Becca asked.
“Yes. We all have them. I am yours Becca. You've been running away from me. Now that I've caught up, bạn must face me.”
Becca looked at Sheila. Her brown eyes were calm and peaceful. Becca imagined her eyes were fearful and sad; troubled and worn. She tried to look away but Sheila's eyes were so focused it was hard to di chuyển under her gaze.
“Becca. Do bạn tình yêu him?”
“Then face me. In order to gain what bạn have lost, bạn must talk to me.”
“About what?”
“Tell me how they make bạn feel, how he makes bạn feel.”
“How I feel when I'm...
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posted by KatRox1
I rubbed my eyes and lazily slapped my hand down on the beeping alarm clock until it finally quieted down. It was 5 a.m., the normal time that I woke up every morning. Everyone else was still asleep, except Roy, like always. I quickly got dressed, slipped on my utility belt, and put my brown hair into a messy ponytail. Slowly I walked into the lounge, and sure enough Roy was there, typing away on the computer. “What time did bạn wake up?” I asked quietly. “I never went to bed.” He plainly responded with his eyes still fixed on the computer. “Still no leads on your girlfriend?” I...
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“What happened?! Why'd the communication get cut off?!”
Jade looked away from the inquiring bird, tears in her eyes.
“They got her.”
Silence filled the mountain. phút stretched on, each Mất tích in their own shocked thoughts.
“We-we have to go after her!” Robin exclaimed.
Jade shook her head.
“The Blade doesn't keep prisoners Robin. I'm sorry.”
“You're wrong, Jade.”
All eyes turned to a girl who was sitting on a low beam above the doorway.
“Devin,” Artemis whispered.
“What'd bạn say?” Robin asked.
“Jade is wrong. Becca is still alive. She is of use to them. The Blade takes...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" Becca down down from there!" Robin yelled begging to laugh as the girl sat on the hàng đầu, đầu trang on a cây sitting on a thick branch. After the Kiss they began to spill out thêm about their shaded pasts and told eachother their names but just to be an toàn, két an toàn she still called him Robin. " No! youll have to come and get me yourself" She giggled, Robin smirked " but bạn can teleport!" " so it will make it harder to catch me if bạn really tình yêu me bạn would try your hardest" Becca đã đưa ý kiến and swung her legs. " Fine im coming to get you! I tình yêu you!" he yelled up to her as he pulled out his grappling hook from his...
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posted by Robin_Love
“Rylan! Rylan! Look at what I did!”
Rylan turned to look at Jade. She was proudly hiển thị her friend the finished assignment she had been told to do. Rylan smiled at the younger girl.
“Very nice Jade. Go...see if Miss Martian wants help in the kitchen.”
Jade nodded and headed out of the room and towards the kitchen. Rylan shook her head, exiting the mountain. She felt the heated sun on her back, allowing a warm breeze to fly past her.
“Oh Jade. If only I could help you. I wasn't programmed to change you, just watch over you. How childlike you've become in their precence. If only I could...
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The intruder alarm sounded, causing all the Giải cứu thế giới to race to the mission room. Jade stood there, awaiting them.
“What are bạn doing in here?” Artemis asked.
“I know bạn kicked me out. But please accept Becca. She needs this place.”
“Why'd she hide then?”
“It is true that Becca works for a secret operation. But she is on a mission to save your lives. I used to work there as well. I resigned.”
“What about Becca?”
“She refuses. Her determination to save your lives is stronger than her pain. For now. But the một phút her objective is gone, Becca will go back to being...a criminal....
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“Becca. Jade. Glad bạn could come.”
The lights in the training hall switched on. The two girls froze in their tracks. The entire team was staring at them. And they looked like deer in headlights.
“Hey guys,” Becca nervously greeted. “What are bạn doing up?”
“What are bạn doing sneaking around?” Artemis retorted.
“Sneaking? Who's sneaking?”
“You are Becca. And Jade. bởi they way, who's Red X?”
“I have no idea what you're talking about.”
Becca narrowed her eyes. She looked at Jade. They exchanged a series of head movements before looking back at the suspicious...
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posted by Robin_Love
Jade opened her eyes. She looked around her, seeing Rylan and Alisa seated bởi her side.
“Wh-where are we?” she whispered hoarsely.
“You're inside Mt. Justice.”
Jade turned her head to see Robin on her other side. She noticed the bandage on his neck; the place she had bit him. Her eyes went back to his.
“I'm so sorry for biting you. And sucking your blood!”
“Don't worry about it Jade. It's okay. I know that if bạn were in your right mind, bạn wouldn't have done it. It's totally fine.”
Jade relaxed a little. She looked over to Rylan.
“How long was I unconscious?” she asked.
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posted by Mclovin_69
Sound Barrier woke up on a rocky bờ biển line and of course bởi the bờ biển, bãi biển sat Superboy, staring at his reflection in the water. " Bored?" she asked walking up behind him and startling him with her reflection behind him, "......" he didnt answer he just went back to looking down in to the still water at himself. " I sense sadness in your life" she đã đưa ý kiến as she sat down tiếp theo to the boy who just kept looking into the water avoiding her eye contact. " Hmmm i guess bạn dont enjoy talking about your past, as i dont either". she đã đưa ý kiến a looked down at her own reflection hiển thị in the water tiếp theo to Superboys....
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posted by Skittles98
all credit goes to Shade's Ninde on NOT MINE

"You seriously buy these things?" asked Roy, turning away from Kaldur's tủ sách, kệ sách and gesturing skeptically to the set of búp bê on hàng đầu, đầu trang of it.

Kaldur shrugged, stirring the pot on his stove as it bubbled lightly.

"It is nice to feel in touch with the team when I am away from the Cave."

Roy sighed, stepping over to the phòng bếp, nhà bếp bàn and sinking down into a chair.

"You couldn't just have các bức ảnh like a normal person?"

"I have các bức ảnh as well," Kaldur objected. It was true – no one had yet produced búp bê of Superboy, Miss Martian hoặc Artemis,...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" Cyrus... Cyrus..wake up", Cyrus groaned and sat up rubbing her head, the first thing she saw was Wally looking down at her and smiling at her. He knelt down tiếp theo to her, "W-what happened...?" she asked sitting up and looking into Wally's green eyes, " Becca.... the ship crashed thats all I remember" Wally said. " So im guessing bạn dont know where we are either?" Cyrus looked and smirked back at the speedster. " No but all i know is its cold" Wally replied rubbing on his arms. Cyrus shivered aswell at the thought. Wally looked at her and đã đưa ý kiến letsgo find some shelter and maybe get a fire...
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"Oh my god. look at this one!" Wally pointed to Robin once again there was a tên người dùng about Robin
"robins-gfriend" Wally đã đưa ý kiến laughing.
"How long bạn two been going out?" He teased.
"Hey, I have thêm thêm những người hâm mộ on my page then you!"
"Do too..."
"Yeah bạn only have 20 he's got 37." Artemis đã đưa ý kiến ending the arguement.
"Well, how many những người hâm mộ do bạn have?"
"13..." Artemis mummbled
"exxxxusseeee me I didn't quit hear that??"
"Hey look at this picture." Robin đã đưa ý kiến bringing up a user know as Mclovin_69.
The user biểu tượng was picture of Wally holding Artemis.
"When did that happen?"...
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posted by Skittles98
I strode into the museum, Eagle and sư tử cái, lioness beside me. I cracked my knuckles as we entered the Mineral exhibit.
“Simple grab-and-go girls. Pick want bạn want, leave what bạn don’t, and kill anyone who gets in your way” The Shadow’s had ordered. I found a dazzling chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm made purely from vàng and rubies. I saw Eagle grab a large sky blue opal and sư tử cái, lioness pick a topaz that matched her mane like hair. We waltzed out. Suddenly, a red and yellow blur ran by. I looked at my hands and realized the chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm was gone. sư tử cái, lioness growled and slipped the topaz into her mouth, careful not to swallow...
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Robin groaned at the annoying, persistent knocking that sounded on his door. That could only mean one person; Wally. With another groan, Robin sat up, putting his sunglasses on. He dressed quickly and opened the door. Wally was surprised bởi the junior Bat-glare he was receiving.
“Rob! You're awake!”
“I am now! What do bạn want?”
“Wellllll....Iwaslookingthroughthesecuritycameras andIfoundsomeoddconversationandotherthingssoIneed youtocomeandletmeknowifthey'rereal.”
Wally's rapid talking had ended and Robin's fogged up brain was still trying to work through whatever Wally had just poured...
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posted by Mclovin_69
In the bio-ship stood the 12 heroes, the bio ship made extra seats so that the others could sit. " So we have to chẻ, phân chia, split up in groups of six, in order to get location of the injustice league.(who happened to get away again). "Wa-wait bạn mean in groups of two each.." Becca đã đưa ý kiến in a panicked voice, " yea... groups of two" Robin đã đưa ý kiến cautiously eyeing Becca. " The groups will be Artemis and Gravity Boy , Ms Martain and Dream Catcher, Superboy and Sound Barrier, Kidflash and Cyrus, Me and Neon Nature, and Shade and Robin "Aqualad said." B-but im not with Willow and Joy" Becca exclaimed as the sky...
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I groaned, to tired to open my eyes. Was I dead? Probably not, because then I wouldn’t be hearing that stupid beeping that had been going on for a while. And to make it worse, the noise was just adding to the splitting headache that I had. “Rae? Are bạn alive?” I heard all of a sudden. I opened my eyes to see Art and Robin standing at the foot of the hospital giường that I was on. “No, I’m dead.” I đã đưa ý kiến sarcastically. “Sorry about the unexpected family reunion.” I đã đưa ý kiến quietly. Then I quickly realized my mistake, “Oh, wait! I mean-“ Artemis cut me off, “It’s ok, he knows.”...
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