I walked trang chủ from school. It had been awful, nobody noticed me, and I had forgotten my lunch, and had a mean substitute. (sigh) I am not a người hâm mộ of school. However little did I know that everyday a team was watching me...

"Zatanna can bạn get a reading?" Robin asked me. This was getting annoying he asked me this every five minutes!
"No Robin, I told bạn this five phút ago, and I also told bạn that if I am supposed to get a better đọc that I will need to get closer, and possibly perform a spell.
"But Zatanna, if bạn perform a spell on her than she will definitely be tipped off!" (sigh) I clearly had the mission briefing that Người dơi gave us in my mind, but still the mission was crazy. Here were his exact words,
"This is a picture of Hannah Iggy, 14 năm old girl who lives in Idaho. But Dr. Fate has sensed that she is... something. He is pretty sure she is part some kind of light spirit. Whatever that may mean. Your job is to find out for sure, then find out how to get her on the team if it is true. Zatanna bạn will have to put your magic sensing skill on max." That was only 3 days ago, and so fare we haven't made any progress. Robin thinks we should just talk to her, then if Dr. Fate was wrong Ms. Martian could just erase that part of her memory. But that is to risky for my taste. Then again I could still just be mad, I don't know why I'm mad at him. I broke up wit him, mostly just cause I didn't feel like I liked him anymore. I guess I just am being normal, according to my Những người bạn who no matter what are always mad after any break up.
"Fine Robin, just we should get the rest of the team here." I told him.
"Got it." He said, then in the mind he told everybody, "Guys, we're going to talk to Hannah everybody get down here ASAP."

Man, I finally got done with my homework. At bữa tối, bữa ăn tối I say nothing while my older brother talks about some big exam for him physics class. He is a freshman in college, and is majoring in music. Unlike him, who can sing, play guitar, drums, tuba, and piano. All I can do is sing. To bad there is nothing that I can do to stand out anywhere.
Its 10 p.m at night and I'm just about to go to giường when I hear a voice.
"Hannah, Hannah over here!" I jump turn around and there before me I see a group of what looks like younger versions of the Justice League. I faint.

I was prepared for so so so many reactions, but I was not prepared for her to faint. I thought she would scream, hoặc try to punch, hoặc run away. But not faint! (sigh) This is going to be a long night. Then Artemis slaps Hannah awake.

I'm having trouble remembering what happed then I see what looks like a female Martian Manthunter and the famous Robin standing above me and I remember and I almost black out again. But instead I decide to talk. "So what are a group of teenage superheros doing in my bedroom?" I ask trying to be funny.
"We're here to possibly add bạn to the team the teen that looks like a younger flash says. I faint again.