Wally entered the cave, coming back from the Halloween party at Megan and conner's school. He had a lot of fun, especially when Megan, Conner and him scared that kid that was pranking the school with a fake invasion. The look on that guys face was priceless. Wally checked the time on his watch; his parents weren’t expecting him for a few hours so he had time to kill. He thought of calling Rob to see if he was busy. Wally pulled out his phone and called Robin. After a few rings Robin picked up.
“Hey Rob, It’s me. Are bạn busy?”
“Uh, kind of”
“What are bạn doing” Wally asked.
“Uh, I’m on patrol” Rob replied sounding very nervous. Wally could hear something in the background. It sounded like laughing. He could make out a few voices.
“Dude did I just hear Trick-or-Treat? Are bạn Trick-or-treating?” Wally asked. The boy wonder, Mr. I’m-not-a-kid is trick-or-treating?
“What! No! I told bạn I’m on patrol. I’m watching the trick-or-treaters. bạn know making sure they’re safe. This is Gotham, the most dangerous City bạn know” Robin said.
“Sure, sure” Wally đã đưa ý kiến not believing him.
“Come on Wally, It’s me, do bạn really think I would go trick-or-treating?” Robin said. Wally thought for moment. Robin was right.
“Yeah your right” Wally said.
“Thank you” Robin said. There was some rustling in the background. “I got to go Wally”
“Okay bye. Have fun” Wally đã đưa ý kiến hanging up. Wally shook his head and chuckled. Robin was so trick-or-treating. Wally’s stomach started growling. Maybe if he hurried he could go out and trick-or-treat, free kẹo sounded good right now. Wally licked his lips then ran to the zeta tubes.

Dick hanged up his cell phone and let out a sigh of relief.
“You could have just told him what bạn were doing” A voice đã đưa ý kiến behind him
“Yeah, right. I may be the most experienced on the team but I am also the youngest as well. If I told Wally what I was really doing, well.” Robin sighed and lowered his head
“ I can’t have them thinking I’m a little kid”
“You don’t have to prove yourself, bạn already have” The voice said. The man behind Robin put a reassuring hand on his shoulder.
“Thanks Bruce” Robin đã đưa ý kiến looking up at him. Bruce smiled.
“Come on its Halloween, your allowed to have fun” Bruce said. Robin nodded then rang the door bell. Someone opened the door a một phút later.
“Trick-or-treat” Robin said. A middle aged woman was at the door holding a bowl of candy.
“Aw aren’t bạn about the cutest thing I have ever seen” She squealed. “Absolutely adorable” She đã đưa ý kiến pinching robin’s cheek. “Harry come here! bạn have to see this” She yelled. A man came to the door.
“Ah let me guess your robin” He said.
“The one and only” Dick đã đưa ý kiến posing in a hero stance.
“Aw, here bạn go kid” The woman đã đưa ý kiến giving him a lot of kẹo in his bag
It was kind of humiliating for Dick to have people hươu con, nâu vàng, fawn over him in his “cute” costume but when he put on a hiển thị he got a lot thêm kẹo in exchange. At one house there was a bunch of nerds who were in awe in his costume.
“It looks so real, how do bạn make it loom so real?” They asked
“Because I’m Robin” He replied which made everyone laugh. He had shown them his birdarangs and they took pictures with him. They told him he should go to comic con in that uniform. They had gave him full bars of Sô cô la and popcorn. He got a kick on how everyone didn’t know that they were meting the real robin.
The woman looked at Bruce.
“Are bạn batman” she said.
Bruce had even worn a costume. Well kind of. He wore a Người dơi t shirt, a cheap cape, and his cowl. Both Dick and Bruce wore masks so no one knew that they were Bruce the billionaire and his ward.
“Uh yeah” He said. The woman pulled out a kẹo bar.
“Here, batman” she đã đưa ý kiến winking. Bruce took the bar.
“Thank you” He đã đưa ý kiến in his Người dơi voice making the couple laugh. Bruce and Dick walked down the đường phố, street and walked into an ally where they had hid the bat mobile. Dick loved trick-or-treating for many reasons. Besides spending thêm time with Bruce there was another reason .The bat mobile was fast, so fast that they can trick-or-treat in multiple cities in one night. That is a lot of candy.
“Next stop central city” Bruce đã đưa ý kiến starting the car. Dick looked out the window as they drove. Tonight they didn’t really have to worry about villains. With everyone dressing up like superheroes the villains couldn’t tell if it they were real hoặc not so they didn’t take the risk, it was like a semi vacation for them. A vacation from being Giải cứu thế giới and billionaires After a while they were at Central City.
They stood out in their Dynamic Duo costume what with all the flash costumes around but Dick still got a lot of candy. Dick was having so much fun that he didn’t notice the address of the house he knocked on. tiếp theo thing he knew Wally in a chó sói, sói costume answered the door. Dick felt his face go pale while Wally smirked.
“Wow cool costume” He đã đưa ý kiến leaning on the doorway.
“Thanks” Dick said.
Wally isn’t that smart, no way would he realized it was me Dick thought
“If I didn’t know any better I would think that bạn were the real robin” He said.
Dick was starting to get nervous.
“Well I’m not so” Rob đã đưa ý kiến extending his bag to Wally but Wally just ignored it.
“I’ve got to say that’s a pretty asterous costumes” Wally đã đưa ý kiến with emphasis on the asterous Dick looked up startled.
No way he thought.
Wally had a big grin on his face.
“You know bạn sort of remind me of a friend of mine, except you’re taller. My friend is shorter, way shorter” He said.
Oh Wally is so doing this on purpose Dick thought.
“Can I just get the candy?” He đã đưa ý kiến through his teeth
“You even sound like him, hoặc bạn sound like Jesse McCartney I can’t tell the difference between him and Jesse” He said.
That’s it! Dick yelled in his mind
They both stood in silence for a minute.
“I hate bạn Wally” Dick đã đưa ý kiến bitterly. Wally smiled.
“Out patrolling uh?” Wally đã đưa ý kiến
“Shut up” Robin said.
“No, no I get it, bạn have to go door to door to make sure no ones in trouble” Wally joked, then started laughing. Dick got so mad that he grabbed the bowl of kẹo out of Wally’s hand and walked away.
“Hey, that’s my candy” Wally called out whining. Suddenly a birdarang flew past his head and hit the tường behind him.
“Uh never mind bạn keep it”. Wally đã đưa ý kiến nervously.
Dick walked back to Bruce who had an amused look on his face.
“Don’t say anything” Dick warned him.
“Wasn’t going to” Bruce đã đưa ý kiến with a small smile on his face.