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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Wally was running away from cars that kept honking at him. He had ten carts rattling in front of him. He almost got run over about ten times. Every time he put carts away several thêm would appear. He had even yelled at a few customers to put the carts back. Finally he dropped of the last of the carts. He catched his breath and looked at the parking lot for the last time. He walked in the store. He went to the lunchroom and collapsed on the couch. The manager walked in.
“Hey sport what took bạn so long?” He asked.
“I got every xe đẩy, giỏ hàng put away. I almost got run over about a dozen times but I got them all back.” He said. The manager had a confusing look on his face.
“You didn’t use the machine?”
“What machine?”
“It’s the xe đẩy, giỏ hàng collector. It helps bạn collect about 20 carts at a time. Didn’t bạn see it? It was under the tarp tiếp theo to the carts” The manager informed him.
“What?” Wally yelled. He ran out the door to the carts. There right tiếp theo to them was the machine. Wally fell to his knees. The manager gave him a pat on the back.
“Next time you’ll use it. Well your lunch break is almost over. How about I have bạn bag
“Uncle Berry!” Wally yelled. He hugged him. groceries for the last two hours”
“Wait this is my lunch break?”
“It will be over in 5 minutes” The manager đã đưa ý kiến looking at his watch.
“Why didn’t bạn tell me?” Wally đã đưa ý kiến before running inside the store. He bought five sandwiches. Three chip bags. And three soda’s. He scarfed them down in less then five minutes. He then spent the last hours bagging groceries. He tried to flirt with the women but he stopped when one slapped him. He got yelled at bởi some old lady who was telling him that he was bagging everything wrong and demanded that he start all over. The last customer came. Wally had enough and just shoved everything in the bags. When he handed it to the customer the bag ripped dropping all the contents onto the floor.
“Sorry” He đã đưa ý kiến picking up the groceries.
“Wally slow down” Berry said. Wally looked up.
“Wally you’re breaking my rib cage” He said.
“I’m here to pick bạn up” He said. Wally pumped his fist in the air and ran to change.
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