The một giây season of Young Justice, which has been entitled "Invasion" will be released on DC Nation tomorrow morning (Saturday, April 28). This gives me just enough time for my final predictions for the upcoming season of the hit TV Series.

For starters, Some basic information: Several characters will die this series. But dont let that worry bạn too much; Greg Weissman has revealed 6 new characters: WonderGirl, Batgirl, Blue Beetle, Lagoon Boy, Bumblebee, Beast Boy, and a hint at Nightwing which would introduce a new Robin. Greg also đã đưa ý kiến that the possibility of a Stephanie Brown hoặc Damian Wayne appearance is not out of reach.

Greg also đã đưa ý kiến that the 20 episode season will focus around 10 alien invasions. Looks like Vandall Savage gets his wish for Earth to be the center of the cosmos. Greb added that the Red Mũi tên xanh sub-story will continue in Season 2 as Roy looks for Speedy.

Now, its time for my theories, deductions, and predictions.

We've seen that WonderGirl, Batgirl, Blue Beetle, Lagoon Boy, and the wardrobe re-do will all be in Episode 1. Also, it has been all-but-confirmed that Nightwing WILL make a cameo in Episode 1. My assumption is that when the bioship is caught in the alien blast, Miss M was communicating with Robin telepathically and the radiation/specific nature of the situation causes her to get a glimpse into the future of Dickie's life.

As for the WG/BG vs Lobo fight, that will take place almost immediately. The hiển thị will probably take a few phút to explain the four new Team members. The Team receives word of the bomb and Robin goes to check it out, aliens invade, etc.

When asked about characters developing into future alter egos, Greg declined to comment. Im thinking Nightwing, possible Oracle later, maybe even Red mui xe if we're lucky!

Now for the juicy part: Deaths. Greg đã đưa ý kiến several characters will die. When asked about Rocket's romance and how long she will stay with the Team, Greg đã đưa ý kiến he "will not expand on the subject except to say she will make an appearance in Episode 1".

I sense a nice death to start off the new season. Sad too, I really liked Rocket and her innocence.

So that's two girls Kaldur loses. We've all seen his new armor and weapons and unusually sinister look on his face. Do I sense a turn to the dark side? (Anyone ever watched ngôi sao Wars III: Revenge of the Sith? This'll be like Anakin. He loses his mother, then his wife, then he goes evil.)

Off limits for death are Dick Grayson (He'll cameo as Nightwing) Zatanna (Totally off limits) Wally & Artemis (THE BIGGEST couple. Plus the producers would die the ngày they kill them off b/c of angry, mobbing fans) Supey and Miss M (Too high-rated a couple. Plus Supey has several stories left Greg said) Finally, there is a small rumor Lagoon Boy will die, but it is highly unlikely.

Finally, the aliens. Since there will be ten alien invasions, and because of the BoomTube and emphasis on Apocalypse in the Season Finale and Episode 15, Im going out on a limb to say the first nine are planned bởi the Light to soften up Earth to make way for Darkseid who's ultimate defeat at the hands of the Kryptonians will end the Season. But undoubtedly with another cliffhanger.

So there bạn are, my predictions for Season Two. What do bạn think? Agree? hoặc do bạn think something else will happen? Please Comment! Episode One is tomorrow!
Nightwing and Người dơi
Barbara Gordon as Batgirl
Blue Beetle