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posted by Robin_Love
Becca dodged another one of Aero's attacks, her leg sweeping behind him. Aero jumped when she tried to knock him on his feet, landing on her leg. Becca held back her scream and moved. Her leg went up, and Aero flipped just in time to escape getting hurt. Becca straightened, getting knocked back bởi a sudden blow to the head. She started falling backwards, and went into a back handspring, landing on her feet. Aero smirked at her and Becca could only block his attacks.
“Are bạn dancing Shade hoặc was that fighting?” a voice asked.
Becca froze for a chẻ, phân chia, split second. They thought she was playing?!?! Despite all her training and self control, Becca Mất tích it. She wasn't really sure what she was ding, but she was beating Aero to pieces. As a final blow, Becca pulled out her dagger, stabbing Aero where his tim, trái tim would be if he had one. She pulled the blade out, watching him fall to the ground.
End of Simulation.
The scene faded away and Becca stood panting. She looked into the viewing box and knew she'd messed up. Crap. Why did I ever let Phoebe talk me into coming into this Danger Room?! If I get messed with, so is someone else! Becca gripped her blade tightly as she watched the infamous X-Men enter the room. They all had looks of disappointment and shock on there faces. Except Wolverine; he looked slightly proud and almost smug.
“Shade, that didn't go as we'd hoped,” Cyclops said.
“No really? I thought there just a giant con nhện, nhện on the tường behind me!”
“Look, when Phoebe recommended bạn train in our Danger Room for practice, we didn't think bạn were that violent! Phoebe đã đưa ý kiến you're pretty controlled.”
“Yeah well she lied.”
Becca studied her blade as she talked, completely ignoring them. Jean Grey stepped forward.
“Becca was it? Look, we're happy to help you, but your level of battle skills is...dangerous.”
“You're a wonderful telepath. Thank bạn for making me feel like a freak!”
“Becca, bạn aren't a freak!”
Becca glanced at them.
“Then what exactly are bạn trying to say? That bạn don't like the way I 'dance'? hoặc how I obviously can't fight?!”
She saw the red glow behind Cyclops' visor. It disappeared in a second, but he looked unhappy.
“Look Becca,” he began. “You're talented and it shows. But why a girl your age would want to kill someone is something we need to know.”
“You want to know?! Fine! If I EVER see Aero in real life, I'm killing him! And bạn would too if bạn walked in on him raping your sister!”
Becca stormed past them and towards the front entrance. She pulled back the doors and ran through. Once on the grounds, Becca ran. She moved towards the gate and didn't bother to open it. She teleported to the other side and sat on her bike. The hot tears burned in the back of her throat, but Becca ignored them as she put her mũ bảo hiểm on. She started the engine and turned onto the road. As she was headed out, she heard another motorcycle. She looked behind and groaned.
“I hate Phoebe right now! Wolverine better go away!”
Unfortunately for her, Wolverine continued to come after her. Becca knew better than to try to escape from him, but she did so anyways. She rode her motorcycle off the road and onto dirt. But she hadn't expected Wolverine to come so quickly. He slashed her back tire and Becca's bike swerved. It fell and Becca tumbled a few feet. She looked up at Wolverine with a glare.
“I reckon if looks could kill, I'd be dead bởi now,” Wolverine said.
He leaned against his bike and Becca sat in the dirt. She looked at her hands but could hear Wolverine pull something from the bag on his bike. Becca looked up and he handed her a bottle of cold water. She muttered a quick “thanks” before drinking.
“You know, bạn have a lot of guts for talkin the way did to Cyke. He won't let bạn back in. Lucky for you, the rest of us give một giây chances.”
“I don't give a damn about Cyclops. He doesn't scare me and neither do you. Your mutant abilities may impress others, but to me, they are less then impressive.”
Wolverine snickered.
“You still have guts, but it's obvious bạn can't take critiscim.”
“Sue me. I've been down that road before with other people and I'd rather not get into a fight with you. I'm still sore from my gần đây 'training' exercise.”
“Look, kid-”
“You calm me kid again and I'll personally tear all the metal off your bones,” Becca warned in a deathly tone.
Wolverine didn't look scared hoặc even fazzed. But he went along with her wishes anyways.
“Look, punkin. bạn have potential. I know where you're coming from. I know why bạn want to kill that guy and how it would feel if bạn did. But let me ask bạn a question. Would your team tolerate it? bạn killing someone off?”
“Nope. I'd be kicked off.”
“You willing to risk getting kicked off?”
“Look, I just recently got back on the team. My sister and boyfriend may be on there, but that's two out of however many people we have. The point is, I will kill this guy, I will get taken off the team, and I could care less. My past is darker than yours and I want to live to my own standards. They are lower than what bạn hero types have, but I approve of them. Number one standard? If any one so much as looks at my family in the wrong way, I will hurt them. One way hoặc another.”
“And everyone is okay with that?”
Becca hesitated.
“No. In fact, only one person would agree with me. And he's my sworn nemisis. On the team.”
“And who would that be?”
“Red Revenge.”
Wolverine simply nodded. He'd heard of the masked hot-shot that was working in New York. He also found it funny that such a guy would even be on a team. He'd save that info for some pleasure.
“So bạn don't mind if you'd get kicked off?”
Becca looked him in the eye, something few dared to do.
“If I get kicked off for saving thêm lives than that of my sister, then the person who owns the team is no better than the one that threatens the team.”
posted by Robin_Love

It was a normal ngày for Young Justice as the team lounged around the common room. There was no mission from Batman, and training with Black Canary ended hours ago, leaving the team to do was they please for the rest of the day.
Robin sat vượt qua, cross legged in one of the armchairs, laptop resting on his knees. The youngest member typed away at the keyboard, updating his security. Since the teams last mission his software had been fried.
Aqualad and Superboy sat side bởi side on the đi văng with game controllers in hand....
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posted by bluehawk_m18

    “Recognized Robin” the computer said. The Boy Wonder entered and looked around, placing his knuckles on his hips, satisfied.
    The room was good size, cylindrical with a high ceiling. In the center there was a lower layer, a crevice of sorts. Like the larger room, it too was shaped like a circle, and if bạn wanted to get to the couches that hugged the rim, bạn had to walk down a flight of several steps.
    He didn’t take the stairs. He never did. Rolling forward, he sprung off...
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added by Robin_Love
tình yêu this video. :D
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so hope bạn like it so hear go's please tell me if bạn like it im not very go at this


code name:elementi

powers:can control the four elements fire,air,water,Earth

personalty:funny,shy,dumb at times,but mess with Những người bạn and your going down,will stop at nothing to help a friend in need

looks:gold/blond heir,blue/yellow eyes

past:mum&dad left him in the forest to live but was rescued bởi wolf's and trained. now he can use the elements at will but when found bởi Người dơi he entered the young justice program to fight evil when called upon
 his weapons
his weapons
posted by Skittles98
“Night…please, don’t die. Please…” I heard a voice say. I groaned.
“Night?!” the same voice asked. I groaned again in response.
“Thank the Lord you’re okay…” the same voice breathed. I opened my eyes to find Wally looking over me with concern.
“Who pulled me out of the water?” I asked
“I did because I lo- was the closest” he stuttered
“Are bạn sure I was the one who drowned? You’re diễn xuất oddly concerned…” I said
“Me? Concerned? Yeah right” he said. I got up and attempted to walk out the door, but my legs went weak and I would’ve done a face plant if Wally...
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posted by YJTTFAN
Robin walked in ton his sister Delta flipping though the TV.
"Found anything to watch?" He asked, everyone was bored. Delta put the remote down and sighed, she wore a plain white t-shirt and dark jeans.
"Nope, all the TV showes now are all stupid," She said, it was true. Delta picked up her laptop and streamed bạn tube to the TV. Robin, Megan and Artemis watched her cursor di chuyển across the TV as she searched shows. The all read a few summaries.
"Look there's one called the Justice League!" she giggled
"The probably got all the details wrong," Artemis đã đưa ý kiến going back to đọc her book.
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added by Robin_Love
 She sat up and looked at me, as she covered the bloody wound on her stomache, she uttered "Blade... it's all a game. It's hide-and-seek and Dad is it."
She sat up and looked at me, as she covered the bloody wound on her stomache, she uttered "Blade... it's all a game. It's hide-and-seek and Dad is it."
It's been ten years. Ten years of pain. Ten years of tears. Ten years of revenge plotting, yet doing nothing. Today on my 16th birthday... the day, ten years ago, she sacrificed her life for me. The ngày I Mất tích my only sister.


"Stay here!" She whispered to me as she placed me in a closet.

"Don't di chuyển until Dad is gone."

"But Kelsey!" I yelped as Dad walked in.

"Shh! Don't move!" She repeated.
I heard shouting but I couldn't quite make it out, so I peeked through the slightly opened doors.

The sound of a gun went off and I saw my sister fall to the floor, bleeding. She tried to crawl...
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posted by robinluv14
"Twist. Duck. cái tát, đánh đập, smack to your left. Watch out for the Atlantian at 4 o'clock." The whispers in my ear grew harsh and cold as I fought for my life, hoặc so it seemed to me. The earpiece was incredibly uncomfortable, and for once I wished that Slade would approve of telepathic communication. I whirled around and kicked the Atlantian in the face, then sent a column of flames towards the Martian girl. My hair, a deep reddish brown, fell wildly around my face as I reached the edge of the building's roof. I turned towards the six teens. Some were on the ground, others were helping them up. There was...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" I miss the way it was....." Wally đã đưa ý kiến as he looked down into his lap, " What do bạn mean the way it was.....?" Artemis đã đưa ý kiến as she looked over at Wally. " its...just wonderland is such a scary place..... but now i remember how any of this came to be..." Wally đã đưa ý kiến quietly trying to place his words like the real Wally usually would being the Madhatter must have changed his personality and made him talk all smart and actually learn manners and to actually share food, but now remembering his trueself it was hard to turn himself back. " Honestly if i told bạn how all this happened, i think you...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Lucas Scott Story

Alias: GravityBoy

Age: 15

Powers: can lift things and control gravity with his hands

Personality: Lucas is very immature at times, he often gets himself into trouble with his các bình luận hoặc actions on missions and at the mountain, he often remarks on how crazy Willow is for liking Wally and often annoys her. Though his life seems completely normal and happy bởi the way he acts he actually had a lot going on for him. He is currently in a relationship with Artemis

Appearance: Dirty blonde hair and brown eyes.

Past: When Lucas was 5 his parents died in a car crash, he was raised...
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added by Robin_Love
posted by Robin_Love
“Wally, do bạn believe in tình yêu at first sight?”
“I didn't either. Then-” Robin's hand twitched and he held Raven's tighter- “I met you.”
Wally could only stare like an idiot. His mouth opened and closed several times.
“That very first night we met, I knew I was never going to be the same.”
“I-I-I never knew.”
“Why else do bạn think I was always watching your back? Why else would I spend five years telling bạn secrets very few have access to? Why else do bạn think I would get upset and hurt bạn every time bạn flirted with Megan?”
“Because we're friends?”
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posted by robinfanforever
Robin’s POV

I failed again. I made Bruce tell the team our identity. He told them our secret… for me.

Agghhh… Artemis is right, I am stupid. I ran away thinking nobody needed me, but I was wrong. She đã đưa ý kiến he was worried sick about me. Me!

Bruce has always been there for me. When my parents died, through the nightmares , when I was sick. When I got kidnapped and/or held for ransom, he would always find a way to get me back, one way hoặc another.

Bruce needs me and I need him. I should never have left. I should have talked it over with him. if he would’ve đã đưa ý kiến that he didn’t want me around...
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