" Klarion! havent bạn learned Fate must always come through " Dr Fate shouted, " oh shut it bạn old fart!!" Kalrion yelled lifting up a tường and smashiing both ends into Dr Fate squishing him, a vàng vượt qua, cross appeared and the two walls broke, " brat!" Dr Fate shouted shooting light at Klarion, Kalrion sheilded his eyes and screamed as he disappeared, Dr Fate floated in the air and Klarion appeared behind him, he shot a red beam at Fate and knocked him to the ground.

Wally screamed out in pain and fell to the ground, " what gives! " he shouted looking up at Kent, " well its your body hes using " Kent said, " then let me control it with Fates power and my speed " Wally đã đưa ý kiến getting up, " sorry kid doesnt work that way Fate must do this battle on his own" Kent said. " And if Fate loses this battle...." Wally đã đưa ý kiến with fear, " bạn see Inza before i do.." Kent said, Wally looked at him with fear in his eyes.

Dr Fate was knocked to the ground with his mũ bảo hiểm making a clanking nosie as he landed, he got up and grunted in pain on his hands and knees, " ha! in the host body your Fate isnt pure " Klarion said. He shot a beam down from the clouds at Dr Fate, Dr Fate put up a vàng sheild over himself struggling to keep it up, the beam began to turn rainbow, " oooh cầu vồng power " Klarion said, Teekal meowed in anger, " if bạn havent noticed im winning! stupid cat " Kalrion said, Fate looked at the cat and it finally came to him. He used his power to throw off Klarions beam and make it stop, an explosion came and Klarion sheilded his eyes, " this comes from a lord of order hoặc cayous..but they cannot live on a physical plain... " Dr Fate said, Kalrions eyes grew red and he grew angry and he and his cat glowed red, he threw giant red fireballs at Dr Fate. Nabuu jumped and dodged them both flying in the air now " I come from the heavans..to be a good host.." Dr Fate đã đưa ý kiến throwing a beam at Klarion, but Klarion used rocks as a shealter, " but that is not your way..." Nabuu finished. " Your babbling Nabuu!!!" Kalrion shouted, " am i..." Nabuu đã đưa ý kiến shooting a vàng beam towards Klarion, Kalrion used a red sheild to block it but the beam shot right past him and straight at Teekal knocking the small cat back, " Teekal!!!" Kalrion shouted looking back, " how dare bạn harm a defenseless pussy cat! " Klarion finished turning back to Nabuu, " we both know that creature is no cat witch boy..." Nabuu đã đưa ý kiến standing infront of him, " he is your familiar to earth..and without that familiar... bạn have no anchor in this realm..." Nabuu said, Kalrion looked at himself starting to fade away, " Bully, kill joy!!!... geezer!!" Klarion shouted at Nabuu, Nabuu shot a beam from his hands and aimed at Klarion, Klarion gasped and opened a portal behind him and jumping into it, he jumped out of a portal infront of Teekal and picked his cat up, " were out of here! " Kalrion shouted and jumped into his portal to be gone. Nabuu stood and looked into the night sky.


" Becca we need your help are bạn guys okay!?" Meagan asked in mind link to Becca, Becca stayed silent looking at Willow in sadness, she wouldnt wake up. " Becca!? " Robin asked but screamed in pain as an electrical net was set over him. Becca gasped and looked down at Willow, she needed to wake up, it didnt matter how she just needed to.


" yes! and thats how we play it on the trang chủ feild! " Wally yelled with relief, Nabuu stood there and didnt do anything still, " uhhh why isnt Nabuu taking off the helmet? " Wally asked with fear in his tone while looking over at Kent. A golden mũ bảo hiểm simulation appeared behind them, " because the worlds needs Dr Fate.. i will not release this body " Nabuu said, " he cant do that! " Wally exclaimed, " he can but shouldnt... Nabuu this boy here isnt the right candidate he belongs to the world of science not wisardry " Kent said, " true but i do not appriciate being sealed away... and i am tired of being only taken out when needed " Nabuu said, " but Nabuu the boy has a girl out there who loves him thêm then anything.. bạn took me away from my Inza and i will not allow bạn to take away his " Kent said, " i understand your concern but i still stick to my decision " Nabuu said, Wally looked at Kent with fearful eyes would he ever see his dear Willow ever again?.