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posted by Robin_Love
Becca opened her eyes, a noise arousing her from sleep. She looked around her darkened room. A hand slapped over her mouth as she let out a scream. A dark figure shadowed her. She struggled, but she was pinned down almost instantly. A sweet smelling cloth was moved over her mouth and Becca's eyes lit with amber light. She looked up into the intruder's face as the fragrance seeped in. Her mind became fuzzy and she felt groggy. Her eyes were heavy and she shut them slowly. Her only thought was How could I have forgotten?

Willow awoke to a muffled scream. It slowly died down, but the sound alarmed her. She quickly determined where the noise had come from before a cloth was slapped over her mouth and nose. It was sweet and making her drowsy. She tried fighting off the wave of sleep that hit her, but she had been pinned down. The cloth was still firmly placed over her mouth and she ignited the powers she held. Her eyes glowed a blue color as she looked into her captor's face. As the sleep she had been fighting overtook her, Willow could only think that the whole situation was her fault.

Erin sped into Mt. Justice early the tiếp theo morning. She hadn't been there in a few weeks, but decided they wouldn't mind her early wake up call. She stood in the middle of training room and listened for any type of noise. She found only the soft snores of people sleeping.
“Sheesh. I thought they'd be up bởi now.” She looked at her watch. “Five in the morning isn't that early. Hmmm.”
A sudden idea came to her, and Erin dashed around until she found a shiny vàng horn.
“I wonder why this was in Wally's room,” she muttered.
Shrugging the thought away, Erin put the horn to her lips. With an evil smirk, she blew a traditional wake up call throughout the mountain.
“Hey! It echoes in here!”
Erin waited a few giây before speeding around the inside of the mountain and playing the horn at the same time. She met the very angry team in the training room.
“Erin! What is the meaning of this?!” Artemis asked.
A sudden flash of light blinded the sleepy Giải cứu thế giới for a minute. When they could see again, they noticed Erin was holding a camera in her hand.
“Awww! So cute! Sleepy Young Justice! Heh. I might FaceBook this.”
“Erin! Why did bạn wake us up at five in the morning?!”
“Oh! I thought you'd be interested in some news I discovered all bởi myself.”
Artemis groaned.
“I'm going back to bed.”
The others followed her lead and Erin played the only good card she had left; the girlfriend card.
“But Becca and Willow are missing!”

Jade got the urgent call from Erin and had told the girl to keep her updated. If they were trying to get her to stay, it had been too late. When she had answered, she'd been flying through không gian for several hours already. Her instincts told her to keep flying, but her tim, trái tim was telling her to go back. She stopped as she thought about things. Looking back at Earth, she felt a heavy weight hit her. A sudden image came to her; an explosion. But it wasn't a call. It was a warning. Something was warning her to keep going. Something was telling her to never look back. Jade blinked and looked towards where her destination would be. It seemed almost calming and peaceful compared to the pained warning she got. She hovered in space, not knowing where to go. It took her several phút before she made her decision.
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10, 9 ,8 ,7-

The YJ members counted down.

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!

Everyone cheered. Couples kissed, while the best of Những người bạn hugged each other.
"Bring it on 2013!!!" Wally shook his fist in the air. The guys cupped their hands over their mouths and cheered while the girls screamed with joy.
"Okay now its the best part of new years!" Wally rubbed his hands together licking his lips.
"Hehe. We have the old Wally back!" Nightwing đã đưa ý kiến to the crowd. Everyone laughed. Dick approached the doors of Bruce Wayne's mansion. "Now there are a few rules when bạn enter Bruce Wayne's, yes the million...
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posted by SB_lover0506
"Have bạn seen Artemis?" Wally asked Robin who was doing something that Wally could not follow even if he really tried.
"In her room. Why?" Robin đã đưa ý kiến tapping on his keyboard.
"She lấy trộm, đánh cắp my cell phone... again," Wally told Robin before running to her room.
"Artemis," Wally yelled pounding his fists on her door. "Give me my phone back!"
"Don't text about your hunger issues during class any more," Artemis yelled back as she clicked on his contacts icon.
"Please Artemis. I promise that I won't anymore," he yelled back.
"How do I know bạn will keep your word?" Artemis tested him. "And who is 'He's a...
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The athletics carnival came pretty quickly. Everyone had to wear specific màu sắc to represent their team. Wally couldn't help to sit still, Artemis rolled her eyes and groaned.
"Can't bạn sit still!?" she held his leg down.
"Sorry babe just so pumped!" Robin sat behind them with Zatanna who just finished talking to her new Những người bạn behind her.
"Whats up with them?" he asked as Zatanna turned to face him.
"Well I wasn't supposed to tell you..." she stumbled in her words.
"What? What did Artemis say?" Robin asked, determined to know.
"The thing is, Artemis..."
"Go on"
"Artemis, met another....guy." she...
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