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posted by Robin_Love
Billy ran around the room at full speed. He had seen the others tiring and knew it was time to end this. He had trapped Masq away from the others. At the speed he was going, nothing made it past him. All of her attacks bounced right back at her. And she was failing with each new burst of desperation. What he hadn't counted on was Masq using a dark field of energy. She used the Negative speed force, draining away his speed and energy. Like a whip, it wrapped around his throat and she held him high in the air. The others were pushed against the tường with the same force.
“I warned bạn Speed! This is your last chance! tham gia me.”
Billy clawed at the force that was damaging his air pipe.
“N-never...”he rasped out as best he could.
He started choking when the dark magic was tightened against his throat.
“Billy!” Willow yelled.
She fought to get free, hurting herself in the process. Artemis and Adam had tried to get free too, but Willow had seemed to cut herself on the Dark Magic. A sudden light blinded them. It dimmed down and Twila hovered in the room, her body surrounded in a phoenix of white fire. When she spoke, it was with rage and hatred.
“Melissa Schaffer! bạn dare harm my brother! bạn have been a thorn I have let slip through many cracks! I knew my brother might be able to turn bạn back but now bạn harm him! For your violent and intolerable behavior, bạn have sentenced yourself to a life in the Realms! Never shall bạn see Earth again! Never shall bạn kill hoặc harm anyone! I command bạn to be silenced at once! Back to the Realms, witch. I am your warden and bạn are forever my prisoner!”
There was another bright flash of light and then Masq and Twila disappeared. Billy fell to the floor, gasping for breath. Willow ran over to him, cradling his head in her lap.
“Billy! Are bạn okay?”
“I...will be...”
“Oh dear. bạn could have been killed! I'm sorry I dragged bạn into this.”
Billy gave a dry laugh.
“Masq was someone I should have taken care of long ago. I thought I could help her. But I was wrong. She only wanted blood.”
“You're better than she is! Don't blame yourself. I would have never met bạn if bạn had gotten rid of her before.”
Billy smiled.
“Yeah. Meeting bạn was something I wouldn't want to miss.”
Willow smiled down at him, tears in her eyes.
“You're so much like him,” she whispered.
“Like who?”
“My old boyfriend. He always flirts but would do anything I ask. He has superspeed and bạn look exactly like him. But bạn have a bravery and a patience I haven't seen in him.”
“Willow...I can see bạn tình yêu him. And as much as I would tình yêu to take bạn away from him and just hold you, I see that there's no hope of that. But if you're ever hurt like that again, look me up.”
Willow smiled again, bigger this time.
“I will Billy. Thanks.”
He nodded.
“Ready to go home?”
“Are bạn able to take me?”
“Yeah. I'm good now.”
“Then yes.”
Billy smiled and stood. He grabbed Willow in his arms and took off, heading straight for Mt. Justice.
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posted by Skittles98
I came up with the only movie that fell under as many categories as possible: Transformers. It fell under action, sci-fi and a bit of romance and comedy. I walked in the lounge and looked at the time. 10:00 pm. Perfect for an over an giờ long movie, then sleep over games and my prank. Finally, everyone was here. I got everyone to sit down, pillows already set up. Megan grabbed the fluffiest one, Artemis grabbed the green one, Connor grabbed the biggest one, Kalder grabbed the one shaped like a fish, Robin grabbed the bat shaped one and Wally grabbed yellow one. I grabbed my special blue pillow...
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.®.®.®.®.®.Chapter 1.®.®.®.®.®.
You’ve Got a Job to Do

Mount Justice
August 11, 3:46 EDT

    “Hi Bat’s. What brings bạn to town?” the Boy Wonder cautiously asked.
    “A better question, what brings you?” Siêu nhân interjected, making the situation even thêm awkward.
    “Wha...” Robin began to ask.
    “Why were bạn in town??? Why didn’t bạn come back to base when bạn were summoned?! What if something had happened and...” Sups started, only to be stopped bởi Người dơi grabbing his wrist.
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This girl basically just summed up my life. ADMIT IT YOU'VE đã đưa ý kiến AT LEAST 3 OF THESE THINGS
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It leaked way early! The Wallster Episode
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