Artemis stood with her back against the railing. Guards surrounded her and she was not too happy with the súng they had pulled on her. Her tìm kiếm of the other buildings had come up dry. But when LexCorp guards had flooded the streets, Artemis knew something had gone wrong. She had started off looking for Willow but had ended up between a rock and a hard place. She gave a quick glance to the đường phố, street far below her; not good being up at least fifty stories. She took a deep breath and then remembered something. Crossing her wrists, Artemis quickly put her hands above her head. A một giây later, she was pulled into the sky. Naturally, she let out a scream.
“Calm down archer! You'll give away our position!”
“Adam!” Artemis exclaimed.
“Why hello! Thank bạn for not screaming!”
Artemis let out a laugh.
“How are we flying? You're in human form!”
“Wings on my back. Help me do wonders!”
“How'd bạn know to look for me?”
“I live in the buisness district! I saw the guys from LexCorp. bởi the way, shooting them with arrows only makes them angrier!”
Artemis laughed again and looked up at Adam.
“You're amazing!”
“Thanks. But I never expected to have our first ngày so soon.”
Artemis smiled.
“Who đã đưa ý kiến this was a date?”
“I picked bạn up, didn't I?”
Artemis knew better than to laugh; it would only encourage him. But Adam had a way of making her laugh and she couldn't help herself. Needless to say, Adam smiled. He flew through the air, holding her wrists tightly.
“Adam, my arms are hurting!”
“Okay. Hang on!”
He flipped her into the sky and then caught her in his arms, bride style.
“Better?” he asked.
“Hmm. Yeah I like this position too.”
“You're a flirt!”
“Heh. Call me what bạn will. I'm determined to make this the best first ngày ever.”
Artemis smiled, her tim, trái tim doing flips. She thought about how strong he was, able to hold her and fly through the air. He was also playful and flirty, his gentleman persona slipping into the background. But there was also an intimacy that she hadn't felt before. It seemed to ignite whenever she heard his voice hoặc saw him smile. And it disappeared when he left her side. The thought of him leaving her seemed to cause her much pain and Artemis had no idea why. What is going on with me?