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"No, no, no, no!" Revenge said, wiping up the blood with his gloves. There was too much
on the floor. Too much had been lost. The sword that had done the damage was laying
over to the side. Revenge tried to pick it up, but his strength had left him. It clattered
to the floor beside him as he sank to his knees, the unbearable pain filling his
body and mind.

And because I need a longer article:
 I was sleeping in Robin`s bed?
I was sleeping in Robin`s bed?
I woke up in robins room did I sleepwalk here?
Robin was awake but he did`nt want to disturb me in my sleep.
Robin did I sleep here?
"Um. yeah pretty much bạn came in the middle of the night shaking cause there were thunderstorms"
Ohh.Well lets get ready long ngày ahed of us.
I got up from the giường and got ready I headed down stairs and opened a portal to Mt.Justice Robin followed.

Recognized Robin B02 FireBlaster B07
Hi guys,everything okay here?
"yeah!come on we have to pick out everything all the details givem to me!"Inquired M`gann.
Hold on bạn guys know hoặc did Robin tell you?
everyone was quiet.
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Willow sat in the lving room/ phòng bếp, nhà bếp area on the đi văng watching tv, Wally came in and sat tiếp theo to her on the couch, she laughed and layed her head in his neck, Wally looked down at her and kissed her head, Willow sighed " whats wrong?" he asked. Willow lifted her head from Wallys neck and looked at him, " bạn really.... did help me back there....but im still wondering if im powerful enough now to come with my power within im just scared to try...." Willow said, Wally looked at her " why are bạn scared..." he asked. Willow looked at him then got up off the đi văng and walked into the kitchen,...
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Eclipse waited in the mission room, pacing from time to time but no one showed up. She started to walk out the room "If I imagined that alarm I will have to get Emma Frost to check my mind" suddenly she she was flung back and hit a tường bởi a large explotion. COUGH COUGH COUGH she waved the smoke out of her face and but still couldn't see. Smoke filled the corridor. She pulled the mui xe from her áo choàng over her silky brown hair then suddenly the green and silver outlined áo choàng turned invisable, she was on stelth mode.

Creeping around the corner she layed her back on the wall, all without making...
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The master clock in Willows bedroom rung, it was time to go down to her mother so that she could escort her to the wedding taking place in the ball room. Willow sighed and stopped dancing with Wally and tears began to flow, she never wanted this moment between her and Wally to end, she liked dancing with him, it made her fell better, just seeing his green eyes look at her in sadness made her want to kill herself for doing this to him, she couldnt have him looking at her during the wedding with those eyes, she wouldnt be able to do it... she couldnt say i do to the boy she was being forced to...
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Still not thinking the âm nhạc was enough to signal their holiday spirit, Megan and Wally sat on the floor and began nghề viết văn their giáng sinh lists while RObin continued play ngẫu nhiên little songs on the piano.

"Artemis, aren't bạn going to write a list?" Megan asked.

"No, I haven't written one since I was six, and I'm not going to do it know." Artemis snapped.

"Come on, it's fun." Megan đã đưa ý kiến happily.

"No, I'm grown up now, I don't write giáng sinh lists hoặc sends them off to Santa." Artemis answered, turning on her heals to leave. Once she was an toàn, két an toàn in her room, she heard a tune from the đàn piano echoing...
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“Again. bạn need to focus more.”
Robin growled in his frustration. The Angel that had saved him, Devin bởi name, was trying to help ease his mind. Since the ngày he woke up healed, Robin had worried about his friends. They all thought he was dead. And Robin wanted to get back to them quick as possible. Devin had other ideas.
“Why do I have to do this?” he asked.
“To teach your mind. Robin, not all powers come from scientific breakthroughs hoặc mutated genes. If bạn really want to see your friends, focus. bạn will see them.”
Robin stared at Devin. He was puzzled as to how she'd known his...
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I turned my head sharply to look directly at him. He jumped. I looked at him through narrowed eyes. He tried to look confident, but failed. Both Kid Flashes were running laps around the room. I grabbed the one from my dimension as he ran by.
‘Stop wasting your energy! You’ll have none left to fight at this rate’ I mentally growled
‘Who đã đưa ý kiến we were fighting?’ he asked
‘He did’ I though, subtly gesturing to Control Freak.
‘He’s a fat couch-potato. What can he do?’ Wally thought
‘Haven’t bạn noticed? There’s no windows, no air vents, no tiny holes in the walls for air, yet...
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Okay peoples. This is the 411 about my articles: I just made a website. It has a new, never before seen bài viết AND a new book continuing on Sarah's journy after she saves Olympus. Also, theres tons more, like chat, videos, groups, blogs, and games!Did I mention its a site strictly for Young Justice lovers? If bạn want, I can even make a page specifically for certain members of the team i.e Robin X3. If bạn want to tham gia my website and read, write, play and chat, just send me a message and I'll give bạn the link :) I really hope bạn join! bạn can even be "buddies" with other people on the site! bạn can tell people what's new with ur articles, hoặc just plain talk about whatever! To make less confusion, please tell me your fanpop tên người dùng so people can người hâm mộ bạn here, hoặc if they're a người hâm mộ of bạn here, they can "buddy" bạn on my website. So remember, just send me a message, and I'll send bạn the link :D
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“No. Not that I remember, at least” I turned away
“You đã đưa ý kiến bạn had a sister. What does she call you?” asked a male voice
“She calls me cat, because of well, bạn know. She also đã đưa ý kiến when I was born, an oracle đã đưa ý kiến I would do bad things and my real name is a curse where we’re from. The oracle was right. I did do bad things. Now we’re being chased bởi some creepy guys and the assassin leader, some chick in a short green kimono and a white mask” I shivered
“Shadow’s” đã đưa ý kiến one of them
“No, I’m pretty sure they’re real” I remembered when they shot at me.
“No, they’re...
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