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 Right side air kick split.
Right side air kick split.
We were at MT.Justice for combat training I could see a bit but not completly just shadows.
Black Canary:
I`ll need a new sparing partner anyone?
I`ll do it im ready.
"You sure?"
Yes,now lets start.I dogded all of canarys moves and used one new di chuyển i`ve training for.
Right side air kick split.
Black Canary Status:Fail
FireBlaster status:Passed
"Woah Canary bạn got owned!!By a blind fighter!!"
đã đưa ý kiến the Flash.
"Its just combat training I did`nt fight for real."
Flash was smirking I could feel his smirk just like Wallys:Whatever floats your thuyền Canary.
Người dơi started debreefing:
Nobody stays behind on this mission,There are reports of something in the Central city subways attacking the trains.We need bạn to find it and bring it down,Now go!
We headed towards the Bio-ship in the hangars.
Wally asked:
Why did Bats want all of us to go?
Because I can fight and if I can thats an advantage.Get it?
"Yeah I think."
Good.The rest of the ride was quiet.

"We are here"M`gann đã đưa ý kiến after opening the doors.
Great it smells like guano.
"Like the cave?"Robin đã đưa ý kiến laughing.
Worse even worse than the cave.
"FireBlaster I need bạn to light up."
Sure Kaldu`r I light up and keeped walking with Wally bởi my side He held on to my hand shivering getting closer to me each breathing second.
I felt Robin give Wally the Im-gonna-kill-you-later look.
I laughed and put my cape on wally but he still hid behind me.
"!!.......but only the jin may pass......."
"gaaaaaahhh!!!! lets go now like the voice đã đưa ý kiến huh?"
No Wally we`re not moving an inch backwards.
We kepped moving forwards but nothing the only thing we ever heard again was Wallys moaning like a ghost.
We were almost out of the subways when a ghost like boy apeared and said:
The Jin!only bạn can help a Mất tích soul free me!
"Jin what in the world is a Jin?!"
Wally a Jin is my extinct race its me in other words.
"ohh well how can bạn save him?"
I drew out tensaiga.
Where is your body?how long have bạn been dead?
"Here tiếp theo to me and 1 week I went missing they are still looking for me."
I slashed the body but before doing so I checked his aura,all of what he đã đưa ý kiến was true.
The body was glowing blue and the soul was restored.

After taking the boy to the emergency room and explaining everything to Người dơi we we`re relaxing in the phòng bếp, nhà bếp looking at each other.
Wally broke the ice bởi saying:
Anybody wanna sleepover here hoặc my place?
"Sorry Wally me and FireB gotta go to the doctor."
everybody else declined and he was`nt gonna stay alone with superboy since M`gann and Artemis were having a sleepover.
"Then can I come with bạn two?"
Sure just don`t say get a room hoặc quit it.
"Fine but try not to nuốt, nhạn each other."
We`ll try.

We we`re almost to the doctors office,Robin and I held hands while walking the halls.
I felt Wally regreting to have come.
I grabbed his hand and played swingin monkey until we reached the office.
"Good your just on time my dear!"
Never tardy!
"Lay down right here,Im gonna help bạn with your blindness its just one little shot to cure them.
Owww!!!!!!!!!!! That hurt alot!!!
"yes but bạn can see can`t you?"
Yes!I got up and read the sign on the wall.
"there see it was woth it!If your blindness comes back hoặc some sideeffects happen please come rushing!"
Don`t worry we will!.
I could see again!I looked at myself in the mirror I had màu hồng, hồng eyes!!!
Wally đã đưa ý kiến good bye and left.

We we`re over at Wayne manor,I ran up to Robins room after taking a vòi hoa sen and layed in his giường looking at the cealing the staring into his Sky blue eyes as he stared into My màu hồng, hồng eyes.
 The ghost boy.
The ghost boy.
 After ooking myself in the mirror My eyes were pink!
After ooking myself in the mirror My eyes were pink!
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Robin stood up and dropped his head down as surrender. He had to save Gotham even if the Joker would get away. He will get his revenge some other time.
“Go, go and try to save this city. bạn couldn’t have beaten me anyway” Joker taunted.
Robin looked up at the Joker. Robin’s eyes widened behind his mask. He pointed behind The Joker
“Look out! Behind you!”
“Ha that trick won’t work on me” Joker said. Suddenly The Joker fell to the ground when something hit him from behind. Behind Joker was his float. Kid Flash came out of the driver ghế, chỗ ngồi and walked to Robin.
“Hey Rob I couldn’t...
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They may hoặc not be useful hoặc reverent but maybe helpful in fanfics...

1) Greg Weissmen (producer of the oh so amazing YJ)
admitted that in the episode "Welcome to Happy Harbor" (Episode 3) The Reason Superboy got so mad when M'Gann talked to him telepathically for the first time was because he was already crushing on her and didn't want her to know

2) In ‘Infiltrator’ where the Team is at the beach, Robin and Megan are splashing water at each other. bạn can hear Robin laughing, but his mouth is clearly closed....
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‘Phase one, complete. On to phase two!’ I thought
I grabbed a really full glass of water and walked over to Wally.
“Water? bạn must be thirsty from running all the way here from…where were bạn again?” I asked. Behind Wally, Artemis was making gagging motions
“I was in ngôi sao City” he đã đưa ý kiến matter-of-factly
“Wow. That’s far for a person to run” I laid the flattery on pretty thick. I offered him the water, spilling it on his shirt. That was not part of the plan. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Megan and Robin laughing slightly. I closed the gates of my mind. I looked at my hands....
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 "Pinky promise?"
"Pinky promise?"
"Jenny!" Lian yelled, running into my arms.
"Lian!" I exclaimed. "Thank God you're okay." I had to remind myself that it wasn't her fault that my boyfriend cheated on me.
I wiped away the tears that fell down her eyes. "What happened to you?"
"Hairy man took me, and I ran away!" she wailed.
"Shh," I hushed, hearing something. "Do bạn hear that?"
"Hear what--?"
"Shh!" I hissed. A very familiar laughter thundered in my ears. I heard it coming from a run-down shack.
"Come on!" I urged, taking her hand. We ran into the shack, and looked around. It was filled with garden tools, and all such.
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 "She looked at my hand, where my promise ring was missing."
"She looked at my hand, where my promise ring was missing."
I dumped my bag on the couch, and ignored Megan's confused expression.
"What are bạn doing?" she inquired as I sat down tiếp theo to her.
"Don't worry, I asked my brother first," I replied. "I'm going to live here with bạn and Superboy."
She slid her hand on my shoulder. "If there's something bạn need to talk about..." she looked at my hand, where my promise ring was missing.
I was about to deny that, but the Mission alarm suddenly rang. We raced to the Mission Room, where the rest of the team awaited Người dơi to tell us the mission.
To my surprise, Roy was there, looking worried.
Người dơi looked emotionless....
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