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posted by Denelys
Ugh my stomagh hurts,but I did`nt eat anything bad,maybe im just in need of meditation.
I went to MT.Justice and everyone was there
I said:Hey guys xin chào Robs.
M`gann asked me if i was okay but i could`nt say anything I was walking toward her but i tripped and started to black out the last thing i heard was Robin talking and and then superboy picked me up.............

Ugh where am I?:I said.
I opened my eyes and I could see everyone there.
Người dơi did`nt answer my câu hỏi but i knew I was in the infermary.
M`gann asked:Is she going to be alright?
Người dơi answered her question:No,she needs blood if she dose`nt get blood she will fall in a coma and die while in her coma.
Everyone gasped.
Người dơi continued:The thing is her race is extinct and the blood she needs dosent exist anymore.

Robin responded furiesly:Then what are we waiting for lets find blood that she needs.or do we have to wait for her to fall in a coma and die!
Robin! calm down i`ll be fine!:I said.
and Người dơi you`re wrong i don`t need my races blood to heal my self its a pure humans blood.

Robin looked at me and pulled his sleave back and said:Then have my blood,im Human a pure one to be exact.Don`t give it a một giây thought please i don`t want to lose you.
Người dơi will bạn allow me to take a pint of Robin`s blood?
Take it but are bạn sure bạn can stop you`re self?
Người dơi told me.
Yes im sure,then I took a Huge bite at Robins arm near his hand I stopped my powers were back and I did`nt feel bad well phisicly emotionaly i feelt horrible I just got a boyfriend and I took his Blood he probably hates me.

My mouth tasted really sweet because of Robins Blood I was outside Then Robin came with his arm bandaged,Look im sorry bạn must hate me now.:I said.
Robin looked confused and awensered:Why do I hate bạn would bạn explain that to me?cause i don`t hate you.
huh?Well i feel stupid now:I said
"hey,if bạn had`nt taken a bite out of me you`d be dead and i really don`t want that to happen to bạn you`re to special to me."Robin said

Okay, then lets go it`s getting late.
Wewalked inside and everyone headed home,
sigh wait! im in my pijamas I never changed!!!!! ahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! ONO!!!

Wow That was weird please stay tuned!! episode 6 Moving Hope u liked!!!!!!!
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i lol-ed when i saw this.
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this is the weekly young justice interveiw. (oh great i have to make one every week?) this time we will be talking to wally west about the couples we have made.
me: hello kid flash.
wally: bạn can call me wally.
me: okay. what do bạn think of wally/artemis?
me: moving on. what about superboy/miss martain?
wally: they would be cute together, but i dont think it will happen.
me: really? cause it the 2nd most được ưa chuộng couple.
wally: what the most popular?
me: wally/artemis. so, what do bạn think of megan/wally?
wally: i aproove.
me: wel its the third one thats least...
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posted by Candy77019
 "We need a plan."
"We need a plan."
Around three in the morning, out of the foggy mist, a mountain appeared. Glowing green lights illuminated the sky around the mountain, making it obvious that a Lazarus Pit was inside.
"Team, we have to be really careful here," Aqualad cautioned. "If a healthy person falls into the Pit, the result may be...fatal."
A chill ran down my spine at the sound of his last word.
"We need a plan," Artemis suggested.
"Easy," I said, standing up. "You guys watch my back while I retrieve the Boy Wonder."
"Are bạn sure bạn could do that alone?" Megan asked.
I nodded. "I can't risk bạn guys getting hurt."
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posted by nymph_tonks
the interveiws are monthly now. much easier.
p.s. i turned 11 yesterday.
me: hello robin.
rob:hey babe.
me: i thought i told you, we're over.
rob:what!? bạn never told me that!
me:well now bạn know. first question, will bạn stay for the rest of the interveiw?
rob: okay.
me:good. have bạn read my interveiw with kf?
rob: yah. it was pretty funny.
me: *pullls off robins mask*
rob: why'd bạn that?
me: because i'm evil.
rob:i hate bạn now.
me: good. go away now.
rob: *walks away*
me: that was a fairly short interveiw.
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