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 My Omega chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm :)
This is one of the key features of me, but it's not just a piece of's a key
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 Gun in a earlyer time
Gun in a earlyer time
Ooc: oke fore this I wil just make it so the rare oc's in here knowe súng situation whit the various conon carcters in this as I don't want to writ tons of one schots explaining them, the most imprtand whit Barbra Gordon alredy have a serie on here anyway.
Also some of the conon caraters wil be in some role frome the dc univer, other frome there young justice rol, and others a combination of bothe, this is needed fore sertain story elemends.
Nowe thad is đã đưa ý kiến here is the story.

Twan sat on the chouse whit Mafia waching tv,when the phone rang, tess who just walked into the room picked up the phone....
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Early afternoon, gotham docks.
Twan climbed up on an shipingcrate folowed bởi Boris and Natasia.
He spoke in a loud voice.
Pepol of Gotham lissen,
You micht have heard rumerors about a confilct between myself and Pingweing.
Those rumors are truwe, thoug this is no mere gang ficht this is a full fleged war.
And if thad bird succeeds it wil be your homes he will loot, your woman he will abuse.
So Are bạn going to just hide and live to his began call, hoặc do bạn stand whit us, and hiển thị him this is are city.
A few men stepped forward.
We will stand whit the dog.
Others in the crowed joind them, there numbers...
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Twan stepd out of the door.
Dont worry cad its just a boring meeting, and even if they try somting il have Boris whit me.
Oke but just be careful, bạn knowe howe triky thad bird is. Cadmus replied and whit thad twan left fore the meeting just a few yarts away he heard a explotion, turing around he saw cadmus laing in the sreed uncountios blown back bởi the force of the explotion, he ran over to her seeing the left side of her body being coverd in burn-marks.
He noticed a letter also being blown out it read:
"Hey Pup.
If bạn read this thad means your little pet snake found are suprise fore her.
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 A Goatrider
A Goatrider
( Oke, the archives of morte will be a series of các bài viết in whist I will describe everything Thad has to do whit the lore of teyrions world thad I am creating truw this archives and further story's to come.)

Origin of the Riders:
The goatriders were a small group of bandits who fleeing fore the law ended up in the Kingdom of Morte were they advantly were couth bởi a patrol of King Tyrion Blackwell, the bandits feared fore tere lives expecting to be killed fore there crimes.
But Tyrion seeing Thad the bandits only lấy trộm, đánh cắp to keep themselves and tere family's alive made them a offer, if they would...
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This is a small announcement, I only post this bài viết beceas the new fanpop system is so broken Thad I can't even poste any tường posts hoặc hình ảnh anymore. so to the announcement.

I knowe I have not been on here muce lately but I wil be o thêm often.
and il stat whit a series of story's about Tyrion Blackwell ( the undeath king) both in his time and the modern ages, beceas I have inspiration to write about medieval stuff.

So im gald to be bak.
Godmor, a.k.a. Twan a.k.a gunfire ( and al my other oc's)
 Some of Tyrion's troops
Some of Tyrion's troops
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Okay.. found this song on accident and decided to see if there were any anime videos! I hope bạn know I fangirled so hard at this video I almost died... from exploding ovaries.. you're welcome Silver. Owl City~Bombshell Blonde
ah! my overies! *explodes*
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For her death. *Sniffle*
young justice oc
This is my first mentor I had after I escaped now let me tell bạn something, He was a very good teacher and I was a excitilent pupile
young justice oc
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