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posted by DiscordYJ
 My newest doodles of my lil pup :D
My newest doodles of my lil pup :D
He's new to bạn all. But an old idea. He is probably my yêu thích just bc I put so much time into him.

Name- Porter DeBlanc

Sexual Orientation- Straight--but super bromantic.

Gender- Male

Nationality/Race- French-Hatian (Creole bởi the term of my World History Book) Werewolf.

Age- He looks 21. But he's really 147.

Occupation- He worked as a hunter for his werewolf pack, in the sewers of Gotham. As of now, he's currently unemployed.

Appearance- His skin is the color of coffee with the perfect amount of creamer on a cold Saturday morning.
His eyes are golden--he has to tell people he wears contacts.
Freckles litter his face lighter in color to hiển thị the lack of melanin present in them. (if i ever get around to posting about my OC Dexter, you'll understand that like half of my OCs have freckles.)
His hair in in an undercut style, the remaining on hàng đầu, đầu trang was lengthy and in loose natural curls.
His left eyebrow has two missing patches due to scarring.
And his ample lips are always forming a rather worried shape and his face is constantly in an expression of concern hoặc anxiety.
He's strong, but slender, toned, but not overly beefed up--he has to be quick and can't be weighed down.

Character Traits & Personality- God he's so clingy. Like a small Mất tích puppy.
He basically is constantly worrying, about everything. He's a caring, genuine person who is one of the most passive people ever. He hates the idea of fighting--unless bạn know he has to. And he tries to be sincere about many things.
But alas, he does have another side. He is a werewolf. And with that comes the aggression of one. He's very quick and nimble, because he is originally a Runner--which are the fast ones in the pack--but was appointed as the Alpha. This werewolf side is uncontrollable and dangerous. It only gets worse on full moons--in which he cannot control his transformation and it cannot be prevented.
Think Hulk. Except...HAHEHAHE HuLk whAT's THaT. HE Doesn'T EXIST IN thIs Universe! Hehueh!

Talents, Skills and/or Powers- Other than speed and werewolf form. He's fairly smart--fairly. Not fully. But he does hell quickly--duh. The cold doesn't affect him much either.

Noteable Dislikes and Weaknesses- He is literally terrible at cooking food.
He's terrified of the Ocean.
He hates broccoli.
He's scared of spiders.
Silver bullets fuck him up.

Relationships and Family-
Never had a gf.
Blade is his best bro.
His Mother: Phara Sufal (born Hatian)
His Father: Adam DeBlanc (born French)

Short Background History-
Basically the his mother was a werewolf.
His father was not.
They met through the Hatian Revolution in 1793.
They laid low until 1801 when it ended.
They escaped to America and found this small network of ma sói present.
1820: They converted Adam (the dad) through a blood ritual.
It seemed great. Until they actually became apart of it.
His mother became a Breeder.
His father did what he could and climbed the ranks hoping to free Phara (the mom).
He had managed to meet her during one the mating seasons and BAM. Porter was born in 1869.
Adam tried to escape with Phara, but was executed. Phara was returned to the Breeding ground and her and Porter never met.
He was quick and fast as he grew up and he earned himself a place as a Runner.
As he grew, he became fast, sharp witted, and climbed the ranks as well. As he neared 126 years--but looked 18--he was appointed as the new Alpha, since the old one died.
Alphas are kind of like Cardinals in the Catholic church--they have much influence and oversee a lot. But there is a lot of power above them. There can only be one.
Basically he grew up from there until now. He met Blade through a long story.
They being buds.
Người sói didn't like.
Porter had to run away.
They sabtoged the pack.
He's now living alone, trying to make a living wioth his new life.

Also the way Packs work: (ranked from most power to least power)

The Circle: a group of Người sói unseen. They run all packs across the world. They are in charge of appointing Alphas. They are weak but have all the influence.

Knights: They are the only ones closest to seeing The Circle. They know where The vòng tròn is. But have never seen any of their faces. Some believe it is one man. Some believe it is the first male Werewolf and his three sons. Knights take messages from The vòng tròn and deliver news of who will be the new Alpha of a pack.

The Alpha: Each pack has an Alpha. The Alpha is the leader of the pack. There can only be one. Once an Alpha dies. Another one must be appointed. Alphas are not allowed to breed.

Prowlers: The tanks of the group. In each pack there is a small militant group. The Prowlers are slow, but hard to kill and strong werewolves. They are 10 feet at full transformation.

Runners: Annoying peice of shits who are too quick. They're no where near as strong as Prowlers. But they are nimble and fast. Every Runner is paired with a Prowler. Every Prowler is paired with a Runner. If a Runner dies--it's Prowler will be executed and vice versa.

Packmates: The commoners who provide/hunt/build for the Pack.

Breeders: The Lowest of the Low. Breeders are stains on society in the chó sói, sói world and only used for one thing: breeding. The catch is. Everyone above. Is male. Packs are highly patriarchal. This means all women are instantly condemned to become Breeders. Women are held in a sectioned off part of the community where they are raise bởi Breeder women They become Breeders officially at their first Menstrual cycle. Starting usually around 12 yrs old.
Outcasts: The outcasts are above Breeders. But don't really belong to a Pack. They are exiled Người sói hoặc runaways who gang up--like rebels.
Porter has only seen one female chó sói, sói outside of Breeding. And she was an Outcast.

Man sorry I just get super hyped out this OC. Mainly cos I tình yêu his backgroudn. SOrrryY
 My first doodle of this beautiful boi.
My first doodle of this beautiful boi.
posted by Robin_Love
Started out sad and somehow got this so....enjoy!

He woke up in a cold sweat. He panted for breath, unaware that he had screamed. No one was there to hear him. He heard a flutter of wings and the snow white hawk landed on his leg. The full moon shimmered on the feathers and he pet the large bird. After a few minutes, he calmed down entirely. The hawk let out a small squawk.
“Same nightmares.”
He listened to the squawks and clicks of the hawk's graceful tongue, knowing the words and emotions behind each one.
“Been over five years now, Bella.”
He listened to the beautiful chattering in his...
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posted by Robin_Love
She sat alone in her room, listening to the song coming from her boom box. She hugged the stuffed chịu, gấu to her chest, trying not to burst into tears. This ngày was one she had dreaded for months. She bit her lip as the âm nhạc filled her senses. A light knock sounded at her door.
“Go away!”
Her command was ignored and Trevor walked in.
“What's up kitty Cat?”
“Leave me alone.”
He glanced over her and softened.
“What's wrong?”
Cat looked away, afraid she would burst into tears. Trevor came closer and sat beside her.
“Why so upset? Talk to Trevor.”
She smiled a little as his British accent...
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posted by godmor
This is a small announcement, I only post this bài viết beceas the new fanpop system is so broken Thad I can't even poste any tường posts hoặc hình ảnh anymore. so to the announcement.

I knowe I have not been on here muce lately but I wil be o thêm often.
and il stat whit a series of story's about Tyrion Blackwell ( the undeath king) both in his time and the modern ages, beceas I have inspiration to write about medieval stuff.

So im gald to be bak.
Godmor, a.k.a. Twan a.k.a gunfire ( and al my other oc's)
 Some of Tyrion's troops
Some of Tyrion's troops
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posted by khanna266
This is just something I really wanted to write I know It's really random.

"Babe,I'm home!"Jake had just walked inside the apartment that him and Ashton shared throwing his keys onto the coffee table.He then walked into the phòng bếp, nhà bếp and grabbed a bia out of the fridge."Welcome back"Ashton caught him off guard wrapping his arms around him,"How was your day, gorgeous?"he then kissed his neck."It was good,"he smiled pleasurably"and bạn seem to be making it even better"he then opened his drink and took a sip."Good,how about we watch a movie,perhaps we could watch transformers.You seem to tình yêu that...
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posted by GlitterPuff
Some of bạn wanted to know the 'stuff' that my redhead was talking about from a past article. Well, this is it.


“Elizabeth, what are bạn doing?” The small ghost had a bag on her back, almost through the front door.

“I’m going to, get something.” Her speech had become much thêm eloquent and correct. Even though she still looked and act seven years old, she had learned so much it was like she could be in collage.

“To get what?”

“I, left my shovel at the park. I wanted to go retrieve it.”

“Okay. Just be back soon. I’m making bữa tối, bữa ăn tối in a little.” The redhead turned and went...
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posted by The_Writer
"Why did bạn not tell us?" Nightwing asked. "Why was it so important to hide the fact bạn and Artemis were related?"

"You didn't need to know." Revenge said. "I give out my information on a need-to-know basis."

The Black Hero grabbed the former Boy Wonder bởi the collar. "And my identity was NOT need to know."

Nightwing shoved Red Revenge off and started walking towards the bioship.

"You'll regret it one day, Dick!" Revenge called. Nightwing stopped. "You'll regret walking away right here and now."

Nightwing clenched his fists and walked slowly towards the bio-ship.

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