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Full Name: Blade Serenity Howard
Reason for name: The name came from her father's best friend who died from lung cancer.
Nickname: Kiddo, B, Bladey-boo
Reason for nickname: Dante has always called her kiddo. B is a shortened version of her name. And Bladey-boo was được trao bởi literally everyone.
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: ngôi sao City
Birthday: December 19, 1994
Currently living in: Gotham
Species/Race: Vampire
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Blood Type: O
Occupation: Waitress as a small café.
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Social Status: Lower - middle class.
Relationship Status: Single
Status: Living.


Body Build: Straight, would be the best way to describe it, as in she's got curves from her working out, but is constantly mistaken as a male. But that could also be from the fact that she cuts her hair short and wears baggy clothes.
Height: 5'4" hoặc 163 cm.
Weight: 125 lbs
Skin colour: Pale.
Hair style: Side Shaven.
Hair colour: Light Blonde
Eye colour: Red
Distinguishing Features: She has freckles on her face, shoulders, back, and thighs...we'll everywhere really. She's missing her left eye. She has a very distinct scar on her neck, thigh, and back, but others cover her body from many fights. She has a tattoo of tress on her arm that starts at her wrist and reaches up across her forearm. She has a một giây one that starts at her thigh and travels up it and to her hip then stops--it's sunflowers. Oh, and fangs. Lol.
Preferred Clothing: High-waisted shorts and pants. Flannels. Baggy clothes. Boots and converse.
Accessories: Six ear piercings on her left ear and five, with a bar on her right.


General health: Fairly good.
Posture: Good, though she tends to hunch sometimes.
Any physical illnesses: She's anemic. The blood she drinks helps, but she also takes iron pills.
Any mental illnesses: No.
Take drugs: No.
Smoke: No.
Addictions: She's an alcoholic.

Mental/Emotional State

Mental age: 18.
Act before thinking/Think before acting?: Acts before thinking.


Open hoặc not: She's very personable, but has a hard timed approaching others.
Swears: Yes.


Likes: Blood. Sunflowers. Anything yellow hoặc red. Sweets. Caffeine. Mysterious people. People who find her interesting. Outside. The dark. Inside. Thunderstorms. The smell of fresh linen.
Dislikes: Bugs. Spiders. Meanies. Silver. People. Crowds. Small spaces.

She's picked up roller-blading. Origami. Cooking. And visiting museums.

Nervous Tics
She chews her bottom lip. Running her fingers through her hair. Shifting on her feet. When she's embarrassed her voice raises pitch. The thêm nervous she gets the harder it is for her to make eye contact.


Strengths: Heightened hearing, strength, speed, healing time, and eye sight.
Weakness: Silver. Any fatal wounds. The fact that she is anemic and needs iron. She can't go long without blood. She's a sucker for any affection, bạn pass a wink her way and she's yours. She's a freaking hopeless romantic.

She Mất tích any âm nhạc talent she had in her past life but has picked up on origami. Weird right. I dunno aside from all the perks of being a vampire which includes: Heightened senses, immortality, and blood-dining, she doesn't really have any.


Education: High School Senior Drop-Out.
IQ: 103-slightly above average intelligence.
EQ: 85-weak emotional strength.

Blade tends to be confident, over the top, spontaneous, stubborn, and just proud and outspoken. Thus coming off as either really awesome hoặc super obnoxious. Mostly the second. But internally, she's really just this timid lil dweeb who wants to be alone. Ont he other-hand, she thrives off of attention and affection.

arachnophobia - Fear of spiders
claustrophobia - Fear of small spaces.
She fears losing people.
Fears living forever.
Fears watching the people she cares about die.
Fears the unknown.
And the Dentist.

Views/Opinions on...

Government: She's a liberal
Religion: Agnostic
Economy: She hates where it's going.
Technology: she embraces it.


Food: All of it.
Color: Red
Animal: Rabbits and foxes.
Number: 69
Holiday: Halloween.
Season: Fall
Time of day: Dusk/when the sun is setting.
Movie: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Show: Dance Moms
Type of art: Impressionism
Genre of music: Folk.
Genre of literature: Fantasy.
Genre of shows: Reality.
Genre of movies: Fantasy/Fiction

She grew up in a semi okay family. Her dad became a mercenary for hire in order to make thêm money. Dad began beating on mom and kids. Dad killed mom and older sister. Raised Blade to be super chill.
Fast phía trước, chuyển tiếp sixteen years.
She joins the team. Has a run in with a crazy ex.
Fast phía trước, chuyển tiếp two thêm years.
She's eighteen now. Blade was abducted bởi an alpha vampire. She turned into a half-vampire. He faked her death.
Blamed the team.
She went on to go bởi Discord. She attempted to kill Becca, Phoebe, Declan, and Terror. She realized who she was. They confronted Damian. She couldn't resist his magic alpha master vampire powers. She drank his blood with her own consent, thus transforming her into a full vampire.
Full vampire.
Full. Vampire.
Damian died. She broke up with Terror. And went on to start a new life.
There. Pretty short.

She's two-sided. One that's a facade with confidence and joy and stuff the other with sorrow and pain. She's quick to assume. Quick to anger. Quick to fight. She isn't rational. She thinks with her fist instead of her head. She goes with impulse and instinct instead of waiting around for the answer. But is also a super big softie who just needs a lot of cuddles and naps.


Family: Dad-Thomas Roy Howard-Aka:Talon-Living.
Mother-Danielle Marie Howard-Deceased.
Sister-Kelsey Lynn Howard-Deceased.
Brother-Dante Roy Howard-Living.
Love interest: None.

((phew that took awhile. But I had to do this for me. I dunno about y'all but a lot has changed in this girl's life so i shoved it into this stupid really detailed bio. I made her anemic, and an alcoholic, and changed her brother's middle name.))
posted by FangYJ
I have a serious lazy problem.

Fang snapped back into reality and flipped back out of Ari's reach, his claws grazing Fangs face. Sift leaped on hàng đầu, đầu trang of van, and held up a can of fear gas.
"How 'bout a little fear!" She threw the can and it exploded in front of Fangs face. 
"What the heck?!?" Fang coughed as the world around him crumbled, Fang clutched his head and fell to his knees. "Dang fear gas." Fang kept his eyes shut, knowing what would happened if he opened them. Ari kicked Fang to ground and put his boot on Fangs chest. 
"Jess now!" Ari yelled and she leaped off the van. Jess landed...
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posted by BloodyMascara_
Chapter One; An thiên thần greeting.

A young girl, about Robin's age, sat in the middle of the lounge. She sat vượt qua, cross legged and her hands in her lap. Long, flowing black hair, fell in her face. A white dress, and vàng trimmings. Deep brown eyes looked at Robin softly.
"How long has she been in here?" Robin whisper-asked Artemis.
"I think its been about two days...." Artemis answered to Robin, not taking her eyes off the girl. Wally sat on the couch, eating a bucket of chicken.
"Three, Its been three days." He answered with his mouth full. The girl giggled softly, and it creeped Wally, Kauldur, Artemis,...
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posted by BloodyMascara_
Mel shot up from her bed, panting, tired. She hadnt slept peacefully since she came from the future. She swung her legs over the giường side, and stood up. She got dressed, and looked in the mirror, and stared at her once happy, and warm eyes. That were now filled with sorrow, and sleepiness. She sighed, and walked out of her room, breaking cerfew bởi walking out zeta, but a firm hand grabbed her arm, she almost screamed, but her mouth was covered bởi a hand. Batman's....
"Where do bạn think your going?" He asked quietly. She looked up at him, fearfully.
"I-I cant sleep...." She stuttered. Fang watched...
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posted by SilverWingsYJ
It wasn't difficult for Silver to shimmy her way the rest of the way across the beam. Once she reached the other wall, she gripped the beam and lowered herself. For a moment, she hung from the beam bởi her fingertips before releasing her hold.
Silver landed in a crouch behind a stacked thùng and froze for a moment. Her tim, trái tim thudded in her ears, making it difficult to listen for the shouts and alarms she was dreading. The calm murmurs of the gamblers continued.
She crept down the line of crates, careful to keep in the shadows, until the murmurs grew to talk.
"I swear, they never even saw us coming,"...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Jess's feet pounded against the gravel road as she ran farther from her home.
"Jess! Jess! It was a accident I swear!" her father's voice echoed behind her as tears stained her cheeks. Resisting the urge to stop and run back into her fathers arm, Jess kept pushing, pushing thêm than her body could go until she reach the outskirts of Gotham City. She leaned against to tường to trying to regain her breath and energy she's just burnt out, looking to the right she heard rocks di chuyển and feet shuffle.
"Hello there pretty girl." Two men stood in front of her, while another man stood behind her. Jess...
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Name: Melissa Wellings

Hero name: Coaxoch

Hair: Black.

Eyes: Hypnotic green.

Relation to the Team: ((*Snikers* R_L and KFF are going to kill me...)) Devin and Fangs child from the future. ((SHHH!!!! They dont know it yet....))

Powers: When hugged bởi the opposite sex hoặc under to much stress, transforms into a small dragon(Willingly hoặc unwillingly. SO I EXPECT ONE OF bạn GUYS TO TRIP ONTO HER!), (When dragon) Flight, (Human) levitation(Self and other objects/people).

Skills: Black thắt lưng, vành đai in martial arts, Cooking, pick pocket.

Personality: Never gives up, (OVERLY)protective of friends, never backs...
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posted by Robin_Love
Thought bạn should know this about Cat. She's a hopeless romantic, she is sensitive about cheating, she hates cheater, and here's why. ;)

The sounds of the park filled her ears. Laughing, crying, talking, singing, playing, chirping, screaming, arguing. All these things filled her senses and sent her into overdrive. The past week had been emotionally draining on her. She hadn't done a single thing right! So she'd taken the ngày off. She sat at a bench and watched as a young couple kissed. Her eyes became distant and she spotted a broken hearted girl come up to the couple. The tears and shouting...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
"Anyone get this odd feeling that were being watched?" Korran slowly followed the group around Waverly Sanatorium. Fang and Terror were in the front followed bởi Korran, Delta, Aisling, and Infinity. Eclipse and Silverwings were looking around "Ghost hunting" Lyla, Dom, and Gunfire were following slowly, but surely. 
"Well this place is one the most haunted places in the world. So your probably being watched, right. this. very. second." Fang said, not turning around. Terror let out a small chuckle and Korran squealed,
"Don't say that! I don't like Ghost!" Delta screamed and turned around to Lyla,...
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 Maddex Howard (civvies)
Maddex Howard (civvies)
Hauntings part V-Allies

"So you're saying Gordon Tin was dead when bạn got to his apartment?"
"Actually, he was alive. They were talking when I came in."
"They were talking?"
"It sounded thêm like arguing. Gordon was yelling when the assassin shot him."
"How did bạn get in the apartment? Did bạn have a key? Pick the lock?"
Batgirl stepped in tiếp theo to Robin. "What were they arguing about? Did bạn hear anything about the Key? The Weapon? Was there any mention of-"
Nightwing cleared his throat. "Why don't we give Mr. Howard a little break. Let him rest."
"Nightwing," Robin contradicted, "he's a witness...
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posted by Skittles98
I woke up in a small room, a large cabinet holding an assortment of hair products, from brushes and combs to ribbons and clips. I was in a long red dress and my hair felt heavy, which was a shock.
“Rypunzel, Rypunzel, let down your hair” someone called
“YO GAMBETTE! LOOK OUT YOUR WINDOW!” a different voice yelled. I looked out my window to see Aqualad and Kid Flash standing there.
“Hey boys! bạn know what’s up with this craziness?” I asked
“Nope! All I know is that we’re in a fairy tale and Rob, Fang and the girls are gone” Kid Flash replied
“So, we’re here to rescue you”...
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posted by Lollipop97
Full Name: Annabelle Hawthorne

Nicknames: Anna, Ann, Annie, Bell, Anders.

Age: 14

Aliases: Timer

Identity: She tries her best to keep it secret to everyone but her family.

Nationality: American

Father: John Hawthorne, founder of the McFresh waffle company. Caring, but busy family father.
Mother: Mary Hawthorne, caring housemother, always trying to find fitting husbands for her daughters.
Sister: Abigail Hawthorne, grumpy 18-year-old sister with the bitchy attitude, but can also be kind and loveable at times. Also called ”Pissy Pants” bởi her younger sister.

Personality: Annabelle is a...
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Gambit entered as if on queue. I glared at him.
“Kurt, get us out of here” Wanda đã đưa ý kiến frantically
“I can’t take bạn all” he said
“You take one half, I’ll take the other” Kitty said
“Wunderbar” he nodded
Half of you, hold on to me, the other grab onto Shadow Kat’ Kurt thought through Jean’s mental link.
Got it’ Wolverine nodded
Laurna put up a wall. Iceman, bạn reinforce it’ Wanda ordered. The metal floor formed into a barrier and Iceman shot a tall tường of ice to prevent Magneto from morphing it. Everyone chẻ, phân chia, split up and went to one the people. I grabbed Kurt’s...
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January 3, 2108

"Mom? Mom?" An explosion came from the sewers, dust and debris shooting up the manhole. Julie gasped. "Oh no..." Gas mask. I need a gas mask. She ran into a house and started looking around. "Shit shit shit, I need a gas mask!" Julie opened closets and drawers; but couldn't find anything. Then she cracked open a chest and found everything bạn would need for a bomb, so of course there were gas masks. She quickly put one on, grabbed a flashlight, and ran back out, almost tripping a few times. The girl jumped into the hole and turned on the light. She walked as quickly as she could...
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Notes: WELP its been a million years hasn't it? I started nghề viết văn again for my blog and i ended up with this from a prompt and since it's about Babs, Nes, and Esther..

Use these three things somewhere in your story: An angel. A sword. A daycare.

“You have her lunch box?” Babylon đã đưa ý kiến quickly, jumping about in the phòng bếp, nhà bếp as she tossed bag after bag into Nereus’ arms. Nereus stood there, little Esther giggling in his arms, he smiled fondly at the brunette woman, fussing over things.
“Babs, calm down, we’ll be fine, you’ll be gone for two days. It’s nothing we can’t handle,” Nereus...
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