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posted by CoaxochYJ
Cuz I really needed to write this. And we dont see Lexi in enough các bài viết in my opinion!

In the cave,

Lexi was chewing on her blanket, sitting on the couch. I came in zeta, she giggled and put her blanket over her head. I smiled.
"Im, gonna get you!" I told her playfully, smiling. She screamed and got off the couch, she started giggling, and she tied the blanket around her neck like a cape.
"You cant catch me!" She taunted and started running around.
"Le gasp!" I said, I ducked behind the couch, and waited for my prey to come around. She ran by, and I pounced, pulling her close and curling into a ball, rolling. I stopped rolling, and she was giggling.
"Caught you!" I told her, smiling.
"Where's my cookie?!" She demanded.
"Shhhhhhhh!" I whispered. She giggled.
"No one shall know...." I told her, she nodded eagerly. I shook my head and giggled. I pulled a plastic bag from my pocket, a cookie consealed inside. She made the most adorable happy face. She snatched the bag from me and snuggled happily into my torso. I smiled and wrapped my arms around her. She slipped her arms out of my grasp and smiled.
"I tình yêu bạn Lexi." I told her. Meaning it with all my heart. She giggled.
"I tình yêu bạn too, sissy." She said, then munched on her cookie. I leaned my head on her shoulder and closed my eyes. She finished her cookie and started bouncing up and down in my lap.
"Sugar kicking in already?" I asked. She nodded and escaped my grasp.

An giờ later.

I sat against the wall, stickers with ponies on them stuck to my face and glitter entangled in my hair. Lexi sitting on my lap, smiling, and snuggled against me. I wrapped my arms around her and leaned my forehead on her head, exhasted.
"Sissy, I tired." She told me. I nodded.
"Thats ok, bạn were practicaly jumping off the walls ten phút ago." I told her. I let go of my hand, and reached over to my right, eyeing Lexi. I patted around on the ground, and grabbed Lexi's blankey. I wrapped it around us and hummed. I felt her breathing even out. I smiled. I glanced up at Fang, who just came in zeta. He looked at my sticker covered face and raised an eyebrow. He shook his head, smiling and plopped onto the couch, taking off his backpack. I smiled, I couldnt get up, being extra thoughtful of the sleeping child on my lap. I shifted my weight slowly. Fang got up and came over. He leaned over, to Kiss Lexi's head. I smiled and felt Lexi shift her weight. He whispered in my ear,
"You make a great sister." He told me. I rolled my eyes smiling.
"I mean it." He said, he stood up again and laid on the couch, putting his feet up, and folding his arms behind his head. I felt loved, and I felt loving. I held Lexi close, she was a warm little child.
"I tình yêu bạn sissy." I heard a little voice muffle from my sweatshirt. Lexi pulled her face away from my body. I looked down at her and smiled, Fang rolled over and peeked over the arm on the couch.
"I tình yêu bạn too Lexi." I told her. I held her close, and she smiled. I could see Fang smile come up a little.
"Thats adorable." He whispered. Lexi and I looked at him. He glanced around awkwardly, then ducked behind the arm of the couch. Lexi and I laughed.

Well that was adorable!!! bạn cant say it wasnt!!

Feedback is always awesome!
posted by Robin_Love
The cool wind ruffled his blonde hair. His steps were fast and sharp. Many heads turned as he walked down the cobblestoned path, mostly female. His sunglasses reflected the sights of the old city as he moved closer to the meeting spot. He stuffed his hands deep into the pockets of his black trench áo, áo khoác despite the warm sun. He turned down a side street, then another. Quickly, he looked around before walking into the shadows of the building. When he stepped out of them, he stood in the middle of a burned down building, rotting furniture and material littering the floor. He looked around slowly,...
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Get a grip! C'mon! Get angry! Don't let him do this to you!
She repeated it to herself, struggling. But her fear was stronger, he was stronger. He had moved his lips off hers, but she wasn't happy with where they were now. She shivered in disgust and pain as he kissed the soft flesh of her neck. C'mon Cat! Please! It wasn't any good.
She just couldn't get mad. All she felt was fear. Her mind raced, trying to form a plan. Her legs weren't pinned anymore. She slowly slide her leg straight, resting on the cold cement. Then she quickly slammed her knee in between his legs. He growled and released...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
((Its long I know but please read to the end and thank bạn Discord for help with the tiêu đề I just look for a synonym XD))

It was happening again that memory, that horrible memory, haunting him another night. The heavy breathing, the sudden crashes, and the sound of pain pounding into his head.
Then that scream, that woman's scream, the scream of torture and fright, the one that made every hair on his body stood up. Its high pitch and a hellish bang that came after and synced with it, dampening the air with death and fear. It played out as it did eight and a half years ago. The moments that changed...
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posted by SilverWings13
Tara was on her feet as soon as the door opened. 
“Where’s Alek?” she demanded of Nic as he entered. “Is he alright?”
“Tara, please,” Nic đã đưa ý kiến patiently. She crossed her arms, about to warn him not to lie to her, but when she met his eyes, the serenity there made her pause. There was no mockery, no taunting gaze as if he were purposely trying to agitate everyone around him. Jace and Bentley were watching him with concern; however, the Brit kept his attention on Tara. 
“Aleksander is ill,” Nic informed. “He was được trao a medicine, a sort of serum, but he overused it.”
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posted by Robin_Love
Okay. So, strange as it sounds, I literally dreampt them up. These are the four Guardians that help Dylan đào xới, nhổ, spade aka Notte. They were ordered bởi his parents (you will learn soon) but they are loyal only to Dylan. They do not appear to the public unless then need is there. If they had not been ordered to watch him, the four would have anyways; they care and tình yêu Dylan too much. Maybe even thêm than Eclipse does. Enjoy and tell me which is your favorite/what bạn think~!

Name: Ariella
Alias: Sorrow
Powers: Exceptional archer, never misses a target, flexible and stealthy, causes pained emotions...
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posted by GlitterPuff
Phoebe took Rene to her apartment. Of course while Phoebe took her home, Rene clung to her as much as possible. Phoebe tried to pry her off without hurting her severely. They went into Rene’s apartment; the red head sitting on the couch, looking at what she though was her mother.

    “Okay R- Cosette, please stay here."

    “But, I want to go out, and see people.”

    “No! I mean, it’s too late Cosette. Maybe another time…”

    “Okay…” Rene said, looking down at the floor. Phoebe laid her down...
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