A special thanks to tinkerbell because this bài viết was made bởi pixie dust
Man it's been a long time since I've done an bài viết on this club. I've really gotta get thêm active on this club. Since we have two new members I just had to update my list. I've been planning to do this for a while and clearly I'm not very good at getting stuff done. So please bình luận and keep in mind that this is just my opinion. ENJOY!

Oh Peter, it's just how I always dreamed it would be!

Her place is never going to change. I hate her! She's annoying! I don't hate her enough that she makes me wanna kill her like I do with Peter Pan, I'll try saying things I like about her. I like that she's very charming at the beginning, but I think she loses that when she meets Peter Pan, it's all downhill from there. I do like that she tells her brothers stories and believes in fairy-tales. She's beautiful and has such an incredible voice. Wow there's not a lot to say about her! I mean besides telling stories and being kind she's really nothing but just another pretty face. She's also really stupid. Could she not see that tinkerbell was trying to go too fast for her and her brothers on purpose? She's too nice, she was asking Peter to go easy on Tinkerbell. SHE TRIED TO KILL HER! How on Earth could she be that nice? Is she on crack hoặc something? I think she's WAY too mature for her age! I think she had potential to be a cool character but she Mất tích it once she met Peter, that's when she got annoying. She's the weakest out of all the young heroines, she doesn't have a spark of heroics in her. People say she was Công chúa tóc xù to walk the plank and not sign the contract, I think it would have been Công chúa tóc xù if she actually fought for her life. When I say that people say she would have put her brothers lives in danger, HELLO her brothers are already in danger. Hook was gonna have them walk the plank after Wendy, so they were already going to die! What did she have to lose? She's just so weak, naive, and doesn't make an effort to try to save herself. Plus she won't shut up when she was talking to Peter, think she's a Mary Sue. One thêm thing I'll say about her that's nice is that her voice is the only one I like in the movie, I don't even like the chorus singing. Her song is boring but the only reason I listen to it is because of her voice. I like her in the sequel though.

I welcome death!

Now I don't hate her at all, I don't even dislike her, I just don't feel anything for her at all. She was really pointless to the movie because she contributes absolutely nothing, other than she and her dog being Victor and Sparky's tình yêu interests. She's not interesting in the very least and is just boring. I do like that she's nice to Victor and is loyal to her dog but other than that there's not a lot to her. She's also absolutely one of the most hideous animated heroines I've ever seen but that's partly the fault of the HORRIBLE phim hoạt hình style. Yeah that's right, I hate Tim Burton's phim hoạt hình style! tổng thể she's okay but there's really not much do her and no one even really knows who she so she's not memorable.

10.Penny (B)
Bolt, zoom, zoom!

She's nothing all that special, even though she's voice bởi one of my yêu thích singers. I tình yêu that the's the only one of the young heroines to actually have a job. I would actually watch her hiển thị if it was made into a real TV show. I tình yêu that she tries to treat Bolt like a normal dog, even though she fails at it. She's determined to try to find Bolt and refuses to tình yêu any dog but Bolt. She only gives in to replacing him on the hiển thị to saves the people at the studios jobs. Even though Bolt is replaced on the hiển thị that dog doesn't replace the tình yêu she has for Bolt, she only wants Bolt. Plus when she's in the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy she tells Bolt to save himself and to leave her, that's just so selfless. The only reason she's not higher is because she doesn't have as much screentime so there's not much to her. I like but she's mainly just a plot device so at least she has thêm of a point to her unlike Elsa. I wanna also say that I think she has the best hát voice out of all the young heroines. I tình yêu MILEY CYRUS!

Wait'll bạn taste this, it's a secret recipe I just invented!

Now we're to the characters I actually love. The only redhead of the group and is kinda spunky. I tình yêu how she's kind hearted to everyone, especially animals. When she saw that Oliver was hurt she just had to help him and take him trang chủ with her. I tình yêu that she was willing to go into a strange part of New York alone(besides with Georgette) and get Oliver back. That's pretty Công chúa tóc xù and in a way heroic, just in a thêm ordinary way but that's to be expected since she's only seven going on eight. I tình yêu her outfits, they are daring, spunky, and charming at the same time. I also relate to her because I feel like my parents are too busy sometimes for me, especially when I was younger. She didn't make it higher because there's not too much to her but for what it is she's still pretty awesome.

8.Penny (R)
bạn can't touch it, hoặc buy it, hoặc bọc it up tight! But it's there just the same, making things right!

I've grown to tình yêu this girl thêm than I used to. First of all she's actually really clever. The way she always calculates her escapes and tries to correct mistakes she's made in her past fail escapes is incredible. She's smarter than people give her credit for. Plus she's just so sweet and I feel so sorry for her. I also tình yêu her sass, the way she's not afraid to stand up to Mr. Snoops hoặc the two crocodiles is awesome. Plus when she's imitating Medusa it's just hilarious, she could be an actress and a dang good actress at that. I tình yêu how she's very kindhearted to animals. I tình yêu this girl so much but she's not as interesting as the others are.

Girl? Girl? If it weren't for this GIRL bạn would still be in the Horned King's dungeon!

She has really moved down my danh sách since the last time I was active on this club, she used to be in my hàng đầu, đầu trang 5. But I still tình yêu her, I've loved her since the first time I saw her movie and I hate how underrated her and her movie are. I tình yêu that she doesn't waste time waiting for someone to come rescue her. She's no damsel in distress! She's also not afraid to stand up to her tình yêu interest, as bạn can see from the quote above bạn can see how. She doesn't take that from anybody, not even her true love! She's caring, kind, brave, heroic, and smart. I used to think she should have been an official Disney Princess but who cares now she has her own line-up made bởi me. However, she's not higher because the others are thêm interesting but I have to say she's one of the most gorgeous young heroines of Disney, một giây only to Melody.

Come on Mowgli, we'll be late!

I tình yêu that in the sequel that Shanti is voice bởi Mae Whiteman, who did the voice for Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. I tình yêu that even though she's sometimes a stick in the mud she can have fun and be witty. In the first movie I tình yêu that she manages to get Mowgli to come to the village just bởi hát and looking beautiful. I tình yêu in the sequel how she went to try to save her tình yêu interest. Usually a girl in her time at her age would have just did what she was told and went trang chủ where she was safe. However instead she breaks the rules and tries to find her friend and save him. That's so Công chúa tóc xù and selfless of her. I really wish they kept her song Braver because it would've been amazing. She's also really clever with the way she's able to calculate where they've been in the jungle and come up with a plan. I tình yêu her witty side, like when she showed how she learned to peal a trái cây in the village bởi using a branch on the tree. She is awesome! She's not higher because the other are thêm amazing.

Well this is curious! What could a rabbit possibly be late for?

I tình yêu this girl to death! I adore her imaginative, curious personality and how she constantly drifts off into her own world, I do that alot. I tình yêu how in a world that doesn't make sense she goes along with it but also adds a little sense in it. She tries to help herself out of a situation and is so knowledgeable. I tình yêu how she's not one of those well educated people who are dull and boring like her sister. Alice is well educated and extremely fun loving. She's funny two, like the situation with the flamingo. I tình yêu how she stood up against the Queen even though it didn't turn out very good. I also wanna add that I believe she actually went to a place called wonderland and it was so much thêm than a dream. The reason she's not higher is because the others are thêm heroic and brave.

I'm not a glitch! I've just got pixlexia! OK?

This new member really made it high on my danh sách and it's not very hard to see why, she's amazing! She's absolutely HILARIOUS! She and Lilo have the best lines out of all the Young Heroines of Disney! She's like the little girl version of Sophia from The Golden Girls, who I LOVE! She's smart, cute, fun, playful, resourceful, sassy, and just awesome. I feel bad for her because of how everyone thinks of her as some kind of mistake. But I tình yêu how she uses what was thought to make her an outcast to her advantage bởi making her glitching a superpower of teleportation. I tình yêu how she finally accomplishes her goal and that she saves Ralph! She's AWESOME! But the others are just better.

Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind hoặc forgotten!

Yep it's the freak-azoid we all know and love! I tình yêu that she's different out of everyone where she lives. I can relate to people thinking your a freak and treating bạn different because people do that a lot with me when I was in school. I tình yêu her determination to get Stitch to understand the wonders of life and that he shouldn't destroy everything. I also tình yêu how funny she is "Leave me alone to die!", "My Những người bạn need to be punished!" LOL! She is just so awesome! I grew up with her, Stitch, their movies, and their series so she'll always hold a special place in my heart. However the others are in my hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 yêu thích animated heroines, which is why she's not higher.

I'll always believe in bạn Peter Pan!

She's WAY better than Wendy! Unlike her mother she actually makes an effort to save herself and her friends. People say that she's just a spoiled brat and a kill joy, but she's got her reasons. Her dad left to fight in the war when she was only seven years old and her country being at war. Call me crazy but I think she acted reasonable for a girl in her situation. People blame her for killing tinkerbell but xin chào she didn't know that what she đã đưa ý kiến would kill her! She didn't mean to kill her! Also about how people say she almost got Peter and the Mất tích boys killed, I don't see how that's her fault. She throws the whistle into the water so it's not her fault, she didn't call the pirates! Besides she reforms herself, she's no longer a kill joy. I think people only hate her because she's from a sequel. SO WHAT? That doesn't mean she's not an awesome character! I can relate to her because my dad went to war for two years. She's one of the most well-developed Disney character EVER! She is complex because she wants to believe in faith, trust, and pixie dust but she knows she has to grow up because her family needs her and there's a chance that they could die. I tình yêu her witty and realistic side. I think she's like the Disney counterpart to Emma thiên nga from Once Upon A Time. The only reason she's not higher is because she can't compare to my number one.

If only my mother could see it! The sea is my song! For a moment, just a moment I belong!

The only fictional character I tình yêu as much as Ariel, and that's definitely saying something. I tình yêu everything about her! There's nothing I don't like about her! I tình yêu how her personality is just like her mothers only one awesome twist. She's a human who wants to be a mermaid! How awesome is that? I use to tình yêu her thêm than Ariel, but now it's equal. I tình yêu her curiosity with the sea, it's such an amazing and beautiful place. I tình yêu how heroic and Công chúa tóc xù she is, in fact I think she's the most heroic and Công chúa tóc xù out of all the young heroines. I hate how underrated she is, just because she's like her mother and from a sequel doesn't mean she's a bad character. I tình yêu how she actually fixes her mistakes and takes responsibility for her actions. I relate to her not fitting in and being thought of as a freak bởi most of the people bạn meet. I can also relate to wanting to be part of the world of the merpeople and wanting it thêm than anything in the world. I think she's the Disney character I'm most like. The fact that she is the most flawed out of all the young heroines, just like Ariel's the most flawed Disney princess is awesome and realistic. I tình yêu that she defeats the villain and saves the day, I wish Ariel did that. I can't believe thêm people don't tình yêu her because she's just like Ariel but she actually does the things that Ariel doesn't that annoy people about Ariel. Even though I tình yêu both equally I can see how Melody is actually a better character than Ariel. I could go on about how awesome she is forever but I'd break my keyboard. Her and Ariel will always be my yêu thích animated characters forever and ever!