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posted by GenesisEvo
It had been a week since the quần vợt tournament had ended, and everybody in the nấm Kingdom had now settled down after all that hype.
It was about ten-to-eight in quite a rather pleasant spring morning. The denizen's in town were mostly taking a stroll in this part of Toad Town, hoặc tending the gardens at their houses.
Mario meanwhile, was entering his own residence. Coming back from his mailbox with today's mail. Luigi on the other hand, was flicking through channels on the TV set.
He seemed to be a little distraught toady, not finding a good program that caught his attention. "Anything...
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wii u
yoshi's woolly world
eighth generation
8th generation
added by GenesisEvo
Source: Jamesartsystuff@tumblr.com
"So, let's a-have a quick rundown on what I taught you, Yoshi," Luigi said, his voice sounding somehow strained due to the straight hours of endless ghost-busting lecturing.
Yoshi grinned. "Okay, bạn ask, I'll answer."
"Gather up your ghost-busting weapon."
Yoshi took the twigs and leaves he'd gotten together to make the dud weapon. "Got it."
"Where's the flashlight?"
"Right where the nozzle is."
"A-what about the vacuum?"
"Let's see...Oh yeah, also where the nozzle is."
"How do bạn activate between the flashlight and the vacuum?"
"Easy—you flick the switch to the right"—Yoshi gestured to the side...
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xin chào there Nintendo những người hâm mộ im making a new series based off Nintendos beloved characters from the super Mario series. If bạn are interested click on my thông tin các nhân for thêm information. If not then read on maybe bạn will get interested?

ENJOY :D made bởi one HUGE Nintendo người hâm mộ (SeeUV3 aka me)

màu hồng, hồng Yoshi (Main character)

Name: Marry-ann-Hato
Age: 13 1/2 (currently)
ngày of birth: ( 2000,july 7th)
personality : Clumsy,kind,a bit too nice sometimes,blunt ,happy ,lovable

Likes: singing, Dancing,Performing,Drawing
Dislikes: Math,Science,Geography

Power Type: electro porter (power of technology and...
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added by yoshi1234567890
Source: yoshi1234567890
“By the way, Luigi,” Yoshi asked after a while since they’d entered a creepy-looking guest room, “before I came and helped bạn out with this whole ghost-busting thing, what was it like? bạn know, being alone and all that?”
“Uh...” Luigi seemed reluctant to answer. “W-ell, I’d say if bạn weren’t here, it would’ve been twice as hard as it just might a-be right now.”
“I don’t suppose bạn fell for a couple of ghostly stuff thêm than twice when bạn busted the ghosts solo?” Yoshi teased.
Luigi gave the green dinosaur a dirty look. “Very funny, Yoshi—very funny.”...
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"Get out of Yoshi's body, bạn kingly pain in the butt!" Luigi hissed.
Yoshi (or rather, King Boo inside Yoshi's body) laughed. "Defeat me, and you'll be sure to get him back." The possessed Yoshi leveled an evil look at the green plumber. "But I wonder...can bạn defeat your own friend in the process?"
Luigi aimed the nozzle of his Poltergust at Yoshi—feeling uncomfortable as he did so; he couldn't imagine the thought of kicking the butt of the very person who kicked bad guy butt with him.
Calm down, Luigi đã đưa ý kiến to himself, after all, it's not like that's really Yoshi, right? Deep inside him,...
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Cutest game ever
Nintendo characters
yoshi's woolly world
“Who đã đưa ý kiến that?” Yoshi asked, turning around to see, but there was nothing but the dark.
Why don’t bạn two just give up? After all, it’s going to turn out into nothing, anyway....
“Ugh—just who and where are you?!” Luigi hissed.
That isn’t important; it’s rather foolish of bạn two to go and risk your lives for those people—most especially when bạn know you’ll lose.
“Says who?” Yoshi objected.
Says this.
At first the duo couldn’t make sense of what the voice was saying until a flash of something swirled about in the darkness and continued until it formed a shape.
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Nintendo characters
wii u
yoshi's woolly world
wii u
yoshi's woolly world
“Bowser!” Luigi and Yoshi gasped in unison.
“Like no other,” the Koopa King said, as if to xác nhận their assumption.
The silence dragged eerily. It was hot, considering Bowser’s lâu đài had a reputation for being in a rather volcanic atmosphere. But despite the heat, and the constant surge of lava that occurred around the castle’s outside walls every now and then, the eerie silence made the whole scene seem rather…chilly for the heroes.
Bowser grinned evilly at the green plumber, causing Luigi to blink and suddenly shrink from the pose of where he stood.
“Hello, Luigi, I’ll...
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"Well, um...," Luigi fidgeted, "something like a-that might take a lot of explaining to do..."
"Don't worry," Yoshi insisted. "I can handle the long explanation. Besides, it's not like Lakithunder will somehow emerge from the ashes and come back for us, right?"
Luigi gave Yoshi a look that clearly responded to the possibility of Lakithunder rising from the ashes like a phoenix.
Yoshi made a gesture with his fingers that prompted Luigi to explain.
"I'm listening, Luigi."
"A-well, um, bạn see..." Luigi took a deep breath and exhaled heavily. "When we were back-to-back, all tensed up for Lakithunder's...
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**This entire chapter will be about how Mario and company are doing back at Bowser's Castle. I made this, 'cause, well, bạn might all be thinking I'd forgotten about them.**

In Bowser's Castle:
"Hurry up, captives," a Hammer Bro said, "it's time to your dinner!"
"I don't like this," Toadsworth muttered, "I wonder if what they're going to feed us is actually clean."
Mario, Princess Peach, Toadsworth, and the rest of the nấm Kingdom lâu đài captives were in chains; only their hands were partially free to be able to get a tray and pick up their dinner. Princess đào looked at the bàn where...
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Luigi and Yoshi tensed themselves, sure that Lakithunder would conjure another string of lightning any moment now.
"Give it your best shot," Luigi seethed.
In response to Luigi's words, Lakithunder directed a thêm lethal string of lightning toward the thin Mario Brother, which, somehow thêm agilely than from his trước đó quests, Luigi managed to dodge. He practically back-flipped out of the way.
"I can a-dodge with class," Luigi bragged.
Yoshi widened his eyes. "Whoa, who knew Luigi had the skills?" he whispered under his breath.
"Who's talking to you?" Lakithunder roared at Yoshi; it was easy to...
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Not wasting any time, Lakithunder zapped a mean string of lightning at the two, in which they jumped out of the way to avoid.
"But, how—when—why—?" Luigi seemed at loss for words, shocked at how something so nice would end up so wrong the moment he'd attempt to bite the Hero's Sandwich.
"What are bạn saying?" Yoshi asked, his words just as rushed as his attempt to run as far from Lakithunder as possible.
"How did bạn hiển thị up in my fantasy?!"
"It's a bit of a long story—when we got zapped, we both fell unconscious. I woke up in Toad Town, or...I thought it was. The whole thing seemed real—"...
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“So, bạn can’t wait to start?” Bowser đã đưa ý kiến with a sneer as he closed the distance between him and the green plumber with just one stride.
Luigi blinked in surprise. Bowser’s expression seemed void of all sorts of hidden tricks up his sleeve (if Koopas wore sleeves). If Bowser was planning something especially devious, he certainly wasn’t hiển thị it right now.
“How about bạn tell me where my brother is,” Luigi feebly suggested, “and maybe we can get somewhere without so much as a struggle? Then bạn can kick our asses—well, mine—as payback for all those times I foiled your...
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