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axemnas posted on Dec 05, 2010 at 05:27AM
Okay wrimoers you probably know this one
Okay heres how it works ^ means basically the person above you
>means what your doing currently
and V is your question for the next person

It can be any thing from what did you eat for breakfast this morning to a question about your story

This is a great get to know you game and we all could learn more about each other

keep it between g and PG13 (which hasn't been a problem on here anyways)
no profanity
have fun


heres an example
lets say the person above me asked some thing like whos your favorite Disney character

heres how i'd respond
^I really like Tiger
>watching Everybody loves Raymond
V what genre do you write in

okay i hope you get the point I'll start I'm just going to skips the ^ cause this is the first response.

>thinking about going to sleep in a minute
V Do you put a lot of your thoughts and mannerisms in to your characters when you write
 Okay wrimoers bạn probably know this one Okay heres how it works ^ means basically the person above y

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hơn một năm qua Wingman said…
some times
watching My cousin Vinny on TBS
Where is your current story based
 some times watching My cousin Vinny on TBS Where is your current story based
hơn một năm qua axemnas said…
schools closed
what genre is your story
hơn một năm qua gravity12 said…
Sci-Fiction or Fantasy
Switching off my laptop for bed XDDDD
Who's the main character of any story you are writing right no?
hơn một năm qua axemnas said…
Larry Talbot
watching the Muppet show
Does your villain have incompetent minions in your story/ies
hơn một năm qua gravity12 said…
Yes and no, they're very powerful and not to be messed with. However one's an epic backstabbing chatterbox, one obsesses over the main villian in every way, one's technically insane and argues with herself as much as she argues with others, another is a scientific cross-breed thing that doesn't get along with anybody. Only one is technically fully qualified XDDD
Looking at a picture of Shadow the Hedgehog sleeping with his special gun XDDD
Are any of your characters like me and go into too much detail when asked questions?
hơn một năm qua axemnas said…
i know of at least one
went to see the Rite in theaters today great movie
Is your character some supernatural being
hơn một năm qua gravity12 said…
If you count cyborgs as supernatural beings, then yes. From another story based on the magical girl anime genre, I think they MIGHT be supernatural beings, because most magical girls from the genre are. They also have supernatural powers when in Jewel Mode, and having supernatural powers makes you a supernatural being right?
Listening to E.G.G.M.A.N (Doc Robeatnix Mix) by Paul Shortino.
Quickly describe the personality of one of your characters (don't forget to tell me which character's personality you are describing and which story they're from)?
hơn một năm qua axemnas said…
The Wolf Man - Béla
Curtious, resourceful, deep thinker

I'm going to see THE BEACH BOYS LIVE

have you ever thought about writing a comedy skit