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posted by minniemeg
Siblings fight.

Siblings argue.

Siblings hit.

Yet they always forgive.

But..... what if the sibling was cold?

What if the sibling was cruel?

What if the sibling treated bạn like scum?

What if the sibling was heartless?

What if the sibling worshiped the ground another walked on, while tormenting you?

What if the sibling constantly mocked your social standing?

What if the sibling called your fears ''dumb and irrational''?

What if the sibling would never help you, even in a dire situation?

What if the sibling wanted to hurt you?

What if the sibling blamed others for their hatred of you?

What if the sibling made bạn cry, and then refused to apologize?

What if the sibling hurt bạn like a dao, con dao in the heart?

What if the sibling made bạn nearly burst into sadness every time bạn see them?

What if the sibling caused bạn to think why bother living?

A sibling like this is not a sibling at all.

It is a monster.

A terrible, ignorant monster.

Note: This is dedicated to my brother. I mean every word Sam, every word.
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posted by Isabella_17
I feel like you're breaking me,
I feel like bạn don't even care.
I feel like bạn want to break this friendship.
I feel like bạn rather have him than someone who can be a true bestfriend.
I feel like killing myself,
I feel like cutting myself, Is that what bạn want from me?
I feel like i'm always angry,
I feel like you're always happy.
I feel like giving up,
I feel like saying fuck this friendship,
I feel like saying fuck friends.
I feel like i had your back when bạn needed it.
I feel like crying, Just to make bạn happy cause that's what bạn like right..?
I feel like bạn tình yêu seeing me in pain.
I feel like saying goodbye...!
Howl found a huge cây for the both of us. My tim, trái tim started racing from fear. Howl could tell I was scared, so he hugged me and said,"It's okay. Don't be scared. Don't be scared. I'm here." I smiled at him and felt less nervous, but Howl looked like he was zoning out.

He remembered those words as if it happened just last night. A young child, almost at the age of two, in his mother's arms. She held onto him, whispering,"It's okay. Don't be scared. Don't be scared." From what the mother didn't know is that as soon as her baby was dreaming in his sleep, her and her husband wouldn't be in the morning...
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This was my first fanfic, I've been posting this story on my spot, but I want to see what some different những người hâm mộ think of it.I only have 3 hoặc 4 who actually read it so I'm not sure....please please comment.I need your opinion and If I'm bad just tell me, kay?


Painful Memories
Chapter One

I was sitting at my vanity. I started brushing my long golden waves. I was preparing myself. I knew Edward would be trang chủ soon. Charlie had Edward leave every night at a certain time. Of course Edward would just go back once Charlie was asleep. He chose to go to...
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The ngày bạn Slipped Away: Middle
    I do not know what caused me to do it. I stood with my son in my arms, holding his head to my chest as embers flew and people scurried to put out the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy I caused. I had lit Euphoria’s house on fire. No one needed it anymore, for I was taking Thomas to Yun Gong and Euphoria was… Well, bạn know. I watch embers float bởi and one lands of my pale cheek, burning it ever so slightly. It was only thêm pain to feel. Thomas was     shaking as if he was cold, though the...
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It is considered wrong to judge someone just because of there disabilities. We might not bother them in a public place hoặc treat them unfairly socially, hoặc in the work place.

But there is a sense of discrimination for different types of disabilities. Many people with disabilities need things that we don't provide.

For example people with wheelchairs can't enter shops because there is no ramp for them to go up. The fact is that the person has no way of entering the shop. so in a way the cửa hàng is denying the person on the wheelchair service.

In many places it is considered illegal to deny someone...
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Mica and Amanda walked out of Maya's house, followed bởi Maya herself. The air was crisp, not a đám mây in the sky, and the sun beat down on their heads. ngày birds sang their songs. Male and female Cardinals caring for their young. Their bikes were stationed at the end of the culdasack. They all jumped on their Seastar bikes and rode down to the lâu đài where Hannah and Jett live. Amanda ran up to the door, followed bởi Mica and Maya. She knocked the door 3 times and Hannah and Jett's butler walked up to the door and answered it.

"Yes?" He asked looking firm and tall. "State your buisness Miss Amanda,...
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Sun shining like a holy light. After getting out of the tent, I was welcomed bởi such greenery and wildlife. Such green lush beauty in the glowing morning light made everything just pop and colorful. So many different shades of green and nature all around. I definitely didn't get this New York! The lush vegetation, the scenery, the little cute monkeys climbing around, it was like being in a zoo almost. I heard rustling in the bushes, and prepared myself for an animal attack. As soon as I saw my sister's màu hồng, hồng quần vợt shoe pop out of the bushes, I was slightly relieved. The girls walked out of...
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I got out my cooking bag and my little travel oven. I was going to do my best making Lil and Howl's wedding cake. I know I seem like a nerd taking a travel lò nướng and a cooking bag, but I tình yêu cooking wherever I go. It's weird, but bạn never know when bạn need it! I was rummaging through my bag, but there was one important thing missing. The flour. I can't make this cake without flour, and wedding with no cake just doesn't make any sense to me! I just wanted to get started on it while Howl is teaching Lilith to vine swing. Not to sound rude about my sister after reconciliation, but Lilith isn't...
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I woke up the tiếp theo day, and I didn't see Howl on the balcony. I didn't know where he was at. I looked around for him, and then he just popped up behind me just like that! "Howl, bạn gotta stop doing that! bạn scared me!" "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make my Queen unhappy." There he went again. The Queen thing. It's sweet, but....odd. Maybe that's just his way of calling me his girlfriend.

Earlier, I showed Howl where the vòi hoa sen was at, and how to use it, since he's never used an actual vòi hoa sen before. He calls it a waterfall, since the only thing he's used to clean himself. I left him alone...
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Lilith, still Nữ hoàng băng giá from the câu hỏi her beloved Howl had asked her. She so badly wanted to unleash an answer, but couldn't.

I really wanted to tell him. Yeah, I want to marry him, but I cannot speak at all. I started to breathe deeply and my voice was dry, so he could barely hear me when I said,"Yes. I will be happy to marry you." Howl and Debbie couldn't understand me, as tears started to roll down my face. Odd, whenever I get emotional hoặc excited, hoặc both like in this situation right here, my throat dries up like Beatrix Kiddo's did after digging herself up after being buried alive bởi Bill's...
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Howl looked over at Debbie, as Lilith was gone helping the baby monkey find his mother. He looked over at her and said,"I want to marry Lilith." Debbie stared at him and said,"What?" "I want to marry your sister, Lilith. Please." Debbie stared at Howl for the longest time, as Howl patiently waited for her answer. Debbie smiled and said,"You really do tình yêu her, don't you?" Howl smiled and said,"Yes. She's my everything. Without her, I would be alone and not know what my purpose in life is. Now I know, and I know it from looking at her and from what she has taught me. I always thought my life...
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posted by sawfan13
I couldn't sleep very well, even if I was cuddled tiếp theo to Howl. I couldn't help think of the following questions: Is this wrong? Is it bad to tình yêu someone that is so much kinder and a better person than your fiance, yet your parents are still forcing bạn to marry the horrible fiance? Is it wrong for a woman raised with people and society to fall in tình yêu with someone raised bởi động vật and swings on vines. I kept thinking of Adam. Grrr! I can't stand him anymore. I remember the last thing he đã đưa ý kiến to me,"You won't survive there without me! I'm your everything! bạn can't hide from me weakling!"...
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posted by sawfan13
Howl leaned down, his lips almost touching mine, when suddenly we heard screaming. He jumped off of the elephant, leaving me behind while I'm struggling to get off. It wasn't a human scream. thêm like a baby monkey hoặc something. I got off of Tahji, and landed on my butt, and walked towards the bushes and leaves to where Howl went to. I see him talking to a baby monkey. It looked like the same type of monkey on "Friends". I looked at Howl and said,"Hey look! Ross has a monkey! Ha! I always wanted to say that! Hahahaha!" Howl looks at me confused, and said,"Where?" I thought of what I đã đưa ý kiến was...
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posted by sawfan13
I began teaching him a little thêm English. He knows thêm words than I expected him to know, but I taught him a little more. He picks up very quickly! Howl is pretty smart for a person that has been in the wild parts of the jungle since infancy (my hypothesis, but he could have been here since a toddler hoặc a wee bit older) and has had no human contact what so ever (another guess from how he reacted when he first saw me)and can pick up just like that! He's also very sweet. So much sweeter than my stupid fiance' Adam. Ugh, what a dope he is! Howl isn't one. He's a sweet gentle animal loving guy...
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posted by sawfan13
We came back from the waterfall, as a gray chó sói, sói stopped in our tracks. Howl got onto all fours, and started petting and wrestling with the wolf. The chó sói, sói kinda growled at me, but Howl corrected him. The chó sói, sói started licking me, as I squatted down to their level. Howl told me he had to get something, so I watched the chó sói, sói until he came back. Howl came with some grapes in his hand. A batch of them. We both sat down under a tree, as he started feeding me grapes. I taught him a little bit thêm of English too. I also started teaching him about love. "What is love, Lilith? Is it...bad?" "No, it's...
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The Reality Of The Hollywood Screenwriter Fairy Tale bởi Justin Trevor Winters of KILLING WINSTON JONES via link thêm video interviews at: link
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