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posted by minniemeg
Siblings fight.

Siblings argue.

Siblings hit.

Yet they always forgive.

But..... what if the sibling was cold?

What if the sibling was cruel?

What if the sibling treated bạn like scum?

What if the sibling was heartless?

What if the sibling worshiped the ground another walked on, while tormenting you?

What if the sibling constantly mocked your social standing?

What if the sibling called your fears ''dumb and irrational''?

What if the sibling would never help you, even in a dire situation?

What if the sibling wanted to hurt you?

What if the sibling blamed others for their hatred of you?

What if the sibling made bạn cry, and then refused to apologize?

What if the sibling hurt bạn like a dao, con dao in the heart?

What if the sibling made bạn nearly burst into sadness every time bạn see them?

What if the sibling caused bạn to think why bother living?

A sibling like this is not a sibling at all.

It is a monster.

A terrible, ignorant monster.

Note: This is dedicated to my brother. I mean every word Sam, every word.
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Night arrives once more. I notice that my hands and feet are tied up. As i look up there is a dark figure holding a gun to my head. I ask him what he wants and why he has me tied up, he các câu trả lời "I want the powers that bạn posses inside of you. The abilities that your soul has. i would like to suggest that bạn agree with me and hand over the powers." Confused about all of this i ask him about what he is talking about. he các câu trả lời "You have powers kid. The less bạn know the better. Hand them over wilingly hoặc i will have no choice but to force bạn to hand them over." With me replying no to cooperating...
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Stan, the young donkey, was wandering sadly around the barn. He seemed hopeless and wounded and had no desire to speak to any of his fellow donkeys; even talking to his father was not appealing to him that exact moment. In fact, he was feeling ashamed of having a donkey father. He was ashamed of being a donkey altogether.
As the moon and stars scattered across the dark, blue sky, Stan decided he no longer to wander. He needed some solution, he needed reassurance, and only his grandfather seemed appropriate for that particular job.
Grandpa Roger was sleeping peacefully in the barn. He had become...
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Every Beginning Screenwriter Is Told They’re Terrible bởi Peter Russell at Story Expo 2014 via link thêm video interviews at link
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