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posted by minniemeg
Siblings fight.

Siblings argue.

Siblings hit.

Yet they always forgive.

But..... what if the sibling was cold?

What if the sibling was cruel?

What if the sibling treated bạn like scum?

What if the sibling was heartless?

What if the sibling worshiped the ground another walked on, while tormenting you?

What if the sibling constantly mocked your social standing?

What if the sibling called your fears ''dumb and irrational''?

What if the sibling would never help you, even in a dire situation?

What if the sibling wanted to hurt you?

What if the sibling blamed others for their hatred of you?

What if the sibling made bạn cry, and then refused to apologize?

What if the sibling hurt bạn like a dao, con dao in the heart?

What if the sibling made bạn nearly burst into sadness every time bạn see them?

What if the sibling caused bạn to think why bother living?

A sibling like this is not a sibling at all.

It is a monster.

A terrible, ignorant monster.

Note: This is dedicated to my brother. I mean every word Sam, every word.
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posted by t_direction
So, this is a kind of short story that I wrote one evening when I was just bored out of my mind. Please tell your opinion, feel free to criticize, it is much appreciated =)
Thanks ^_^

The voices buzzed inside my head, making me feel dizzy. I couldn't help but hold onto the giường post for support. In a state of exhaustion, I collapsed on the giường with a sigh. The voices never let me sleep. They were like many people were talking all at once, screaming all at once.

Madness, rage, worry, sadness were the emotions that those voices gave off. I couldn't understand a word of what the people were saying,...
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posted by inexplicable
It was a Wednesday in May.
All of us had assembled today once again to study for the math testpaper on the tiếp theo day. Our math teacher had funnily enough had nothing against
it to come to school on her free ngày off toward twelve o'clock. All of us just sat at our places and listened to Mrs Dörte as she explained the substance to the written test. Only I could not. I sat in the last row at my usual ghế, chỗ ngồi and looked from the window on the falling raindrops which pounded against the window. I thought back to at that time. It had been a năm now. Until now the một phút exact. It had been on May 26th...
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added by IloveMyLord
 Daniel Radcliffe: Reasons to tình yêu him
Daniel Radcliffe: Reasons to love him
"NOTE: please bình luận if I got anything wrong"

10) He tries his hardest to play the part of Harry Potter and he has never ever stop from living his dream of diễn xuất and he will always be Harry Potter to us!

9) His parents đã đưa ý kiến no to Christopher Columbus's offer for Dan to audition in private for the role of Harry Potter! Until Alan Radcliffe(his father) came in to the bathroom where Dan was, and told him that he got the part. Dan quickly bursted into tears after hearing that he won the part! ( that should deserve AWWWW!)

8) In every school báo cáo it đã đưa ý kiến one hoặc less the same thing which was:...
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posted by StarWarrior
“You can’t!” I screeched, griping the thick cỏ beneath my paws.
    “The whole forest will belong to the Pack of Shadows!” the dark chó sói, sói exclaimed enthusiastically, his lông, lông thú flickering like shadows, “No chó sói, sói will stop us!”
    I have to do something! I couldn’t let it end like this! Not with the alpha in this state! Not with the pack chẻ, phân chia, split in four!
    “Out of my way pup!” he tossed me aside like a tiny mouse.
    “No!” I leaped at him, biting and clawing with all my strength.
    “This is pointless! bạn cannot defeat me she-wolf!” I felt him bite me and fling me away again. I was too tired to di chuyển now, after traveling this far without resting, I can no longer breathe enough to live.
    I’m over; this is the end of the Pack of Ice! I lay winded and defeated, awaiting death’s arrival patiently.
The first time I saw him he was digging ketchup out of a bottle with a knife. he was bent over the desk, red brown hair covering his face. With a crooked grin he turned around to face me.
"want some" he gestured to the big red mess of what I think might have been a sandwich.
"um... Maybe latter" I replayed setting my sách on the counter. I had just started a new năm in high school, and was currently third period aka, trang chủ Ed class. Probably one of the most unusefull class ever. Well here I am walking in to a class room of new faces, and with just one look at my new partner I know that I defiantly...
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- Chapter 1: He's A Stray (Raven's POV) -
For only 20 years, 20 long years sucked for me, when I was only 23 years old, I became a vampire, why? well ask Jacob, my moron and chó cái, bitch of a boyfriend I wish I can strangle, me and Jacob were at a party from his friends, he was being a little prick like always even if people are around he would blame me for it, I was just looking at a couple of beautiful hoa hồng until Jacob grabbed my arm, "Why bạn always looking like a stupid tramp? at least hiển thị some respect for once" he đã đưa ý kiến and jerked my arm away, I ran to the bathroom, I just wish I can go but he's...
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posted by madening_mahem
 Example of the Maiden
Example of the Maiden
At night, far away, in ancient Japan...
A fair maiden slumbered, only to be awakened bởi blood curdling screams. She open her eyes to a frightening sight, the bodies of her most beloved servants and close relatives astray on the floor, lifeless, dead. She hastily slide open the doors to her room, and ran down the corridor, which was lit with the moonlight that seeped through the paper doors, which were now drenched in blood.
Though her limbs felt heavy, she ran as fast as her tim, trái tim beat. Running away from the cries of her family still being slaughtered bởi an unknown murderer, away from what...
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(WARINING: The các lượt xem expressed in this bài viết are of one person and on person alone's opinion, unless thêm readers agree, and I highly doubt that, please do not bình luận to harshly as this is JUST an Opinion.)

I'm a SHINee fan.

I'm aware that it's near close to impossible to be with one of them.

But I still tình yêu them like any fangirl would.

And, I will admit, I'm selfish when it comes to the subject.

I tình yêu them with all my heart, not that I'm quiet sure there was any to give hoặc to begin with for that matter. At first, I didn't like them, but as I got thêm and thêm into asian influenced things,...
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posted by r260897
Memories and grief of my heart
Are still buried somewhere
I can’t cry neither I can freely laugh
What if they don’t know my past
I have not forget it yet
I still remember the same Zean with the same Zeal
But not in flashes neither in cars
In backstage of life with trembling hunger
Hunger in eyes and lips dry
No money in pocket but Zeal on shoulder
With memories of ‘Love’ and burning heart
Now my clothes are branded
And my shoes are best, pocket heavy with dollars
But with this all my tim, trái tim is all heavy
With secrets of past
Pleasures can bury them but cannot vanish
I still look phía trước, chuyển tiếp to death
When all my secrets will disappear, my pain will end
Also with my life..end will come to my BAD MEMORIES. 
posted by joe-edwardfan
Once apon a time there was a powerful king ruling London.
The legend says a witch cursed the kings only daughter because he killed all the witches in Luân Đôn except for his own.
As its told the curse forbids the princess to ever feels hoặc falls in love(but she can just feel tình yêu for the witche’s son Damien who is in tình yêu with the princess) unless the witch that's has casted the spell on her shall die drowning in her own blood at an eclipse.
    Witch: a witch is a person that has special abilities and is immortal they look like a human and blood runs in their...
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posted by sweetpea92
    Everyday at lunch for all of high school so far I would stand in line and wait to get up to the front to tell the lunch lady that “I need a to-go tray please.” Then once I had gotten my tray, I would scan my lunch card and dash down the hallway to my yêu thích teacher’s room to tham gia “the lunch bunch” on everyday except Wednesday, and Friday. On those days the beginning of this routine is relatively the same, but instead of heading off to another meeting of the lunch bunch, I would take a detour at the thư viện to tham gia my Những người bạn at our usual table, for either...
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posted by A_Sirens_Call
A sirens call

CHAPTER ONE::: Shyness

It is the first ngày back, I really did not think of anything interesting happening, it was all new and strange after the holidays nothing would surprise me. Our little group of six did not have any specific relations towards outsiders we tried to keep contact with the human race to a minimum considering we are no longer human. After that experiment from the mad scientist - Doctor John Hallwain – trying to clone us making marginal errors then tried a different experiment but that is all I know and that was gathered bởi Annabelle who could read minds and was...
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Ladies and gentlemen, writers of all ages (especially teens/preteens) and species (except mosquitoes), welcome! I'm bored, have a writer's block made of concrete and am feeling particularly resentful towards the curse known as textese/chatspeak. (Seriously, whatever happened to good ol' morse code?) So I decided the best way to give my nghề viết văn a rest is to help out with yours! Aren't I generous? :)

Before I begin, I'd like to point out that I am not an expert bởi any means. I'm not a nghề viết văn guru hoặc a master advice-giver-person. I am simply a fellow writer who wants to pass on what she's learned;...
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Red splatters the walls, the floors...

The Eagles yellow eyes
His claws tear, his beak rips

His malicious intent present in its speech
His black shadow falls
Its darkness full and everlasting

Leaving no physical mark but
Its evidence in the eyes of the Knowing
Only they can see
Only they recognize the signs

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
Pain is in the mind of the sufferer
Invisible and dangerous
It strikes silently
Clouding the mind

It consumes
It feeds
Never backing off
Happiness becomes the past
Anger the present
What of the future?

No one knows
No one can know
No one understands...
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