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posted by emowolf123
Unlike my area, this pack had an open gate. Must be less paranoid and crazy like Angela. I was very catious when I walked in. I could here people talk and little pups playing. I hid behind trees and tried to find Hugo. I don't really remember what Hugo looks like, but I'm sure if I see him I'll know.

I found a good cây to hide behind. I lay on my bellow and watch a couple fight. I saw the face of the black haired girl, but the boy's back is to me. Her white face was contorted and I could see her cheecks turn red in anger. The boy flew up his hands and turned towards me. I jumped up and ran...
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posted by emowolf123
I woke up on still on the floor and a burning sensation on my wrists. I looked down at them to see a bird on each. Great, now when Angela sees this she's going to freak out. I slowly pushed myself up. I looked into the mirror to see a very ugly person that looked a lot like me staring back.

"Shower time," I sang to myself. I quickly turned on my vòi hoa sen and took off my clothes. I wanted to get to the forest to find Sky. I washed my hair, making sure it's soft. I jumped out and dried myself off. I put on skinny jeans and a Blood on the Dance Floor áo sơ mi on. I ran outside, ignoreing the bacon...
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posted by emowolf123
5 years ago


I screamed and tried to cú đấm the monster that was trying to rip my throat out. The monster's yellew teeth gripped my arm and twisted, making it snap. I screamed and most of my strength ran back to my body. I kicked the chó sói, sói off and it hit the wall. I rolled onto my belly and army crawled to my friend, Sky. I could see his chest rise and fall slowly, hoặc stop, which made me gasp everytime. After what felt like forever I eventually made it to him.

"Nicole," Sky whispered. I grabbed his hand with my good one. His...
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posted by emowolf123
I slid into the warm water. My "human" Bones did not like that run from Angela. I covered my chin in bubbles. Haha, I'm Santa. Oh goodness I must be tired. My ngẫu nhiên thoughts were interrupted bởi a knock on the bathroom door.

"Come in." I'm sure its just my maid.

"Hey." hoặc it could be Sky. Even though we are really close I rather he not see me naked. "Oh stop. We're like brother and sister."

"Yes, but I don't like walking around naked like you," I said, hiding under the bubbles. Sky laughed and sat on the edge of the tub and grabbed my towel.

"Let's change that." And he took off with my towel....
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posted by emowolf123


"Where is she? WHERE THE HELL IS SHE?" Angela screamed. I hid in the bushes a few feet from her. I'm shocked she couldn't smell me because I just rolled in some mud. One of the wolves, King, looked my way. His golden eyes gleamed with anger.

"I think I found her," he smirked. I bolted the other way. I could hear the others crashing through the bushes. I laughed and turned sharply to the left. I have no idea where I'm going, but I do know I don't want to see Angela. She can be a real bich.

I ran faster, pushing my legs. I...
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posted by Gwenrocks97436
This is a book I own I wonted to share some of it with you, bởi Jim and Jamie Dutcher. Foreward bởi Robert Redford, National Geographic. Subtitle: In the Hidden Life of Wolves, wildlife filmmakers Jim and Jamie Dutcher present an untold story as intriguing and unique as the animal in profiles, panorama of human attitudes about wolve's. P.S. If bạn like the book bình luận I'll right thêm were past the boring part. :)

Life with the Sawtooth pack
Beneath the Peak's of Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains,
in a den just a few weeks earlier, a young mother chó sói, sói gave birth to three pups. In 1996, when this event took place, it was nothing short of miraculous.
No chó sói, sói had been born in this regain in thêm than 50 years, but across the West, that was changing.
As these pups opened there eyes to look upon the Sawtooth Range, other first generations were born else were!
posted by emowolf123
Thunder led me out of his office with an arm around my shoulder. My tattos started hurting again, so I rubbed them.

"What's wrong?" Jenny came up to me.

"Uh, I just had an itch," I said, putting my arms down to my side. Thunder took them though and rubbed my little bird tattos with his thumb.

"When did bạn get this?" He asked.

"Like last night," I said, taking my arms back.

"What does your chó sói, sói look like?" I sighed. I really don't want to Change, but I guess I have to. So I let my mind and body "go wolf". Scarlett, Jenny, and Thunder gasped. Hugo's already seen me as a wolf, so this is nothing...
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posted by emowolf123
"Kayla! bạn can go rest, I'm making Easy-Mac!" I called. I don't know where she's at, but I'm sure she heard me. I shuffled to the phòng bếp, nhà bếp in my bít tất, sock feet. I slid on the floor and hit the cabinet with my shoulder, forgeting that it can open so easily, and fell with a loud bang. I sighed, not feeling any pain and just lay there on the warm floor. I looked up to the bright light. I wonder what it'd be like to be blind. But I stopped staring at it because I saw some Sô cô la on the highest shelf. Kayla got Sô cô la with out telling me! And I thought she would be a cool friend. I glared at the...
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posted by ashwerewolf
Here is some information regarding ma sói that is most commonly misinterpreted,
1. a person can become a werewolf bởi being born a werewolf, bitten bởi a werewolf, cursed bởi someone bạn have wronged in some way, and being được trao the power threw sorcery. These are the only real ways.
2. Silver will not kill a werewolf, although it will cause pain and discomfort.
3. The curse can never be broken, no matter what some people hoặc beliefs may state.
4. All ma sói can communicate threw a form of telepathy which enables them to hunt and perform thêm efficiently.
5. ma sói are virtually immortal...
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