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posted by xxxcharleexx
the comic bbt doesnt come out yet and i dont think lindsey is working on it , she postponed it , and i wanted to see it . anyway she is a gifted artist a 13 0r 14? i donk know she never đã đưa ý kiến her age , she has never taken lessons and her drawings are amazing she likes Người sói a lot and she is really friendly i am Những người bạn with her and jake . check her out become a memmber ,be a part of the diễn đàn , let your voice be herd find Những người bạn and people that also like Người sói and this is a new site so check it out
posted by AliceCTagle98
 white chó sói, sói with blue eyes
white wolf with blue eyes
I absolute tình yêu wolfs!!!They are magistic,fast and beautiful.Wolfs are awsome!! I tình yêu pics of wolfs that hiển thị the power that the chó sói, sói has when it howls. Baby wolfs rock too.If bạn like pics of wolfs too bạn should look at the pics here at this club.The pics of the white chó sói, sói with blue eyes and the eyes of the chó sói, sói are some of faves.If bạn want lots of pics of wolfs look here i am always puting new pics so if iam not i am prob. loged off so thanks for reading.If bạn are a người hâm mộ of my club i will be a người hâm mộ of bạn soo please be a người hâm mộ of me!!Wolf những người đang yêu rock!!!
 eyes of the chó sói, sói
eyes of the wolf
posted by WIldPaw
Wild Paw’s Pup hood
Today is my first ngày eating meat. I wish someone told me how good it tastes! My brothers and my one sister are out exploring in the woods, but I stayed around the den. I have heard of people called hunters and Indians, they are mean to us wolves. I have no mom, she was killed yesterday. I howled my little pup howl in sorrow for the whole day. My mother looked just like me, dark brown, black strikes, dull yellow eyes and a blackish tint to her muzzle. My siblings are just pitch black because my fathers a fully black wolf. I was running through the words today when I saw...
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posted by WIldPaw
I am a two năm old timber chó sói, sói and I have a hole in my shoulder from a shooting.

Chapter 1 the strange friend
I am at my yêu thích place ever, my secret water hole tiếp theo to the tall fir cây that over looks the out stretch of land across the water. As I look across the water, to look out for bears and other predators, I see this white thing scurry by. At first I just growl at it. Then, I went closer. The little white thing was a mink. I dashed after it and caught it in my teeth. I then heard squeaks coming from it. I put it down but kept hold of it with my paws. It was a baby mink. The mink...
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posted by SaphireWolf
Saphira. Thats my name. I'm a wolf, a loner. I cant remember anything of my past except that i was always on my own.
My shadow is the only company i have.
I am used to being bởi myself but sometimes my tim, trái tim aches for the happiness that only a pack can bring.
I enter an unknown city, i hardly even notice it til all the cities scents wash over me. Garbage, food, various scents from people that walk unknowingly all around me. They seem oblivious to me as i walk with sore paws along the sidewalk. I make my way into a dark ally way, finding the darkness and cold damp floor, comforting. I ache all...
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